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Hyper Seed Execution · Company Summary

Aspect Information
Company Name Hyper Seed Execution (HSE)
Registered Country/Area United States
Founded Year 2012
Regulation Not regulated
Market Instruments Crypto Mining, Crypto Trading, Forex & Stock Trading, NFT Trading, Real Estate Investment, Metaverse Investments, Gold Trading, Oil & Gas, Agriculture
Account Types Rookie, Standard, Advance, Pool
Minimum Deposit $100
Maximum Leverage Not Offered (Fixed Return Model)
Demo Account N/A
Deposit & Withdrawal Hyper Seed Card
Educational Resources Video Reviews, Investor Reviews, Market Charts

Overview of Hyper Seed Execution

Hyper Seed Execution (HSE), founded in 2012, offers a variety of investment opportunities across crypto mining, trading (including forex and stocks), NFTs, real estate, and even commodities like oil. While they advertise high fixed returns and a user-friendly crypto card, a major red flag is the lack of transparency regarding regulation.

HSE offers tiered investment accounts with varying minimum deposits but doesn't use leverage. Customer support includes FAQs, email, and live chat. While they provide some educational resources like video reviews and market charts, it's crucial to do your own research before investing due to the lack of regulation and potential risks.

Overview of Hyper Seed Execution

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Wide Range of Investment Options Lack of Regulation
User-Friendly Crypto Card High Promised Returns
Tiered Investment Accounts No Leverage or Demo Account
Multiple Customer Support Channels
Some Educational Resources


  • Wide Range of Investment Options: HSE offers a variety of investment opportunities across crypto mining, trading (including forex and stocks), NFTs, real estate, and even commodities like oil.

  • User-Friendly Crypto Card: Their HSE Card allows users to spend cryptocurrency like cash at millions of merchants worldwide.

  • Tiered Investment Accounts: HSE provides options for different investment amounts with varying minimum deposits.

  • Multiple Customer Support Channels: They offer an FAQ section, email support, and 24/7 live chat for customer assistance.

  • Some Educational Resources: HSE provides educational resources like video reviews, investor testimonials, and market charts.


  • Lack of Regulation: The biggest red flag is the absence of any information regarding regulation. Legitimate financial institutions are typically transparent about regulatory oversight. This lack of oversight increases the risk of investing with HSE, as there's no guarantee of the security of your funds or the legitimacy of their investment products.

  • High Promised Returns: The advertised fixed return percentages (2%-25%) are very high and could be a sign of a risky investment. It's uncommon for regulated institutions to guarantee specific returns.

  • No Leverage or Demo Account: HSE doesn't offer leverage or a demo account, which might be limiting for experienced investors.

Regulatory Status

Legitimate financial institutions typically display information about relevant regulatory bodies that oversee their activities. The lack of such a disclaimer on HSE's materials suggests they are not regulated.

The absence of regulatory oversight increases the risk of investing with HSE. There's no guarantee of the security of your funds or the legitimacy of their investment products.

Market Instruments

Hyper Seed Execution by Phoenix Options encompasses a diverse array of products and services across several industries:

Crypto Mining:

Phoenix Options operates a 2,000-square-foot warehouse in Singapore and an additional facility in Hong Kong, enabling large-scale crypto mining operations.

Crypto Trading:

Leveraging a network of exchanges, primarily Coinbase, Phoenix Options offers trading in cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin, through advanced trading platforms.

Forex & Stock Trading:

Phoenix Options engages in the highly liquid Forex market, trading over £5 trillion daily in a decentralized, over-the-counter (OTC) system.

NFT Trading:

The company operates digital platforms for buying, selling, and minting NFTs, facilitating secure storage, display, and transactions in cryptocurrency or money.

Real Estate:

Phoenix Options aims to make real estate investment accessible, cost-effective, and straightforward through its innovative investment marketplace.

Metaverse Investments:

With an expert research team, Phoenix Options navigates the complexities of investing in metaverse cryptocurrencies, identifying promising platforms for investment.

Gold Trading:

Offering a balance between low risk and high returns, Phoenix Options engages in gold trading as a stable investment option, especially during economic turbulence.

Oil & Gas:

The companys subsidiaries are involved in various activities within the energy sector, including trading, exploration, extraction, refining, transportation, and marketing of oil and gas products.


Phoenix Options bridges the gap between investors and agriculture, focusing on the growing demand for food and the decreasing availability of farmland, promoting investment in agricultural land as a strategic move.

Market Instruments

Account Types

Hyper Seed Execution (HSE) offers four main investment account types:

  • Rookie: This is the entry-level account with a 2% return after just 1 day. It has a minimum investment of $100 and a maximum of $4,500. Withdrawals are instant, and you get access to an HSE Card (details not provided).

  • Standard: This account offers a 5% return after 2 days. The minimum investment jumps to $5,000 with a maximum of $9,500. Similar to Rookie, it boasts instant withdrawals and HSE Card access.

  • Advance: For those with a higher investment appetite, the Advance account promises a 10% return after 3 days. The minimum investment is $10,000 and the maximum is $45,000. You still get the benefits of instant withdrawals and HSE Card access.

  • Pool: This is the highest tier account with the most lucrative return of 25% after 7 days. It requires a significant minimum investment of $50,000 with a maximum of $95,000. Like the others, it offers instant withdrawals and HSE Card access.

Account Types

How to Open an Account?

Here's how to open an account with Hyper Seed Execution (HSE):

  1. Access the Registration Page: Look for a link labeled “Registration” on the HSE website.

  2. Fill Out the Registration Form: Once you access the registration page, you'll find a form with fields to enter your details.

  3. Submit the Form: Once you've filled out all the necessary information, click the button labeled “SIGN UP” to submit your registration request.

How to Open an Account?


Hyper Seed Execution (HSE) focuses on offering fixed return percentages (2%-25%) for specific short-term investment periods ranging from 1 to 7 days, suggesting that they do not use leverage.

This approach contrasts with traditional investment strategies where leverage is employed to magnify potential gains (or losses) over longer periods, allowing time for market fluctuations to potentially offset losses. HSE's model prioritizes stable, predictable returns over the variable outcomes typically associated with leveraged investments.

Hyper Seed Card

Hyper Seed Execution offers a prepaid crypto card that allows you to spend your cryptocurrency like cash. You can load the card with various popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. The card is accepted by over 54 million Mastercard merchants worldwide for online shopping, in-store purchases, and ATM withdrawals. You can also transfer funds between cards and top up your balance with vouchers.

Security features include real-time transaction notifications, the ability to lock or unlock your card, 2-factor authentication, and in-app security controls. You can also track your spending and download transaction history.

Hyper Seed Card

Customer Support

Hyper Seed Execution offers comprehensive customer support through multiple channels. Customers are encouraged to first consult the FAQ section for quick answers.

For direct assistance, they can email Additionally, for immediate responses, HSE provides a 24/7 live chat service with over 200 agents available to handle inquiries swiftly via the “Green livechat Button” on their website.

Customer Support

Educational Resources

Hyper Seed Execution provides educational resources to assist investors in making informed decisions. Their offerings include video reviews that cover investment strategies and market insights, providing visual and auditory learning opportunities. Investors can also access reviews from other investors, sharing personal experiences and tips, fostering a community of knowledge sharing.

Additionally, detailed market charts are available, offering up-to-date data and trends analysis, helping investors to stay informed about market movements and make data-driven decisions.

Educational Resources


Hyper Seed Execution (HSE) offers a wide range of investment options and a convenient crypto card. The biggest red flag is the complete lack of transparency regarding regulation, raising serious security concerns. The high promised returns also suggest potential risks. While they provide some educational resources and customer support, crucial details are missing. Do thorough research and consider the significant disadvantages before investing with HSE.


Question: What investment opportunities does HSE offer?

Answer: HSE boasts a diverse portfolio encompassing crypto mining, trading (crypto, forex, stocks), NFTs, real estate, metaverse assets, commodities (gold, oil & gas), and even agriculture.

Question: Does HSE have a user-friendly way to spend my crypto?

Answer: Yes, they offer the HSE Card, a prepaid crypto card allowing you to spend your crypto holdings like cash at millions of Mastercard merchants worldwide.

Question: Are there different account options available?

Answer: Yes, HSE provides tiered investment accounts (Rookie, Standard, Advance, Pool) with varying minimum deposits satisfying different investment levels.

Question: How can I get help with my HSE account?

Answer: HSE offers multiple customer support channels, including a comprehensive FAQ section, email support (, and a 24/7 live chat for immediate assistance.

Question: Does HSE provide educational resources for investors?

Answer: Partially. They offer video reviews on investment strategies, investor testimonials, and market charts to aid investors in making informed decisions.

Broker Information

Company Name

Hyper Seed Execution


Hyper Seed Execution

Regulatory Status

No Regulation

Platform registered country and region

United States

Phone of the company










Company address










Customer Service Email Address


Company Summary


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