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The WikiFX Score of this broker is reduced because of too many complaints!


Hong Kong|15-20 years|
Regulated in Hong Kong|Type AA License|MT4/5 full license|The server is only located in China.|High potential risk|


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MT4/5 Identification

MT4/5 Identification

Full License

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KAB-Demo MT4
Server Location China


+357 2481 5186
Office 203, Stavrakis Court, 13 Griva Digeni Avenue, 6030 Larnaca, Cyprus
The WikiFX Score of this broker is reduced because of too many complaints!


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+357 2481 5186

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Hong Kong

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Pyramid scheme complaint


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Pyramid scheme complaint

The website cannot be accessed, unable to log in and withdraw money

I can’t log in to the website, the salesman lost contact, and I can’t withdraw money

2023-08-14 19:38

Money is immediately divided into private accounts after being sent toKAB’s business account, dare you trade on it?

Shangshan Ruoshui: 1. There is no permission to carry out foreign exchange and spot business in China. KABalso has no qualifications and is illegally operating. 2. My funds were entered Shangrao Bank via he Epro payment, and re-entered into the Guangzhou Commodity Clearing Center. Then the money went to Shenzhen Kaikai Building Materials Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Shengmu Hengda Trading Co., Ltd.,.Immediately the companies transferred the money to the following persons’ accounts (see Annex 4) . He told me that my money was kept in the company account. 3 Shangrao Bank needs more than 24 hours to transfer funds, but my MT4 account received money in 20-30 minutes. Can anyone tell me where are funds from? ? ? 4, I lost 500,000 in 2 and a half months, which made me have no food to eat and no house to live. 5. KAB is just a name, and the company behind is is Shenzhen KAB, and Shenzhen KAB. They all have no qualification for forex and spot investment. 6. I was invited to the platform by the platform’s account manager, who exaggerate the proceeds and concealed the risks, with the purpose of possession. When you make a profit, they will say how many pips you would see. If you lose money, they would ask yo not to stop out. Eventually, I suffered a forced liquidation. 

2019-02-27 01:29

KAB scams

The salesman beguiled me into opening an account and depositing funds by the profitable screenshot, making me lose over a million

2021-02-09 19:02

Customers was incited to deposit, with their accounts being manipulated

In August, 2018, I was invited into a WeChat group without notification. The group was set up by an adviser Laozhen (alias), who says he would like to teach us to invest in stock by analyzing the market. As time went by, he started to show us his successful experience in helping others make profits in gold market. He also propagated the ideas of the stock market being unstable and profits was difficult to be gained in China with many brokers. In the group, many his fans thanked him for his profitable recommendations, with screenshots proving their words. Most of people were excited. The adviser encouraged us to transfer money in stock market into gold market, and told us that there were bank commissioners who can help us to open accounts and deposit. A supposed Manager Xu was introduced to me. He advised me to open an account on KAB STRATEGY. I hesitated, afraid of losing money, since I have known nothing about gold. As I refused to deposit in the KAB STRATEGY account, the manager often called me and urged me over WeChat. After knowing my concerns, he said he could help me to avoid all risks. Under his guidance, I lost 90,000 in less than a week. He totally gave me reverse order recommendations. When the nonfarm payrolls market was announced on 3, August, I had 4 short orders (the four short orders amounted to over 10,000 dollars, outweighing the capital). When it was 8:30 P.M., it showed that gold was promising. He said I should not close out because the promising trend would not last long. However, gold index kept soaring and I didn’t stop loss. Finally, I had to close out, with 50,000 dollars left. He advised me to buy 4 long orders, but gold declined again. I only have 800 left the next morning and quit.

2019-07-31 20:14

    KAB · Company Summary

    Registered Country/Region Hong Kong
    Regulation CGSE, CYSEC
    Minimum Deposit No minimum deposit requirement
    Maximum Leverage 1:500 for forex trading
    Minimum Spreads N/A
    Trading Platform MT4 Trading platform
    Products & Services Hong Kong/China stocks, China IPOs, Cyprus Stock Exchange stocks, swap futures, spot metals, spot FX, ECN FX, global futures, asset portfolio management
    Payment Methods Bank Transfer
    Customer Support Phone, Email, Online Chat

    General Information & Regulation

    KAB was established in 2002 and opened its first overseas financial institution in Kuwait in the same year to provide investment products and related services to clients in the Middle East, with a trading volume of up to US$2 billion per month in financial derivatives. Today, KAB International Holdings Ltd is an integrated multinational financial group with offices throughout Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Its subsidiary, KAB Bullion Limited, holds a Hong Kong Bullion Trading Class AA license (Reg. No. 009), and KAB Strategy Ltd, which contains a Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission STP License (Reg. No. 058/05).

    Market Instruments

    KAB offers investors a diversified range of investment products, including Hong Kong/China stocks, China IPOs, Cyprus Stock Exchange stocks, swap futures, spot metals, spot FX, ECN FX, global futures, asset portfolio management, etc.

    Account Types

    To meet different types of investors' investment needs and trading experience, KAB offers four types of accounts, namely Hong Kong/China equity accounts, portfolio management accounts, Sanjia Finance MT4 accounts, and ECN forex accounts. Minimum initial deposit also vary depending on account types, with the HK/China stocks account requires no minimum opening balance, while Portfolio Management Account has a minimum initial subscription HKD 1,000,000.


    KAB Leverage

    When it comes to trading leverage, KAB gives traders the flexibility to choose suitable leverage to their trading needs, starting from 1:20 and up to 1:500 for some Forex instruments and according to your residence, but generally KAB considered high leverage broker.Please keep in mind that leverage can magnify returns but also risks.

    Spreads & Commissions

    Spot FX spreads for major currency pairs such as EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, etc. are around 5 pips, spreads for LLG 50 cents, MLG contracts 50 cents, spreads for LLS are 2.6 cents, MLS 2.6 cents, net commissions for Spot FX US$40. Commissions charge for Hong Kong/China equities: Stamp duty of 0.1% of trade volume (round up the nearest US dollar), transaction levy of 0.0027% (round up the nearest US cent), a transaction fee of 0.005% (round up the nearest US cent), the central clearing charge of 0.002%, 0.01% of trade value (round up to the nearest US cent. 0.002% is charged by Hong Kong Clearing House with a minimum of HK$3.0). The net commission for swap futures is US$40 (open side only).

    Trading Platforms

    KAB offers traders a Hong Kong/China stock trading platform as well as the market-leading MT4 trading platform. The Hong Kong/China Securities Trading Platform allows users to access and manage their accounts and execute online trades securely and instantly on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange anytime, anywhere. MT4 is a cutting edge platform designed to provide all the necessary tools and resources to trade Forex, CFDs, and Futures online.

    Deposit & Withdrawal

    About depositing funds: Traders must deposit funds into a KAB Financial bank account. Prior to this, the funds need to be converted into the respective currency and will usually be received within 1 to 3 days. Both deposits and withdrawals take approximately 3 to 4 business days to process, depending on the settlement process and the speed of the user's local bank.

    Customer Support

    Clients with any inquiries or trading-related issues can get in touch with KAB through the following contact channels:

    Telephone: +357 2481 5186


    Or you can keep up with this broker on some social media platforms, such as Facebook, Youtube, and Linkedin.

    Pros & Cons

    Pros Cons
    CGSE & CYSEC-regulated High minimum deposit requirement for Portfolio Management Account
    No minimum deposit requirement High forex spreads
    MT4 trading platform Limited payment methods
    Diversified range of products & Services
    High leverage up to 1:500 for forex trading
    Multiple trading accounts to choose from

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does KAB have on offer ?

    KAB provides a series of products and services, including Hong Kong/China stocks, China IPOs, Cyprus Stock Exchange stocks, swap futures, spot metals, spot FX, ECN FX, global futures, asset portfolio management.

    Does KAB offer leverage ?

    KAB offers leverage up to 1:500.

    What trading platform does KAB provide ?

    KAB provides the industry leading MT4 trading platform.

    What types of trading accounts are available ?

    KAB provides a series of trading accounts, namely Hong Kong/China equity accounts, portfolio management accounts, Sanjia Finance MT4 accounts, and ECN forex accounts.


    CySEC Takes Action Against Ayers Alliance, BCS (Cyprus) for Non-Compliance

    NewsCySEC Takes Action Against Ayers Alliance, BCS (Cyprus) for Non-Compliance

    2022-04-20 11:51

    CySEC, the Cypriot financial market regulator, maintains its war on noncompliance, announcing enforcement action against two more regulated entities on Tuesday, Ayers Alliance Financial Group Limited and BrokerCreditService (Cyprus) Limited.

    2022-04-20 11:51
    CySEC Takes Action Against Ayers Alliance, BCS (Cyprus) for Non-Compliance

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    more than one year
    A bad one star review for KAB! ! This so-called financial company provides the MT4 platform and a number of financial instruments, and it packs a very trustworthy appearance, but in reality it just wants to scam you out of your money.
    2022-11-24 14:30
    more than one year
    Don’t even trade with this broker! At the very beginning of my forex trading journey, I used this platform seduced by its advertisement of tight spreads, high leverage, MT4 trading platform, but it turned out all this broker did was to defraud investors, extracted all available money from their pocket. I lost around $1,000 then, and had nowhere to turn to… I had nothing to say, just one word, don’t arbitrarily choose a platform and make a deposit.
    2022-11-21 14:14
    more than one year
    KAB boasts that they offers spread from 0.05 pips on..I saw their EUR/USD spread...however...was floating 2 high it was! the average spread is only 1.5 pips!
    2022-11-17 14:22
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