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FOFX · Company Summary

Information Details
Company Name FOFX
Registered Country/Region Malaysia
Founded in 2-5 years
Regulation Not regulated
Tradable Instruments Forex currency pairs, stocks, and commodities
Trading Platforms MetaTrader4(MT4)
Minimum Deposit Not specific
Maximum Leverage 1:200
Account Types Not specific
Spreads From 0.5 pips
Deposit & Withdrawal Methods Online wallet, crypto, local deposit
Education Economic calendar
Customer Support Not mentioned

Overview of FOFX

FOFX is a Forex broker based in Malaysia, operating for approximately 2-5 years. It is important to note that FOFX is not regulated by any financial regulatory authority. The company offers a range of tradable instruments, including forex currency pairs, stocks, and commodities. Traders can access these markets through the popular MetaTrader4 (MT4) trading platform.

FOFX does not specify a minimum deposit requirement, and the maximum leverage offered by the company is 1:200. The spreads offered by FOFX start from 0.5 pips, providing competitive pricing for traders. When it comes to deposit and withdrawal methods, FOFX accepts online wallet and cryptocurrency transactions, as well as local deposit options. In terms of educational resources, FOFX offers an economic calendar to keep traders informed about important economic events. However, specific details regarding customer support are not mentioned, so it is inconvenient for traders to inquire directly with the company for further information.


Is FOFX legit or a scam?

It is of utmost importance to highlight that FOFX, unfortunately, lacks the regulatory oversight that ensures the safety and security of traders' funds. As an unregulated broker, FOFX poses inherent risks and should be approached with extreme caution.

Despite FOFX's claims of being a trade name associated with Youtex Limited, a company registered in Labuan, our diligent investigation failed to yield any verifiable information about FOFX or Youtex Limited within the records of the Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA).

The absence of regulatory supervision means that investors' funds entrusted to FOFX are left unprotected by any legal framework, rendering the situation vulnerable and potentially exposing traders to fraudulent activities.

Consequently, it is imperative to exercise prudence and avoid engaging with unregulated entities like FOFX. Instead, we strongly advise traders to seek the services of reputable and licensed brokers, where their investments can be safeguarded under regulatory provisions.

Pros and Cons

FOFX offers a wide range of trading instruments, including forex currency pairs, stocks, and commodities. Its generous leverage offering allows traders to potentially amplify their trading positions up to 1:200. It also provides an economic calendar and the popular MetaTrader4 (MT4) trading platform, which offers a range of advanced features and tools for efficient trading.

On the downside, FOFX lacks essential information regarding minimum deposit requirements, account types, and commission fees. This lack of transparency can make it difficult for potential clients to evaluate the cost structure and account options that best suit their needs. Furthermore, customer support is not mentioned and the lack of information may deter potential clients who prioritize strong customer support.

Although FOFX offers low spreads starting from 0.5 pips, it is important to consider the risks associated with trading with an unregulated broker. The absence of regulatory oversight means that investors' funds are not protected by any legal framework, making trading with FOFX potentially risky.

Pros Cons
Wide range of trading instruments available Not regulated
Generous leverage up to 1:200 Limited educational resources
Economic calendar for traders Customer support not mentioned
User-friendly MT4 trading platform lack of essential information on minimum deposit, account types, and commission fees
Diverse range of deposit & withdrawal methods Limited deposit & withdrawal methods
Low spreads from 0.5 pips

Market Instruments

The FOFX platform offers a range of tradable financial instruments, including forex currency pairs, stocks, and commodities. However, it does not offer some popular trading assets such as indices and metals.

Forex currency pairs: The FOFX platform allows users to trade various currency pairs, which involve buying one currency while selling another. These pairs can include major currencies like USD/EUR, USD/JPY, or GBP/USD, as well as minor and exotic currency pairs.

Stocks: FOFX provides access to a selection of stocks from different markets around the world. Users can trade shares of individual companies, allowing them to take advantage of price movements and potentially profit from their investments.

Commodities: The platform also offers trading in commodities, which are physical goods or raw materials that are typically traded on exchanges. This can include commodities such as gold, oil, natural gas, agricultural products, and more.


How to Open an Account?

To open an account with FOFX, you can follow these general steps:

1. Visit the FOFX website: Go to the official website of FOFX (

2. Account Registration: Look for an “Open an account” button on the website. Click on it to begin the account registration process.


3. Fill in Personal Information: Provide the required personal information, including your full name, email address, phone number, and country of residence. Ensure that the information you provide is accurate and up to date.


4. Agree to Terms and Conditions: Read through the terms and conditions of FOFX and make sure you understand and agree to them.

5. Account Verification: FOFX may require you to verify your identity and address by providing supporting documents. This typically includes submitting a copy of your identification document (e.g., passport or driver's license) and a proof of address (e.g., utility bill or bank statement).

6. Fund Your Account and Start Trading: Once your account is verified and approved, you can proceed to fund your trading account. FOFX should provide you with various payment options, such as bank wire transfers, credit/debit card, or electronic payment methods. After your account is funded, you can log in to your trading account using the provided credentials.

Minimum Deposit

FOFX neglects to disclose its minimum deposit requirements, and it is worth noting that reputable brokers typically offer affordable options to accommodate traders of all levels. For instance, renowned brokers like MRG Trade present a Basic Account with a minimum deposit requirement as low as $10, ensuring accessibility and affordability, particularly for beginners. However, it is essential to exercise caution when considering FOFX as an unregulated broker. Given the absence of regulatory oversight, it is prudent for traders to refrain from registering accounts with FOFX and instead opt for established brokers that prioritize the safety and protection of their clients.


With a maximum trading leverage of 1:200, FOFX provides traders with a generous opportunity to maximize their profits. However, it is essential to exercise caution and make informed decisions when utilizing leverage. Trading with an unregulated broker or using excessively high leverage can expose traders to significant risks.

It is crucial to understand that while leverage can facilitate the possibility of substantial profits, it also amplifies potential losses. Proper leverage management is essential to navigating the complexities of leveraged trading successfully. By employing effective risk management strategies, such as setting stop-loss orders and monitoring market conditions closely, traders can mitigate the heightened risks associated with leveraged trading.


Spreads & Commissions

FOFX offers competitive spreads. The EUR/USD pair exhibits a slender spread of approximately 0.5 pips, while the USD/JPY pair boasts an equally impressive spread of merely 0.6 pips. Not to be outdone, the GBP/USD pair also presents a commendably tight spread of only 0.7 pips.


Trading Platforms

FOFX provides traders with the revered MT4 trading platform, an industry standard widely embraced by brokers and investors worldwide. With MT4, traders gain access to a multitude of advanced features, including the ability to automate strategies using Expert Advisors (EAs). For new iPhone users, the MT4 web trader is readily available for a convenient trading experience.


Deposit & Withdrawal

When it comes to deposit and withdrawal methods, FOFX accepts online wallet and cryptocurrency transactions, as well as local deposit options. However, it is customary for reputable brokers to provide a diverse selection of options to cater to their clients' preferences. These typically include widely recognized Credit/Debit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, and Maestro, as well as the convenience of Wire transfers for seamless transactions. Additionally, popular online processors like Neteller and Skrill are often offered to further enhance the ease and efficiency of deposit and withdrawal processes.

FOFX's lack of disclosure of deposit and withdrawal methods and fees is a huge drawback, making it difficult for traders to grasp basic information and costs.

Customer Support

While exploring the FOFX website, the lack of information on customer support is one of the notable drawbacks since traders may have questions about the trading process or require relevant information. Regrettably, this aspect may leave traders feeling inconvenienced and unsure about the reliability of the broker. To ensure a smoother and more transparent experience, it is advisable to consider alternative brokers that offer readily available and transparent customer support information. This way, traders can have peace of mind knowing that their inquiries will be promptly addressed by a trustworthy team.

Educational Resources

Empowering traders with valuable knowledge, FOFX equips you with the ability to stay ahead of the curve by providing insights into the release of economic indicators across different countries. Stay informed about the economic indicators scheduled for today, tomorrow, or even this week in specific nations. This crucial information enables you to meticulously prepare for market movements, meticulously plan your trades, and factor in real-world economic dynamics. By crafting a comprehensive trading plan that accounts for future developments, you can effectively anticipate market volatility and seize optimal trading opportunities at precisely the right moment.



In conclusion, while FOFX offers a wide range of trading instruments, generous leverage, and a user-friendly trading platform, its lack of regulation, limited educational resources, absence of specific account information, and unclear customer support may raise concerns for potential clients. It is crucial for traders to carefully evaluate the risks and conduct thorough research before considering any engagement with an unregulated broker like FOFX.


Q: Why did FOFXs founder decide to create this kind of system?

A: The FOFX project started with one question: “Is it possible to offer a cheaper product to clients?”. This has led to a reduction in the middle margin (commission) by at least one, leading to the provision of “overwhelmingly low price” products that do not involve securities companies.

Q: What is deposit method?

A: We can accept online wallets, crypto, and local deposit. You need to request withdrawal up to initial deposit. If you do not trade, the broker will charge transaction fees.

Q: What is the LP direct price rate?

A: When you trade, you will always trade at the rate through the securities company. The LP direct rate is the rate that does not involve securities companies.

Q: What is the leverage ratio?

A: It's 200x.

Q: How can I start trading?

A: You will need to (1)Open an account, and (2)Download MT4.

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Company Name

Youtex Limited



Regulatory Status

No Regulation

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more than one year
I've tried out FOFX and have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, they offer flexible leverage, which is a nice touch. However, their spreads can be pretty wide, which can be a bit frustrating. Also, I've noticed that they don't have many educational resources or trading tools available, which is a bit of a letdown. Overall, FOFX might be worth checking out if you're looking for flexible leverage options, but you might want to look elsewhere if you want a more comprehensive trading experien
2023-03-23 18:18


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