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GSI Markets

Marshall Islands|5-10 years|
Suspicious Regulatory License|White label MT4|Regional Brokers|High potential risk|


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MT4/5 Identification


White Label


United States



Influence index NO.1

Colombia 3.74
The WikiFX Score of this broker is reduced because of too many complaints!

MT4/5 Identification

MT4/5 Identification

White Label

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PlatinumWorld-Main MT4
Server Location United States




Influence index NO.1

Colombia 3.74

Surpassed 52.60% brokers

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+44 203 150 1767
Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands, MH 96960


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GSI Markets

Contact number


+44 203 150 1767


+55 213 50 01808


+56 229 381 559


+57 601 5141319

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Company Name

Media Force Limited

Company Abbreviation

GSI Markets

Platform registered country and region

Marshall Islands

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Pyramid scheme complaint

GSI Markets · Company Summary

GSI Markets Review Summary
Founded 2013
Registered Country/Region Marshall Islands
Regulation No Regulation
Market Instruments Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, Forex, and Commodities
Demo Account Available
Leverage Up to 1:100
Trading Platforms MetaTrader 4
Minimum Deposit $250
Margin Requirements Range from 0.20% to 5%
Trading Tools Indicators, Economic Calendar, Technical Signals, Calculators, and BTC Signals
Customer Support Tel: +(44) 203 150 1767, +(55) 213 50 01808, +(56) 229 381 559, +(57) 601 5141319, +(502) 237 84653, +(52) 558 421 0153, +(507) 833 7744
Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, and Telegram
Live Chat

What is GSI Markets?

GSI Markets is a Forex trading broker operated by Media Force Limited, founded in 2013 and registered in the Marshall Islands. It claims to specialize in online Forex trading, converting on a leading FX and CFD broker for clients in more than 120 countries worldwide. Providing services through MetaTrader 4, It offers a demo account. The maximum leverage available is 1:100, and the minimum deposit required is $250, with margin requirements ranging from 0.20% to 5%. Notably, GSI Markets operates without any regulations.

GSI Markets' homepage

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Diverse Market Instruments
  • No Regulation
  • Demo Account Availability
  • Exposure Labeled as Unable to Withdraw
  • Multiple Contact Channels


Diverse Market Instruments: GSI Markets offers a wide range of market instruments, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices, forex, and commodities, providing traders with various options for diversification.

Demo Account Availability: Traders can access a demo account, allowing them to practice trading strategies and familiarize themselves with the platform without risking real money.

Multiple Contact Channels: The broker provides multiple contact channels, including seven telephone numbers, email, and other social platforms, making it easier for traders to reach customer support when needed.


No Regulation: GSI Markets operates without any regulatory oversight, which is a huge red flag for the safety of funds and the reliability of the broker.

Exposure Labeled as Unable to Withdraw: There are five pieces of exposure labeled as unable to withdraw, which indicates a risk that traders face issues with withdrawing their funds.

Is GIS Markets Safe or Scam?

The most glaring red flag is the complete lack of regulation. This raises significant concerns about the safety of your funds, the fairness of their trading practices, and the potential for scams or manipulative activities.

No license

Furthermore, the existence of exposures labeled as “unable to withdraw” is incredibly alarming. This suggests that some users have encountered difficulties withdrawing their funds, raising the possibility of encountering similar issues yourself.

User Exposure on WikiFX

Market Instruments

GSI Markets offers a wide array of market instruments for traders to engage with, catering to the varying trading preferences and strategies of its clients.

Market Instruments

Stocks: You can access shares of publicly traded companies, enabling them to invest in the performance of individual companies.

Cryptocurrencies: The platform offers trading in digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others, allowing traders to participate in the dynamic and evolving cryptocurrency market.

Indices: GSI Markets provides access to major stock market indices, offering exposure to broader market performance.

Forex: The broker facilitates trading in the foreign exchange market, allowing traders to trade currency pairs and take advantage of fluctuations in exchange rates.

Commodities: You can also trade in commodities such as precious metals, energy, and agricultural products, providing diversification opportunities beyond traditional asset classes.

Account Types

GSI Markets offers traders three different live account types: Silver ECN, Gold ECN, and Platinum ECN accounts.

Account Type Silver ECN Account Gold ECN Account Platinum ECN Account
Minimum Deposit $250 - -
First Deposit Bonus No 10% up to 1,000 USD 15% up to 2,000 USD
Withdrawal Time 7 days 3 days 3 days
Requirements to Acquire Trade 300 aggregated lots or reach total deposits of $1,000 to $10,000 Trade 2,000 aggregated lots or reach total account equity of $10,000 to $75,000 Trade 10,000 aggregated lots or reach total deposits of $75,000 and above
Requirements to Maintain Trade 150 lots quarterly Trade 600 lots quarterly -

The Silver ECN account requires a minimum deposit of 250 USD and has a withdrawal time of 7 days. To acquire a Silver Account, traders must either trade 300 aggregated lots or reach total deposits of $1,000 to $10,000. To maintain the Silver Account, traders must continue to trade 150 lots quarterly.

The Gold ECN account offers a first deposit bonus of 10% up to 1,000 USD and has a withdrawal time of 3 days. To acquire a Gold Account, traders must either trade 2,000 aggregated lots or reach total account equity of $10,000 to $75,000. Gold account holders must trade a minimum of 600 lots quarterly to keep the account in good standing.

The Platinum ECN account provides a first deposit bonus of 15% up to 2,000 USD and has a withdrawal time of 3 days. To acquire a Platinum Account, traders must either trade 10,000 aggregated lots or reach total deposits of $75,000 and above. The Platinum Account is targeted at traders with higher trading volumes and account sizes.

Account Types

How to Open a GSI Markets Account?

Step 1: Open an account by going to the broker's website:

visit the broker's website

Step 2: All you have to do is fill in the information in the box that says QUICK START. Once this is done, click on OPEN A REAL ACCOUNT which will take you to a page that says REGISTER ACCOUNT.

fill in required info

Step 3: Fill in your details, create a password, check the terms and conditions box and all other related boxes then click on CREATE MY ACCOUNT.

Step 4: You are now on your home page and can make a deposit online using your credit card. All you need to do is complete the DEPOSIT INFORMATION and click on the DEPOSIT NOW button.


GSI Markets offers leverage of up to 1:100 for you. Leverage allows you to control a larger position size with a relatively small amount of capital. For example, with a 1:100 leverage, you can control a position of $10,000 with a deposit of only $100. While leverage can amplify profits, it also increases the risk of losses, as losses are also magnified in proportion to the leverage used.

Spreads & Commissions

GSI Markets distinguishes itself by offering trading with zero commissions. This means that you will not incur additional charges for each trade placed through the platform. However, while there are no commissions, you should consider the impact of spreads on the trading costs, which is not present on the official website.


Trading Platforms

GSI Markets offers the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform, which is widely regarded as one of the best in the industry. MT4 is known for its user-friendly interface, advanced charting tools, and customizable features. It also offers automated trading capabilities through Expert Advisors (EAs) and a wide range of technical indicators.

Additionally, the GSI Markets mobile app provides traders with access to the mobile version of MT4. While the mobile version may lack some of the features found in the desktop version, it offers several benefits, including increased flexibility and the ability to trade on the go. The mobile app is available for both Android and iOS systems, allowing traders to access their accounts and trade from their smartphones or tablets.

Trading Tools

GSI Markets provides traders with a comprehensive set of trading signals and tools designed to enhance their trading experience and improve decision-making.

  • Indicators

Impulse MACD: This indicator combines three moving averages to visually represent market momentum on a chart. It helps traders identify potential buy or sell signals based on the convergence or divergence of these moving averages.

SHI Channel True: This indicator displays dynamic moving channels on a chart. It identifies fractal points in price history, connects them with lines, and draws parallel lines to create channels. You can use these channels to identify potential support and resistance levels.

Stretch Breakout Channel: This indicator helps you identify breakout opportunities by plotting channels based on recent price action. Breakouts above or below these channels may signal potential trading opportunities.

Variation Index: This indicator measures the variation in price movements over a specified period. It helps you gauge the volatility of an asset and can be used to identify potential trend changes.

ZeroLag MACD: This indicator is a modified version of the MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) indicator that aims to reduce lag and provide more timely signals. It can help you identify trend reversals and momentum shifts.


  • Economic Calendar

This tool provides you with a schedule of important economic events and announcements that may impact financial markets. It includes key indicators such as GDP releases, interest rate decisions, and employment reports, helping you make informed trading decisions based on fundamental analysis.

Economic Calendar
  • Technical Signals

These signals are generated by technical analysis tools and indicators, such as those mentioned above. They provide insights into potential buy or sell opportunities based on price movements, trends, and other technical factors.

Technical Signals

  • Calculators

Profit Calculator: This tool helps you calculate potential profits or losses based on their trading position size, entry price, and exit price.

Margin and Pip Calculator: These calculators help you determine the margin required for a trade and calculate the value of a pip, which is the smallest price movement in a currency pair.

  • BTC Signals

These signals are specific to Bitcoin (BTC) trading and provide insights into potential buy or sell opportunities in the Bitcoin market. You can use these signals to make informed decisions when trading Bitcoin.

BTC Signals

Deposits & Withdrawals

To deposit money into your GSI Markets trading account, you can log in to your account using the email and password you provided during registration. Once logged in, navigate to the Members Area and click on the “Deposit” tab. From the dropdown menu, select your preferred deposit method, which can include Credit Cards, e-Wallets, or Wire Transfers. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the deposit process.

Withdrawing money from your GSI Markets account is also straightforward. Log in to your account and navigate to the Members Area. Click on the “Withdraw” tab to access the withdrawal section. Fill out the withdrawal form with the required information, ensuring that all your verification documentation is in order. Withdrawals will be returned to the credit cards from which the charge was made, and profits above the invested amount will be transferred to your personal bank account. Wire transfers will take up to 7 business days due to intermediary financial processors.

Customer Service

The broker provides multiple contact options, including telephone support with dedicated numbers for various regions.

  • +(44) 203 150 1767 (United Kingdom)

  • +(55) 213 50 01808 (Brazil)

  • +(56) 229 381 559 (Chile)

  • +(57) 601 5141319 (Colombia)

  • +(502) 237 84653 (Guatemala)

  • +(52) 558 421 0153 (Mexico)

  • +(507) 833 7744 (Panama)

In addition to telephone support, traders can also contact the customer support team via email at

For traders who prefer real-time assistance, GSI Markets offers a live chat feature on their website.

GSI Markets also maintains an active presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and Telegram. These platforms serve as additional channels for traders to interact with the customer support team, stay updated on news and announcements from the broker, and engage with other traders in the community.


GSI Markets provides a range of trading instruments and account options, but there are significant issues that impact your trading experience. The lack of regulatory oversight and reports of exposure labeled as “unable to withdraw” are both red flags that jeopardize your financial security. We advise against using GSI Markets and it is better to choose a broker with a clear track record and regulation from a reputable financial authority.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is GSI Markets regulated?

A: No.

Q: What trading platforms does GSI Markets offer?

A: GSI Markets offers MetaTrader 4, including a desktop version, a web-based version, and a mobile trading app.

Q: What is the minimum deposit required to open an account with GSI Markets?

A: $250.

Q: Does GSI Markets offer a demo account?

A: Yes.

Q: What is the maximum leverage offered by GSI Markets?

A: 1:100.

Q: What are the available methods for deposit and withdrawal?

A: GSI Markets offers various methods for deposit and withdrawal, including Credit Cards, e-Wallets, and Wire Transfers.

Risk Warning

Online trading involves significant risk, and you may lose all of your invested capital. It is not suitable for all traders or investors. Please ensure that you understand the risks involved and note that the information provided in this review may be subject to change due to the constant updating of the company's services and policies.

In addition, the date on which this review was generated may also be an important factor to consider, as information may have changed since then. Therefore, readers are advised to always verify updated information directly with the company before making any decision or taking any action. Responsibility for the use of the information provided in this review rests solely with the reader.

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more than one year
Customer Service don't answer or they answer they cant Help. General Terms and conditions are terrible for customers.
2024-03-29 16:47
Mim Prachumphan
more than one year
To be honest, when I choose a forex broker, I will choose those who provide MT4, but this does not mean that this is my only criterion. On the contrary, I have many factors to consider, the most important of which is safety. And GSI doesn't seem to meet my requirement.
2023-02-22 11:39
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