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34 Shortens Country Estate Lee Barns Boulevard Ballito, 4301, South Africa.


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Warning: Low score, please stay away! 3
Previous Detection : 2024-04-25
  • It has been verified that this broker currently has no valid regulation. Please be aware of the risk!
  • The South AfricaFSCA regulation (license number: 52500) claimed by this broker is suspected to be clone. Please be aware of the risk!

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STONE WALL CAPITAL · Company Summary

Aspect Information
Registered Country/Area South Africa
Founded Year Not provided
Company Name Stonewall Capital
Regulation Uncertain, questionable FSCA license
Minimum Deposit $250
Maximum Leverage Up to 1:400
Spreads Vary based on account type (2.7 pips and lower)
Trading Platforms Web-based platform (specific name not provided)
Tradable Assets Forex, stocks, indices, commodities
Account Types Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum
Demo Account Not mentioned
Islamic Account Not mentioned
Customer Support Phone numbers provided
Payment Methods Credit card, FasaPay, PerfectMoney
Educational Tools Videos, books, news articles


Stonewall Capital raises several concerns and is not recommended for trading. Firstly, its regulation is questionable, as the South African FSCA license cannot provide significant client protections. The trading platform offered by Stonewall Capital is lackluster, lacking advanced tools, custom indicators, and mobile versions that are commonly available with reputable brokers. The minimum deposit requirement is unreasonably high at $250, compared to licensed firms offering micro accounts for as low as $10. While the company accepts credit cards and e-wallets for deposits, the limited payment options are not as convenient as those offered by many licensed brokers. Additionally, the company's bonus policy and withdrawal requirements are shady, potentially discouraging clients from cashing out their funds. Overall, due to its unlicensed status, high entry cost, lackluster platform, and questionable policies, Stonewall Capital receives a low rating and should be approached with caution.



Suspicious Clone. Stonewall Capital operates without any valid regulation, which raises significant concerns regarding the safety and security of clients' funds. Although the broker claims to be licensed by the South African FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority), the review reveals that this regulatory body does not impose strict regulations, leaving clients without crucial protections typically offered by more thorough jurisdictions. The absence of guaranteed funds, segregated accounts, and negative balance protection increases the risk associated with trading through Stonewall Capital. Moreover, the review notes that the broker's registration information could not be verified in the FSCA's register due to technical issues, further raising doubts about its regulatory status. In the absence of a reliable regulatory authority overseeing its operations, traders are exposed to higher risks, emphasizing the importance of choosing brokers regulated by reputable authorities to ensure the security of their investments.


Market Instruments:

Stonewall Capital offers a variety of trading instruments, providing clients with options to diversify their portfolios. The available market instruments include Forex currency pairs, stocks, indices, and commodities. Traders can engage in Forex trading, taking advantage of the fluctuations in currency exchange rates. Additionally, Stonewall Capital allows clients to trade stocks, enabling them to invest in individual companies and potentially benefit from their performance in the stock market. The broker also offers trading opportunities in indices, which represent the performance of a group of stocks from a particular market or sector. Lastly, clients can trade commodities such as gold, silver, oil, and agricultural products, taking advantage of price movements in these physical assets.

To summarize the trading instruments offered by Stonewall Capital:

  1. Forex: A wide range of currency pairs, allowing traders to speculate on the exchange rate movements of major and minor currencies.

  1. Stocks: Access to various individual stocks, enabling traders to invest in specific companies and potentially profit from their performance in the stock market.

  1. Indices: Trading opportunities on popular market indices, representing the performance of a group of stocks from specific markets or sectors.

  1. Commodities: Trading in physical assets like gold, silver, oil, and agricultural products, allowing traders to benefit from price fluctuations in these markets.


Account Types:

Stonewall Capital offers three tiered trading account types, catering to clients with varying levels of trading experience. The account types available are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each account type has its own features, benefits, and minimum deposit requirements.

The Bronze account is the entry-level option, requiring a minimum deposit of $10,000. It is designed for retail traders and offers a spread starting from 2.7 pips. The leverage/margin requirement for the Bronze account is set at 1:200.

The Silver account, targeting both retail and professional traders, has a higher minimum deposit requirement of $50,000. It offers a tighter spread starting from 1.1 pips and maintains the same leverage/margin requirement of 1:200.

The Gold account, suitable for retail and professional traders, requires a minimum deposit of $100,000. It offers a more competitive spread starting from 0.3 pips. The leverage/margin requirement remains at 1:200.

For high-net-worth individuals or institutional traders, the Platinum account is available with a minimum deposit requirement of $250,000. It offers the tightest spread starting from 0.3 pips. The leverage/margin requirement for the Platinum account is higher at 1:400.



Stonewall Capital offers a maximum trading leverage of up to 1:400. This means that clients can trade with a leverage ratio of up to 400 times their invested capital. Higher leverage allows traders to control larger positions in the market with a relatively smaller amount of capital. However, it is important to note that trading with high leverage also carries higher risks as it amplifies both potential profits and losses. Traders should exercise caution and carefully manage their risk exposure when utilizing leverage to ensure the safety of their investments.

Spreads & Commissions:

Stonewall Capital offers a range of spreads and commissions that vary depending on the chosen trading account. The available account types include Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, catering to both retail and professional traders.

For the Bronze account, the spread starts from 2.7 pips, indicating the difference between the bid and ask price. It offers no commission on currency trading and a stop-out level of 50%. This account is suitable for retail traders with a minimum deposit requirement of $10,000.

The Silver account features a tighter spread starting from 1.1 pips. It caters to both retail and professional traders, requiring a minimum deposit of $50,000. No commission is charged for currency trading, and the stop-out level is set at 50%.

The Gold account provides an even tighter spread starting from 0.3 pips, appealing to retail and professional traders alike. It requires a minimum deposit of $100,000 and offers no commission on currency trading. The stop-out level for this account is 50%.

For high-net-worth individuals or professional traders, the Platinum account is available. It offers the tightest spread starting from 0.3 pips, along with a higher leverage option of up to 1:400. The minimum deposit requirement for the Platinum account is $250,000. It charges no commission on currency trading and has a lower stop-out level of 25%.


Deposit & Withdrawal

Based on the information provided, Stonewall Capital offers several deposit and withdrawal options to facilitate transactions for their clients. The specific details regarding deposit and withdrawal methods, processing times, fees, and minimum withdrawal amounts are not provided in the given information. It is advisable to refer to Stonewall Capital's official sources or contact their customer support to obtain accurate and up-to-date information regarding the deposit and withdrawal procedures.

For depositing funds, Stonewall Capital accepts credit card payments, as well as two e-wallet options: FasaPay and PerfectMoney. While the information does not mention other payment methods such as wire transfers or cryptocurrencies, these three options offer a reasonable variety. The deposit processing times are not specified, but credit card deposits are usually processed instantly or within a few hours.

Regarding withdrawals, the specific details such as withdrawal processing times and associated fees are not provided. It is mentioned that there are no fees charged for withdrawals, which is a positive aspect. However, it is crucial to note that certain restrictions and requirements, such as trading volume requirements or minimum withdrawal amounts, may be present. The information also highlights a potential concern regarding a bonus clause, which may impact the withdrawal process. Traders are advised to review the terms and conditions of Stonewall Capital carefully to fully understand any limitations or requirements related to withdrawals.

In summary, Stonewall Capital provides various deposit options, including credit cards and e-wallets, for convenient fund transfers. However, detailed information regarding processing times, fees, and specific withdrawal methods is not provided. It is recommended to consult Stonewall Capital's official documentation or contact their customer support to obtain accurate and up-to-date information regarding the deposit and withdrawal procedures to ensure a clear understanding of the process.

Trading Platforms:

Stonewall Capital offers its clients a web-based trading platform for accessing the financial markets. The specific name of the platform is not mentioned in the provided information. However, it is described as a “simplistic platform” that may lack advanced tools, automated trading capabilities, and custom indicators when compared to leading trading software such as MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5), and cTrader. While the platform does feature a sentiment indicator, the absence of technical analysis features may limit its appeal to traders seeking more comprehensive trading tools.

Despite the potential limitations of the platform, Stonewall Capital's web-based solution allows clients to trade various financial instruments, including forex, indices, stocks, and commodities. The platform's user interface and functionality are not further detailed in the available information. It is important for traders to evaluate the platform's usability, performance, and features based on their individual trading preferences and requirements.

In summary, Stonewall Capital provides a web-based trading platform that offers access to multiple financial markets. However, the platform's lack of advanced tools and technical analysis features may be a disadvantage for traders who require more robust trading software. Traders are encouraged to explore the platform's capabilities, user interface, and suitability for their trading strategies before making a decision.


Customer Support:

Stonewall Capital provides customer support services through their phone numbers: +27105003625 and +27105001997. However, based on the information available, it is difficult to assess the quality and reliability of their customer support. The provided information lacks details regarding the availability, operating hours, and responsiveness of their support team. This lack of transparency raises concerns about the level of assistance and promptness clients can expect when reaching out to Stonewall Capital's customer support.

Additionally, it is important to note that the negative rating of Stonewall Capital raises doubts about their overall commitment to customer satisfaction. Traders should approach their customer support with caution, as the lack of information and transparency regarding their services may indicate a disregard for addressing client concerns and inquiries effectively.

In summary, while Stonewall Capital does provide contact information for customer support, the absence of comprehensive details and the negative rating associated with the broker raises concerns about the reliability and quality of their customer support services. Traders should proceed with caution and consider the limitations and potential risks associated with seeking assistance from Stonewall Capital's customer support team.


Educational Resources:

Stonewall Capital offers various educational resources to support traders in their financial education and market analysis. They provide a range of resources, including videos, books, and news articles, which can be accessed through their website.

The educational video section, available at, provides traders with informative videos covering a variety of topics related to trading, investing, and market analysis. These videos aim to enhance traders' knowledge and understanding of different aspects of the financial markets, trading strategies, and risk management.


For traders looking for in-depth learning materials, Stonewall Capital offers a selection of books, accessible at These books cover a wide range of topics, including technical analysis, fundamental analysis, trading psychology, and more. Traders can delve into these resources to gain valuable insights and expand their expertise in the field of trading.


To stay updated with the latest market trends, news, and analysis, traders can visit the news section on the Stonewall Capital website at This section provides traders with access to relevant news articles and market insights, helping them make informed trading decisions based on current market developments.


By providing these educational resources, Stonewall Capital aims to empower traders with valuable knowledge and information to support their trading journey. Traders can leverage these resources to enhance their trading skills, deepen their understanding of the markets, and make more informed investment decisions.

In summary, Stonewall Capital offers a range of educational resources, including videos, books, and news articles, to assist traders in their financial education and market analysis. These resources can be accessed through their website, allowing traders to expand their knowledge, develop trading strategies, and stay updated with the latest market trends and insights.


Stonewall Capital, an offshore Forex broker, has numerous concerning aspects that make it an unappealing choice for traders. Firstly, its regulation status is questionable and lacks transparency, leaving clients vulnerable and their funds at risk. The lackluster trading conditions and underwhelming web-based platform provided by Stonewall Capital indicate a lack of commitment to delivering a robust and competitive trading experience. Additionally, the excessively high minimum deposit requirement of $250 is unjustifiable, making it an exclusive and inaccessible option for many potential traders.

Moreover, the limited range of deposit methods accepted by Stonewall Capital, excluding popular options like wire transfers and cryptocurrencies, further restricts convenience for traders. While the broker offers a decent variety of trading instruments such as Forex, indices, stocks, and commodities, it disappointingly fails to include sought-after cryptocurrencies. This omission significantly limits the opportunities for traders to participate in one of the most exciting and dynamic markets.

Although the spreads offered by Stonewall Capital may seem competitive, it falls short when compared to other regulated brokers that provide even lower spreads with the added benefit of tighter regulation. Furthermore, the excessively high leverage offered by Stonewall Capital poses significant risks, particularly for inexperienced traders who may unknowingly overleverage their positions and face substantial losses.

One of the most alarming aspects of Stonewall Capital is the lack of clarity regarding withdrawal requirements and the presence of a potentially restrictive bonus policy. These factors raise serious concerns about clients' ability to access and withdraw their funds. The presence of minimum withdrawal requirements, which can be higher than the total deposits, further adds to the questionable practices employed by this broker.

In conclusion, Stonewall Capital fails to instill confidence and trust in potential traders. Its dubious regulation status, lackluster trading conditions, and excessively high minimum deposit requirement make it an unattractive choice. With limited deposit methods, the absence of popular cryptocurrencies, and the potential for restrictive withdrawal practices, it is clear that Stonewall Capital does not prioritize the best interests of its clients. Traders are strongly advised to seek out alternative brokers with stronger regulations and more favorable trading conditions to ensure a secure and rewarding trading experience.


Q: Is Stonewall Capital a regulated broker?

A: Stonewall Capital's regulation status is uncertain.

Q: What is the minimum deposit required?

A: The minimum deposit with Stonewall Capital is $250.

Q: What trading instruments are available?

A: Stonewall Capital offers Forex, indices, stocks, and commodities but does not support cryptocurrency trading.

Q: What is the maximum leverage offered?

A: The maximum leverage with Stonewall Capital is 1:200.

Q: Are there any withdrawal restrictions or fees?

A: Stonewall Capital's withdrawal requirements and fees are unclear.

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The person in charge is pretending to be kind, but they are actually a fraudulent group. Money once sent cannot be refunded. Never entrust your money to them.They also rewrite the charts.Automatic trading allows you to lose.and eliminate funds.Even if you instruct us to stop automatic trading, They say "Stone Wall Capital" won't stop them. They say that everything is done by FSCA.I can't get through even if I call the phone number on the homepage. They won't even give me their phone number.
2023-12-20 08:58
Sam Gordon
more than one year
Stonewall Capital seemed promising initially, with a well-organized trading structure and an extensive spectrum of trading options. But the actual trading experience began outshining its positive sheen when I was repeatedly hit with high slippage. Trades began to execute at undesirable rates, causing me significant trading anxiety. As an experienced trader, I can manage minor slippages - but the frequency and level of slippage here started to question my sanity and trading acumen.
2023-10-13 10:40
more than one year
When trying to open an account with Stonewall Capital, I was faced with a process that was extremely slow and complicated. It was like trying to solve a difficult puzzle without any clear instructions, leaving me feeling lost and overwhelmed. Further exacerbating the situation was the poor response from their customer support. Their slow response times made me feel like I was shouting for help into an empty room with no echo. The lack of prompt and adequate assistance often left me feeling frustrated and unsupported in navigating various issues.
2023-10-12 09:44
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