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Coin Wealth Inv · Company Summary

Aspect Information
Company Name Coin Wealth Inv
Registered Country/Area United Kingdom
Founded Year 2022
Regulation Not regulated
Market Instruments Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Bonds, Cryptocurrency
Account Types Trial, Easy Start, Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold, VIP
Minimum Deposit $250
Customer Support Email:, Phone: +44 1572491251

Overview of Coin Wealth Inv

Coin Wealth Inv, founded in 2022 in the United Kingdom, offers an array of trading assets encompassing Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Bonds, and Cryptocurrency.

Despite providing a range of trading opportunities, it operates without regulatory oversight, potentially impacting transparency and user protection. The platform's strengths lie in its multiple account types, accommodating various trading preferences. However, the absence of regulation and limited geographical availability pose challenges, requiring potential users to carefully weigh the advantages of various trading assets against the inherent risks associated with an unregulated platform.

Overview of Coin Wealth Inv

Is Coin Wealth Inv legit or a scam?

Coin Wealth Inv operates without regulation from any regulatory authority, potentially giving rise to issues regarding the transparency and supervision of the exchange. Unregulated exchanges lack the oversight and legal safeguards provided by regulatory authorities, thereby increasing the risk of fraud, market manipulation, and security breaches.

In the absence of proper regulation, users will encounter difficulties in pursuing remedies or resolving disputes. Furthermore, the absence of regulatory scrutiny can result in a less transparent trading environment, posing challenges for users in assessing the legitimacy and dependability of the exchange.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
6 +trading assets Not regulated
Multiple Account Types Not available in some countries or regions


  1. Diverse Trading Assets: Coin Wealth Inv offers a range of 6+ trading assets, providing users with a diverse portfolio to explore various financial markets. This allows for greater flexibility and potential opportunities for investors to diversify their holdings.

  2. Multiple Account Types: Coin Wealth Inv offers multiple account types, providing flexibility for traders to choose an account that aligns with their trading preferences and capital availability. These account types serve a range of trading strategies.


  1. Not Regulated: Coin Wealth Inv operates without regulation from any regulatory authority. This lack of regulatory oversight can raise issues about the transparency and oversight of the exchange. Unregulated exchanges lack the legal protections and oversight provided by regulated platforms, potentially increasing the risk of fraud, market manipulation, and security breaches.

  2. Not Available in Some Countries or Regions: Coin Wealth Inv's services are not be accessible in certain geographical locations, limiting the platform's user base and market reach. Traders in regions where Coin Wealth Inv is not available need to consider alternative platforms for their trading needs.

Market Instruments

Coin Wealth Inv provides a diversified range of trading assets for investors seeking exposure to various financial markets. In the realm of FOREX, the platform offers a selection of currency pairs, enabling users to engage in the dynamic foreign exchange market.

For those interested in commodities, Coin Wealth Inv provides opportunities to trade an array of goods, including precious metals, energy resources, and agricultural products. This allows investors to diversify their portfolios and potentially capitalize on commodity market trends.

The platform extends its offerings to the realm of equities with a selection of Stocks available for trading. Investors can explore and participate in the fluctuations of stock prices across different industries and markets.

In the fixed-income market, Coin Wealth Inv includes Bonds as part of its asset repertoire. This provides investors with an avenue to potentially benefit from interest income and diversify their investment strategies.

Furthermore, acknowledging the growing interest in the digital financial landscape, the platform facilitates trading in the realm of Cryptocurrency. Users can engage in the volatility of digital currencies, contributing to the overall diversity of investment opportunities on the platform.

  1. By presenting this array of trading assets, Coin Wealth Inv provides a comprehensive platform for investors to navigate and participate in various global financial markets.

Market Instruments

Account Types

Coin Wealth Inv offers a wide range of account types:


The Trial account, requiring an initial investment of $250, is tailored for entry-level traders looking to explore low-margin instruments. Positioned as an introductory option, this account provides a foundational experience for individuals with a modest budget, allowing them to gain exposure to various financial markets.

Easy Start:

Geared towards novice traders, the Easy Start account mandates an initial investment of $1,000, providing a user-friendly entry into the world of trading. Focused on Forex, this account type is suitable for individuals seeking a more substantial trading experience without a substantial capital commitment.


The Standard account, requiring a $3,000 initial investment, serves intermediate traders. Offering a balanced set of features, this account allows users to engage with low-margin instruments, specifically in the MFB market. It serves individuals with some trading experience, providing an intermediate level of resources and opportunities for skill development.


With a capital requirement of $5,000, the Bronze account is positioned for a range of traders. Targeting a broader audience, this account emphasizes engagement with low-margin instruments in the commodity market. The Bronze account serves as a balanced option for users looking for additional features beyond the entry-level.


The Silver account, requiring an initial investment of $10,000, offers a more advanced trading experience with a focus on the NYSE. This account is suitable for those seeking a balanced option with additional features, making it appealing to a broader audience.


The Gold account demands a $50,000 initial investment. Suitable for traders seeking enhanced features and educational resources, this account allows users to engage in low-margin instruments, particularly on the NYSE. It serves individuals willing to make a higher initial investment for an advanced trading environment.


Positioned as a premium offering, the VIP account requires a substantial capital commitment ranging from $100,000. Accessible by invitation, this account serves high-net-worth individuals. It allows trading in low-margin instruments and offers a comprehensive financial portfolio and education. The VIP account provides an exclusive and personalized trading experience for seasoned and affluent traders seeking advanced features and educational support.

Account Type Initial Investment Suitable User Group Trading Instruments
Trial $250 Entry-level traders Low-margin instruments
Easy Start $1,000 Novice traders Forex
Standard $3,000 Intermediate traders MFB
Bronze $5,000 Diverse range of traders Commodity market
Silver $10,000 Varied audience NYSE
Gold $50,000 Comprehensive traders NYSE, Low-margin instruments
VIP $100,000 High-net-worth individuals Financial Portfolio, EducationVIP-portfolio (By invitation)
Account Types

Customer Support

Coin Wealth Inv offers responsive customer support through various channels. For inquiries, you can contact their team via email at Additionally, you can reach out to them by phone at +44 1572491251. Their dedicated support team is committed to addressing your queries promptly and efficiently. Whether you have questions about their investment services or need assistance with any account-related matters, Coin Wealth Inv strives to provide excellent customer service, ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience for all clients.


In conclusion, Coin Wealth Inv presents itself as a platform with various trading assets and multiple account types, offering users flexibility in crafting their investment strategies. This diversity allows investors to explore various financial markets and tailor their experience to individual preferences and risk tolerance. However, the absence of regulatory oversight poses a notable disadvantage, as it may impact investor confidence in terms of transparency and protection. Additionally, the platform's limited availability in certain countries or regions restricts access, posing a challenge for those seeking global accessibility. While the platform offers opportunities, users should carefully weigh the advantages against these inherent limitations before making investment decisions.


Q: Is Coin Wealth Inv regulated?

A: No, Coin Wealth Inv is not regulated, which means it operates without oversight from external regulatory authorities.

Q: How many trading assets are available on the platform?

A: Coin Wealth Inv offers a range of 6+ trading assets, providing users with options to explore various financial markets.

Q: Are there different account types on Coin Wealth Inv?

A: Yes, the platform provides multiple account types, allowing users to choose based on their preferences and trading styles.

Q: Can I access Coin Wealth Inv from any country?

A: No, Coin Wealth Inv is not available in some countries or regions, limiting its accessibility for potential users.

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Coin Wealth Inv

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Coin Wealth Inv

Regulatory Status

No Regulation

Platform registered country and region

United Kingdom

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  • +44 1572491251









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