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CEX.IO Broker

Cyprus|2-5 years|
Regulated in Cyprus|Market Making(MM)|Suspicious Scope of Business|Medium potential risk|


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+357 22310999
13 Kypranoros str, Evi Building 1st Floor, Office 104, 1061 Nicosia


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+357 22310999

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CEX.IO Broker

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CEX.IO Broker · Company Summary

Aspect Information
Registered Country/Area Cyprus
Founded Year 2-5 years
Regulation Regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)
Minimum Deposit N/A
Maximum Leverage 2x
Spreads Starts from 0.0 pips for JASMY/USD trading pair
Trading Platforms Web-based platform and mobile app
Tradable Assets Major coins, altcoins, and DeFi tokens
Account Types Live account and demo account
Demo Account Available
Islamic Account N/A
Customer Support Telephone, email, and online messaging
Payment Methods Visa, Mastercard, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies
Educational Tools Trading courses and lessons on various topics

General Information & Regulation

CEX.IO Broker, a trading name of CEX MARKETS LTD, is allegedly a broker authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC) under license #381/19 and founded in 2013, providing its clients with a web-based trading platform for digital assets CFD margin trading with leverage up to 2x, tight spreads and free commission.

CEX.IO Broker is a regulated brokerage based in Cyprus, operating under the license number 381/19 issued by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The broker, licensed under CEX Markets Ltd, offers digital assets (cryptocurrencies) CFD margin trading. While it provides a platform for trading major coins, altcoins, and DeFi tokens, it's important to independently verify the information provided and cross-reference it with official regulatory sources.

Traders on CEX.IO Broker's platform have access to a range of market instruments, including major coins such as BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BCH, and DASH. Additionally, there are various altcoins and popular DeFi tokens available for trading. The broker offers different order types, including Market, Limit, Stop, OCO (One Cancels-the-Other), Stop Loss, and Take Profit orders, allowing users to execute trades and manage their positions according to their trading strategies.

CEX.IO Broker provides a web-based trading platform and a mobile app for trading on the go. They offer trading tools such as APIs for accessing real-time market data and order management, a Bitcoin price calculator, and a Bitcoin Price Widget. The broker also offers educational resources through its University, with courses and lessons covering a wide range of topics related to cryptocurrencies and trading.


Pros and Cons

CEX.IO Broker, a regulated platform for digital assets CFD margin trading, offers several advantages and disadvantages to traders. On the positive side, CEX.IO is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The broker offers a wide range of market instruments, including major coins, altcoins, and DeFi tokens, allowing traders to diversify their portfolios. They provide live and demo accounts, various order types, and a web-based trading platform with a mobile app for trading on the go. Additionally, CEX.IO offers trading tools, educational resources, and customer support through multiple channels. However, traders should be aware of the medium potential risk associated with the platform and the limited leverage ratio. Spreads can vary, and the geographical coverage is limited to certain European countries. It's important for traders to independently verify the provided information and consider these factors before engaging in trading activities on CEX.IO.

Pros Cons
Regulated by CySEC Medium potential risk
Offers major coins, altcoins, and DeFi tokens Suspicious scope of business
Provides live and demo accounts Limited leverage ratio of 2x
Offers various order types Spreads can vary depending on market conditions
Supports multiple payment options for deposits and withdrawals Limited geographical coverage in Europe
Offers a web-based trading platform and mobile app Limited information on trading fees and rollover charges
Provides trading tools and educational resources Authenticity of provided information should be verified
Offers customer support through multiple channels

Is CEX.IO Broker Legit?

Based on the information you provided, it appears that CEX.IO Broker is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The broker is licensed under CEX Markets Ltd, with license number 381/19. The license type mentioned is Market Making (MM). The registered address of the licensed institution is 13 Kypranoros Street, Office 104, 1st floor, 1061 Nicosia, Cyprus.

Please note that the information you provided includes the email address, phone number, and website of the licensed institution. However, I cannot access external links or verify the authenticity of the information you provided. It's always a good idea to independently verify the regulatory status and credentials of a broker by cross-referencing information on official regulatory websites or contacting the regulatory authority directly.


Market Instruments

CEX.IO Broker advertises that it offers a platform for digital assets (cryptocurrencies) CFD margin trading.


The market instruments available on CEX.IO Broker's platform include a range of major coins such as BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, ETH/USD, ETH/EUR, ETH/BTC, LTC/USD, LTC/BTC, XRP/USD, BCH/USD, DASH/USD, NEO/USD, DOT/USD, SOL/USD, and ICP/USD. These major coins represent well-known cryptocurrencies that are widely traded in the market.


In addition to major coins, traders also have access to various altcoins on the platform. These include ADA/USD, BAT/USD, ONG/USD, TRX/USD, ONT/USD, XLM/USD, GAS/USD, ATOM/USD, XTZ/USD, MATIC/USD, LINK/USD, ZRX/USD, ZIL/USD, SUSHI/USD, COMP/USD, CRV/USD, REN/USD, SHIB/USD, MANA/USD, COTI/USD, RARI/USD, STORJ/USD, OCEAN/USD, and JASMY/USD. Altcoins offer traders the opportunity to diversify their portfolio and explore potentially promising investment opportunities beyond the major cryptocurrencies.


CEX.IO Broker also provides access to popular DeFi tokens. Traders can trade UNI/USD, UNI/USDT, and UNI/ETH pairs. DeFi tokens have gained significant attention in the cryptocurrency market due to their involvement in decentralized finance protocols and applications.

Pros Cons
Diverse Range of Major Coins for Widely Traded Cryptocurrencies Limited leverage ratio
Access to Various Altcoins for Portfolio Diversification Medium potential risk
Availability of Popular DeFi Tokens for Involvement in Decentralized Finance Spreads can vary depending on market conditions
Opportunity for Margin Trading to Execute Standalone Strategies or Hedge Positions Limited geographical coverage to certain European countries

Account Types

CEX.IO offers live and demo accounts. The live account enables real-time trading with actual funds, while the demo account provides a risk-free platform for practice with virtual funds.

Order types

CEX.IO Broker offers various order types to its users, including Market, Limit, Stop, OCO (One Cancels-the-Other), Stop Loss, and Take Profit orders. These order types provide users with different ways to execute their trades and manage their positions.

How to Open an Account?

To open an account with CEX.IO, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the CEX.IO website.

  2. Click on the “Register” button.


3. Enter your email address in the required field.

4. Certify that you are 18 years of age or older and agree to the CEX.IO's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

5. Optionally, agree to receive occasional emails and newsletters from CEX.IO.

6. If you want to create a business account, select the appropriate option.

7. Finally, click on “Create your account” to proceed.



The maximum leverage ratio provided by CEX.IO Broker is up to 2x. Bear in mind that leverage can magnify gains as well as losses, inexperienced traders are not advised to use too high leverage.

Spreads & Commissions

For the JASMY/USD trading pair, spreads start from 0.0 pips. However, spreads can vary depending on market conditions. Additionally, the broker currently does not charge any commissions for trading, making it a commission-free trading option.



CEX.IO offers a fee structure that can be considered favorable for traders. They charge a 0% fee for deposits, meaning you won't incur any charges when adding funds to your account. The same applies to withdrawals, where you can withdraw your funds without any fees.

In terms of trading fees, CEX.IO charges 0% on both the opening and closing volume of trades. This means that you won't have to pay any fees based on the size or value of your trades. Additionally, there is a rollover fee of 0% per 24 hours, which implies that there are no additional charges for holding positions overnight.


Trading Platform Available

When it comes to trading platforms available,CEX.IO Broker gives traders a web-based trading platform. Anyway, we suggest you use MT4 or MT5 as the trading platform. MetaTrader is the most popular forex trading platform, which the traders praise for its stability and trustworthiness. It features sophisticated trading tools such as Expert Advisors, Algo trading, Complex indicators and Strategy tester. Metatrader created a marketplace with currently 10,000+ trading apps the traders can utilize to achieve better results. Both the MT4 and MT5 have mobile APPs, trading can be done from anywhere and at any time through the right mobile terminals including iOS and Android devices.


Deposit & Withdrawal

CEX.IO Broker offers a variety of payment options for deposits and withdrawals. They accept Visa and Mastercard, allowing users to use their credit or debit cards to fund their trading accounts. Additionally, bank transfers are also supported, providing an alternative method for transferring funds to and from the broker. Furthermore, CEX.IO Broker facilitates transactions involving digital assets, allowing users to trade and transact using cryptocurrencies.

Pros Cons
Accepts Visa and Mastercard for easy funding Limited information on transaction fees
Supports bank transfers for alternative funding method Potential delays in bank transfer processing
Facilitates transactions with cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrency volatility may impact account balances
Limited selection of payment options

Customer Support

CEX.IO Brokers customer support can be reached by telephone: +35722310999, email: or send messages online to get in touch. Besides, you can also follow this broker on some social media platforms like Twitter. Company address: 13 Kypranoros str, Evi Building 1st Floor, Office 104, 1061 Nicosia.

Trading Platform

CEX.IO Broker offers traders a web-based trading platform for their trading activities.

Additionally, they provide the All-In-One Bitcoin & Crypto Trading App, available on both app stores, which allows users to buy, sell, earn, and exchange cryptocurrencies. The mobile app includes all the functionality of the web platform, catering to the needs of various traders. It offers advanced order matching algorithms, a high-liquidity order book, analytical tools for experienced traders, and a simple Instant Buy/Sell interface for beginners. The platform also supports multiple currencies, including various leading cryptocurrencies, with the list continuously expanding.

Pros Cons
Web-based trading platform for easy access Limited information on platform features and functionality
All-In-One Bitcoin & Crypto Trading App for mobile trading Potential limitations or bugs in the mobile app
Advanced order matching algorithms for trade execution Possible technical issues or downtime of the trading platform
Analytical tools for experienced traders to make informed decisions Limited customization options for the trading platform

Trading Tools

CEX.IO offers several trading tools to enhance the trading experience.

The first tool is the API, which allows users to easily set up their CEX.IO API and access various features. The API includes WebSocket functionality for accessing account balances, order books, open orders, and market data in real-time. Additionally, the REST API provides real-time price feeds, access to price charts, trade history, account balance, open orders by pair, and the ability to cancel orders.


Another tool provided by CEX.IO is the Bitcoin price calculator, which enables users to calculate the price of Bitcoin in different fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, and RUB. This calculator simplifies the process of converting Bitcoin prices into the preferred fiat currency.


Lastly, CEX.IO offers the Bitcoin Price Widget, which presumably allows users to display the current Bitcoin price on their website or platform. This widget provides users with real-time information on the price of Bitcoin, allowing them to stay updated without leaving their preferred platform.


Pros Cons
API functionality for accessing real-time account and market data Limited information on additional trading tools
Bitcoin price calculator for easy conversion of Bitcoin prices No information on the availability of tools for other assets
Bitcoin Price Widget for real-time display of Bitcoin prices

Educational Resources

CEX.IO offers a range of educational resources for individuals interested in learning about cryptocurrencies and trading. Their University provides courses on various topics, including Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, cryptography, DeFi, economics, Ethereum, fundamental analysis, history, investing, margin trading, NFTs, privacy, regulations, security, staking, technical analysis, trading, and more. They aim to help users acquire knowledge and take control of their financial future. Additionally, CEX.IO provides lessons categorized into different levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) covering topics like stop orders in spot trading, shorting in the financial market, reading candlestick charts, advanced order types, horizontal channel and price ranging, and blockchain explorers. They also offer trading lessons on topics such as trendlines in technical analysis and EMA trading strategies.


Accepted Counties

CEX.IO Broker currently operates in a wide range of countries, including Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden. These countries represent a diverse geographic coverage across Europe. It is worth noting that the list provided does not include other regions or continents outside of Europe.

Customer Support

CEX.IO Broker offers customer support through various channels including telephone (+35722310999), email (, and online messaging. Additionally, customers can stay updated by following the broker on social media platforms such as Twitter. The company's physical address is located at 13 Kypranoros Street, Evi Building 1st Floor, Office 104, in Nicosia.


In conclusion, CEX.IO Broker is a regulated broker based in Cyprus and licensed under CEX Markets Ltd with the license number 381/19. The broker offers a platform for digital assets CFD margin trading, allowing traders to trade major coins, altcoins, and DeFi tokens on margin. They provide various order types and leverage of up to 2x. CEX.IO Broker offers a web-based trading platform and a mobile app for trading. They provide a range of payment options for deposits and withdrawals, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies. The broker offers several trading tools and educational resources to enhance the trading experience and knowledge. CEX.IO Broker operates in multiple European countries and provides customer support through various channels. However, it's important to independently verify the provided information and conduct due diligence when considering trading with CEX.IO Broker.


Q: Is CEX.IO Broker regulated?

A: Yes, CEX.IO Broker is regulated in Cyprus.

Q: What market instruments are available on CEX.IO Broker?

A: CEX.IO Broker offers major coins, altcoins, and DeFi tokens for CFD margin trading.

Q: What are the order types offered by CEX.IO Broker?

A: CEX.IO Broker offers Market, Limit, Stop, OCO, Stop Loss, and Take Profit orders.

Q: How can I open an account with CEX.IO?

A: To open an account, visit the CEX.IO website and follow the registration process.

Q: What leverage does CEX.IO Broker offer?

A: CEX.IO Broker offers a maximum leverage ratio of 2x.

Q: What are the fees associated with CEX.IO Broker?

A: CEX.IO Broker charges no fees for deposits, withdrawals, or trading commissions.

Q: What payment options are available for deposits and withdrawals?

A: CEX.IO Broker accepts Visa, Mastercard, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies for transactions.

Q: What trading platforms does CEX.IO Broker offer?

A: CEX.IO Broker offers a web-based trading platform and a mobile app for Bitcoin and crypto trading.

Q: What trading tools are provided by CEX.IO?

A: CEX.IO offers an API, Bitcoin price calculator, and Bitcoin price widget as trading tools.

Q: Does CEX.IO provide educational resources?

A: Yes, CEX.IO offers educational courses and lessons on various topics related to cryptocurrencies and trading.

Q: In which countries does CEX.IO Broker operate?

A: CEX.IO Broker operates in several European countries.

Q: How can I contact customer support at CEX.IO Broker?

A: Customer support can be reached via telephone, email, or online messaging.

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more than one year
this cex Io broker is good to use I love this application
2022-12-10 03:25
more than one year
this broker it's good broker because; Your cryptocurrency is safe as can be expected on any cryptocurrency platform with CEX.IO. This exchange has excellent security practices, and since its launch in 2013, it has never lost any of its customers' funds.
2022-12-07 19:38
more than one year
that's impressive platform ever , it's good to investment especially trader.
2022-12-07 15:23
more than one year
when I view it , it' is good and I never see a broker like this thanks you once again and I like many people to joy it and enjoy it
2022-12-07 03:52
more than one year
In my view this broker is a broker than others dont leave this broker becouse is good broker come one come all thank you
2022-12-06 21:30
more than one year
I like Bitcoin broker
2022-12-06 15:39
more than one year
I my view this broker is a good broker and i will like you people to tell me what you think about the broker!
2022-12-03 03:05
more than one year
This broker is good but isn’t fast and not reliable enough,we hope you to make it better as soon as you can,Good luck! CEX.IO Broker
2022-12-02 21:50
more than one year
I got an ad for this company so I did a search on wikifx and found very very little information. This is too insincere. How can such a company expect customers to trust it with their money?
2022-11-24 16:42
more than one year
I bet you would never choose this platform… insufficient website information only could be the evidence that this broker is not professional, no minimum deposit, no spreads, commissions, so weird, right?
2022-11-21 17:52
承远-外汇理财 信用融资
more than one year
Scammers! They always perform better than they actually did! No matter how good their ads are, they can't hide the reality that they are thieves! Please keep your eyes wide, don't be deceived like me. I hate all Cyprus brokers ever since!
2022-11-17 15:08
more than one year
dm it's loaded but not for withdrawing scam
2022-11-04 20:49
more than one year
may i ask?
2022-11-04 12:31
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