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MT4/5 Identification

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Fxview · Company Summary

Risk Warning

Online trading involves significant risk, and you may lose all of your invested capital. It is not suitable for all traders or investors. Please ensure that you understand the risks involved and note that the information contained in this article is for general information purposes only.

General Information

Fxview Review Summary in 10 Points
Founded 2009
Registered Country/Region Cyprus
Regulation CYSEC, FCA, CNMV
Market Instruments Forex, Commodities, Indices, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies
Demo Account Available
Leverage 500:1
EUR/USD Spread From 0.1 pips
Trading Platforms MT4, MT5, ActTrader
Minimum deposit $50
Customer Support 24/5 live chat, phone, email

What is Fxview?

Fxview is a regulated online brokerage firm that provides trading services in various financial markets, including forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. They provide access to multiple trading platforms, educational resources, and a range of trading tools. Fxview also offers competitive spreads, leverage options, and a variety of account types to suit different trading needs.

Fxview's home page

In the following article, we will analyze the characteristics of this broker from various aspects, providing you with simple and organized information. If you are interested, please read on. At the end of the article, we will also briefly make a conclusion so that you can understand the broker's characteristics at a glance.

Pros & Cons

Fxview has several notable advantages. Firstly, the broker is regulated by reputable authorities such as CYSEC, FCA, and CNMV, which provides an added layer of security and oversight for clients. Additionally, Fxview offers segregated client funds, ensuring the protection of investors' assets. The availability of multiple trading platforms, competitive spreads, and leverage options up to 500:1 further enhance the trading experience.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider. The choice of account types is limited, and clients from some regions/countries are not accepted. It's important for potential clients to carefully evaluate these pros and cons, conduct their own research, and consider their individual trading needs and preferences before deciding whether Fxview is the right broker for them.

Pros Cons
• Regulated by CYSEC, FCA, CNMV • BaFin and BDF licenses are exceeded
Segregated client funds • Clients from USA, Cuba, Sudan, Syria, North Korea, Myanmar, India are excluded
• Wide range of trading instruments • Limited account types
• Demo accounts available
• Competitive spreads
• Low minimum deposit ($50)
• MT4 and MT5 supported
• Various trading tools
• Multiple deposit and withdrawal options
• No fees for deposits and withdrawals
• Rich educational resources
• 24/5 live chat support

Fxview Alternative Brokers

    There are many alternative brokers to Fxview depending on the specific needs and preferences of the trader. Some popular options include:

    • Equiti - offers a reputable trading experience with strong regulatory oversight and a wide range of trading instruments.

    • ForexMart - provides a user-friendly trading environment with competitive spreads and a variety of account types to suit different trading needs.

    • Grand Capital - offers a diverse range of trading services and platforms, making it suitable for both beginner and experienced traders.

Ultimately, the best broker for an individual trader will depend on their specific trading style, preferences, and needs.

Is Fxview Safe or Scam?

Based on the regulatory information provided, including the licenses from Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC, License No. 367/18), United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority (FCA, License No. 850138), and Spain Comisión Nacional del Mercado de valores (CNMV, License No. 4892), it can be concluded that Fxview is a regulated broker. The regulatory oversight by these reputable authorities indicates that Fxview adheres to certain standards and regulations, which provides a level of security and protection for traders.

The segregation of client funds is an additional measure to safeguard client funds in the event of any financial issues with the broker. However, it is always recommended to conduct thorough research, read reviews, and exercise caution when choosing a broker, even if they are regulated.

Market Instruments

Fxview offers a diverse range of over 100 financial instruments for trading, providing traders with a wide array of options to choose from. These instruments cover various asset classes, including Forex, Commodities, Indices, Stocks, and Cryptocurrencies. In the Forex market, traders can access major, minor, and exotic currency pairs, allowing for extensive currency trading opportunities. The availability of Commodities such as Gold, Silver, Oil, and Natural Gas enables traders to participate in the commodities market and take advantage of price movements.

Market Instruments

Additionally, a selection of popular global Indices and Stocks offers exposure to the performance of leading stock markets and individual companies. Fxview also includes Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, enabling traders to tap into the fast-growing digital currency market. With this diverse range of instruments, Fxview aims to cater to the trading preferences and strategies of a wide range of traders.


Fxview offers three types of trading accounts to cater to the diverse needs of traders. The first account is the demo account, which provides an opportunity for traders to practice their strategies and familiarize themselves with the trading platforms. The demo account comes with a generous virtual balance of $100,000, which can be refilled if the balance reaches zero. Traders can use the demo account for an unlimited duration, as long as there is activity within a 30-day period.

Raw ECN account

The second account type is the Raw ECN account, which is designed for traders seeking direct market access and tight spreads. This account is available on popular trading platforms such as MT4, MT5, and ActTrader, giving traders flexibility in their choice of platform. With the Raw ECN account, traders can benefit from competitive pricing, fast execution, and access to a wide range of trading instruments.

Islamic account

The third account option is the Islamic account, which is specifically designed for Muslim traders who follow Shariah law. This account type adheres to the principles of Islamic finance, where no interest (swap) is charged or paid on overnight positions. The Islamic account is available on the MT4 platform, offering Muslim traders the opportunity to trade in a manner that aligns with their religious beliefs.

Overall, Fxview's range of trading accounts provides flexibility, allowing traders to choose the account type that best suits their trading style, preferences, and religious considerations if applicable.


Fxview provides competitive leverage options for various asset classes, allowing traders to optimize their trading strategies and potential returns. For major currency pairs and golden pairs in the forex market, Fxview offers leverage of up to 500:1. This level of leverage allows traders to amplify their trading positions, potentially magnifying profits or losses.

For forex minor pairs, the leverage offered is up to 300:1, which still provides significant trading power. When it comes to indices, Fxview offers leverage of up to 200:1, enabling traders to take advantage of market movements in these popular instruments.

In the case of other commodities, such as precious metals and energies, the leverage offered by Fxview is up to 100:1. This leverage level allows traders to have greater exposure to these markets with a relatively smaller amount of capital.


For forex exotic pairs, Fxview provides leverage of up to 50:1, offering a balanced approach considering the typically higher volatility and risk associated with these currency pairs.

Lastly, when trading stocks and cryptocurrencies, Fxview offers leverage of 10:1. This lower leverage level reflects the inherent risks and unique characteristics of these asset classes.

Overall, Fxview's leverage options provide traders with flexibility and the ability to tailor their trading positions based on their risk appetite and market preferences. It is important for traders to carefully consider the risks associated with leverage and use it judiciously in their trading activities.

Spreads & Commissions

Fxview offers competitive spreads and a transparent commission structure, providing traders with favorable trading conditions. The spread on the popular EUR/USD currency pair starts from as low as 0.1 pips, ensuring tight pricing and efficient execution. This low spread helps traders minimize their trading costs and capture potential profit opportunities.

In addition to the spread, Fxview implements a fixed commission of $1 per 100,000 traded for all instruments. This commission structure is consistent across various asset classes, including forex, commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. The fixed commission allows traders to have a clear understanding of the transaction costs associated with their trades, promoting transparency and helping them make informed trading decisions.

Spreads & Commissions

By offering competitive spreads and a fixed commission, Fxview aims to provide its clients with cost-effective trading solutions, allowing them to optimize their trading strategies and maximize potential profits. Traders can take advantage of the tight spreads and transparent commissions to execute their trades efficiently and with confidence.

Below is a comparison table about spreads and commissions charged by different brokers:

Broker EUR/USD Spread Commissions
Fxview From 0.1 pips $1/100K across all instruments
Equiti From 0.1 pips Commission-free
ForexMart From 1.2 pips Commission-free
Grand Capital From 2.2 pips Commission-free

Please note that spreads and commissions may vary depending on market conditions and account types offered by the brokers. It's always recommended to check with the respective brokers for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Trading Platforms & Copy Trading

Fxview provides a range of advanced trading platforms to cater to the diverse needs of traders. Clients have access to the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platforms, renowned for their user-friendly interface, comprehensive charting capabilities, and a wide range of technical analysis tools. These platforms are available for desktop computers, Mac devices, iOS, and Android devices, ensuring seamless access to the markets from anywhere at any time.

Trading Platforms

In addition to MT4 and MT5, Fxview also offers the ActTrader platform, which provides a powerful trading environment with advanced features. The ActTrader platform is suitable for traders seeking a customizable trading experience and a broad range of order types. Whether traders prefer the flexibility of MT4, the enhanced features of MT5, or the versatility of ActTrader, Fxview ensures that they have access to cutting-edge trading technology.

MT4 MT5 ActTrader
Mac ×
Web Trader

See the trading platform comparison table below:

Broker Trading Platforms
Fxview MT4, MT5, ActTrader
Equiti MT4, MT5, EquitiGO
ForexMart MT4
Grand Capital MT4, MT5, WebTrader

These platforms provide traders with various features, tools, and functionalities for effective trading. It's important to note that platform availability may vary depending on the broker's offering and account types.

Furthermore, Fxview supports copy trading, allowing clients to follow and replicate the trades of successful traders in real-time. This feature is beneficial for both novice traders looking to learn from experienced traders and busy traders who prefer a hands-off approach. Copy trading provides an opportunity to tap into the expertise of seasoned traders and potentially achieve consistent returns.

Trading Tools

Fxview provides a comprehensive range of trading tools and resources to enhance the trading experience and support traders in making informed decisions. Traders can take advantage of Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting services, which offer uninterrupted access to the markets and ensure smooth trading execution, especially for automated trading strategies.

The Trader's Tool Box offered by Fxview includes a collection of handy tools designed to assist traders in analyzing the markets and making informed trading decisions. These tools may include market sentiment indicators, correlation matrices, pivot point calculators, and more.

Indicator Packages are also available, offering a wide selection of technical indicators that traders can integrate into their trading strategies to gain insights into market trends, momentum, and potential entry or exit points.

For advanced traders and developers, Fxview supports API trading, allowing them to connect their own trading systems or algorithms directly to the broker's trading infrastructure for efficient and automated trading.

Trading Tools

ZuluTrade and MQL5 are popular social and copy trading platforms integrated with Fxview, enabling traders to automatically copy the trades of successful traders and signal providers. This feature is beneficial for traders looking to follow the strategies of experienced traders and diversify their trading portfolios.

The Economic Calendar provided by Fxview keeps traders updated on important economic events, news releases, and market events that can impact financial markets. It helps traders stay informed and make well-timed trading decisions based on fundamental factors.

Additionally, Fxview offers a range of Trading Calculators that assist traders in determining position sizes, calculating pip values, and managing risk effectively.

With a wide array of trading tools and resources, Fxview equips traders with the necessary tools to analyze markets, automate trading strategies, follow successful traders, and make informed trading decisions based on both technical and fundamental factors.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Fxview offers a variety of convenient and secure options for both deposits and withdrawals. Traders can fund their accounts using Bank Transfer, Payretailers, Rapid OZOW, Visa & MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, and Cryptocurrencies. This wide range of payment methods ensures flexibility and accessibility for traders worldwide.

The minimum deposit requirement at Fxview is set at $50, providing an affordable starting point for traders of different budget levels. The minimum withdrawal amount is $5, allowing traders to easily access their funds when needed.

Fxview minimum deposit vs other brokers

Fxview Most other
Minimum Deposit $50 $100

One of the advantages of Fxview is that there are no fees charged for deposits and withdrawals, making it more cost-effective for traders.

Deposits made via Bank Transfer, Payretailers, and Rapid OZOW are usually processed within 1 working day, ensuring quick access to trading funds. Deposits made through Visa & MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, and Cryptocurrencies are instant, allowing traders to start trading without delay.


When it comes to withdrawals, Fxview strives to provide efficient and timely processing. All withdrawal requests are processed within 1 working day, ensuring that traders can access their funds promptly. This allows traders to have control over their profits and manage their finances efficiently.


Overall, Fxview offers a straightforward and convenient deposit and withdrawal process, with a variety of payment methods, low minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts, and efficient processing times. Traders can choose the most suitable option for their needs, ensuring seamless transactions and access to their funds when required.

Fees & Bonuses

Fxview stands out with its customer-friendly approach when it comes to fees and bonuses. The broker does not charge any fees for deposits and withdrawals, allowing traders to efficiently manage their funds without incurring additional costs. Moreover, there is no inactivity fee imposed, providing flexibility for traders who may have periods of low trading activity.

In terms of bonuses, Fxview offers enticing opportunities to enhance trading capital. The refer-a-friend bonus allows traders to earn rewards by referring their friends to the platform, creating a win-win situation for both parties. Additionally, Fxview provides a 100% deposit bonus, which effectively doubles the initial deposit and provides traders with a boost to their trading capital.

These bonuses can be beneficial for traders looking to maximize their potential profits and increase their trading opportunities. However, it's important for traders to carefully review and understand the terms and conditions associated with these bonuses, as certain requirements and restrictions may apply.

Overall, Fxview's fee structure, with no fees for deposits, withdrawals, and inactivity, coupled with attractive bonus offerings, showcases the broker's commitment to providing a transparent and rewarding trading experience for its clients. Traders can take advantage of these features to optimize their trading activities and potentially enhance their profitability.

Customer Service

Fxview provides a comprehensive customer service experience for its clients. Traders can access 24/5 live chat support, ensuring prompt assistance with any inquiries or issues they may have. Additionally, phone support is available during specified hours, allowing for direct and personalized communication.

Customer Service

For those preferring written communication, email and online messaging options are provided, ensuring multiple channels of contact. The broker also displays its company address openly, promoting transparency and accessibility.

online messaging

Clients can benefit from the extensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section on the website, which addresses common queries. Furthermore, Fxview maintains a strong social media presence, including platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and LinkedIn, allowing traders to stay updated and engage with the broker's community.


Overall, Fxview's customer service offerings strive to provide reliable and responsive support to meet the needs of their clients.

Pros Cons
• 24/5 live chat support • No 24/7 support
• Multiple channels for communication
• Openly disclosed company address
• Active presence on social media platforms
• Access to FAQs

Note: These pros and cons are subjective and may vary depending on the individual's experience with Fxview's customer service.


Fxview places great importance on trader education and offers a range of educational resources to empower their clients. Traders can benefit from a comprehensive Forex Glossary, which provides definitions and explanations of key terms and concepts used in the forex market. The broker also offers video tutorials, which are valuable learning tools for both beginner and experienced traders. These tutorials cover various topics, including platform navigation, trading strategies, technical analysis, and more.

To stay informed about market developments, Fxview provides market news and insights. Traders can access timely and relevant updates on market trends, economic events, and important announcements that may impact their trading decisions. This helps traders stay ahead of the curve and make informed trading choices.


Additionally, Fxview organizes webinars where traders can participate in live educational sessions conducted by market experts. These webinars cover a wide range of topics, including trading strategies, risk management, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis. By attending these webinars, traders can gain valuable insights and enhance their trading knowledge.

Overall, Fxview's commitment to education is evident through its provision of a diverse range of resources such as the Forex Glossary, video tutorials, market news, insights, and webinars. These educational materials empower traders with the necessary knowledge and skills to make informed trading decisions and improve their trading proficiency.


In conclusion, Fxview emerges as a regulated and trustworthy broker with a range of attractive features for traders. The broker is regulated by reputable authorities, providing a sense of security and reliability. With a diverse selection of market instruments and competitive spreads, Fxview offers ample opportunities for traders to explore and engage in various trading strategies. The availability of multiple trading platforms, including MT4, MT5, and ActTrader, caters to the preferences of different traders.

Furthermore, the leverage options provided by Fxview allow for flexible trading positions. The customer-centric approach is evident in their robust customer service offerings, educational resources, and user-friendly website. While there are certain limitations, such as the regional restrictions, Fxview's overall offering positions it as a favorable choice for traders seeking a reliable and regulated broker.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q 1: Is Fxview regulated?
A 1: Yes. It is regulated by CYSEC, FCA, and CNMV.
Q 2: At Fxview, are there any regional restrictions for traders?
A 2: Yes. Fxview does not offer its services to residents of certain jurisdictions such as USA, Cuba, Sudan, Syria, North Korea, Myanmar, India and any other jurisdiction where offering such services may be contrary to local or international laws or regulations.
Q 3: Does Fxview offer demo accounts?
A 3: Yes. You can use the demo account for as long as you wish. The account only gets deactivated if there is no activity for 30 consecutive days.
Q 4: Does Fxview offer the industry leading MT4 & MT5?
A 4: Yes. Fxview supports MT4, MT5, and ActTrader.
Q 5: What is the minimum deposit for Fxview?
A 5: The minimum initial deposit to open an account is $50.
Q 6: Is Fxview a good broker for beginners?
A 6: Yes. Fxview is a good choice for beginners because it is regulated well and offers various trading instruments with competitive trading conditions on the leading MT4 and MT5 platforms. Also, it offers demo accounts that allow traders to practice trading without risking any real money.


Fxview offers Outstanding Customer Service to its Clients

NewsFxview offers Outstanding Customer Service to its Clients

2023-08-16 19:30

Fxview, a leading online trading platform, is setting the standard for customer service excellence in the industry. With a strong commitment to provide top-notch support to its clients, Fxview has emerged as a trusted choice for traders worldwide.

2023-08-16 19:30
Fxview offers Outstanding Customer Service to its Clients
Fxview: Transforming Forex Trading with High-Tech Solutions

NewsFxview: Transforming Forex Trading with High-Tech Solutions

2023-03-28 17:22

Fxview, a multi-asset broker owned by Finvasia Group, is revolutionizing forex trading through technology and innovation. The broker aims to make trading accessible to everyone, providing tailored trading solutions to suit traders of all levels, and addressing challenges such as wide spreads, high latency, slippage, and delays in order execution, deposits, and withdrawals.

2023-03-28 17:22
Fxview: Transforming Forex Trading with High-Tech Solutions
Fxview Obtains Full Approval from South African Regulator FSCA to Provide Financial Services

NewsFxview Obtains Full Approval from South African Regulator FSCA to Provide Financial Services

2023-03-06 17:46

Fxview, a well-known online brokerage and part of the Finvasia Group, has announced that it has obtained full approval from the South African regulator, the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), to provide financial services in South Africa. The FSCA license allows Fxview to provide brokerage and portfolio management services, opening up new opportunities for the company in the African continent.

2023-03-06 17:46
Fxview Obtains Full Approval from South African Regulator FSCA to Provide Financial Services
WIKIFX REPORT: Finvasia Group acquires Cypriot broker Fxview

NewsWIKIFX REPORT: Finvasia Group acquires Cypriot broker Fxview

2022-07-01 12:07

Today, the Finvasia Group, which owns several companies in the fintech sector, disclosed that it has bought the Forex and CFD broker Fxview, based in Cyprus. For an unknown fee, FINVASIA Group purchased a 100 percent ownership in the business.

2022-07-01 12:07
WIKIFX REPORT: Finvasia Group acquires Cypriot broker Fxview

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Seven Hawk
more than one year
Fxview is a great broker to trade with. Support people are always ready to hold your hand. However, I faced some problems with my account manager when he was not available about one week.
2024-04-19 16:59
Alex 917
The trading environment and customer service response fall short of expectations, leading to frustratingly long wait times for assistance. The current inability to access their website adds another layer of difficulty in executing trades or managing my account. Unfortunately, this negative experience has influenced my perception of the broker, and I would hesitate to recommend it to other traders.
2024-01-12 14:21
Pablo Nieto
more than one year
Although this broker is not the most popular among traders, I consider it the best. Personally for me the set of financial instruments, trading platforms and trading conditions is suitable.
2023-06-04 16:31
Patrick Boulay
more than one year
I have been trading with FXview for a while now, and I am happy with their overnight charges. The charges are minimal, and I don't have to pay any additional fees. The charges are based on the trading instrument and the number of days the position is held open. For example, if I open a 1 lot position of EURUSD and hold it open for 3 days or more, I will be charged $5 every other night. I find this to be a fair and transparent way to charge overnight fees.
2023-05-25 00:42
Andreas Vogel
more than one year
The best broker for me so far. I don’t have too much experience in this, but from what I’ve seen, this one has the best commission along with the superior orders execution. Which basically means that those commissions won’t eat the bulk of my profits.
2023-05-23 20:04
more than one year
I trade the USDMXN pair and was happy to see that AAAFX has lower spreads compared to other brokers.
2023-04-11 17:45
more than one year
I decided to give FX View a try based on recommendations from some friends. So far, I've been pleased with my decision
2023-03-14 03:35
more than one year
I find an interesting part of FXVIEW is that it provides everything I need, but I did’t like to use it often. One big reason, I guess, is this broker offers limited payment gateways, while I am a Paypal fan.
2023-02-24 15:20
more than one year
One of the things that I appreciate about this broker is the ability to both manually trade and copy trade. This provides a great level of flexibility for me as a novice trader because I can connect my accounts to traders of different levels of experience.
2023-02-19 00:12
more than one year
I am new to Fxview. My partner has been here for some time. He has had no problems and that is why I joined this platform. God blesses!
2023-02-14 11:05
more than one year
Only two types of account are offered, which is quite friendly for me, because I don’t like making choices, and also, I have difficulty making choices. Too many choices will make me feel confused and tired.
2022-11-22 16:30
more than one year
I am not sure about them but all I know is that they keep asking me for extra tax fees which is unheard of while not processing my withdrawal, they only know how to send them your hard-earned money without even getting your initial investment back from them... How ridiculous!!!
2022-11-22 14:02
more than one year
So far I think fxview is a good broker! I have not had serious problems in trading. But here according to wikifx, fxview has two invasion regulations and has no office in it a SCAM??? I hope someone tells me the truth.
2022-11-18 10:08


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