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Swissquote Ltd

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United Kingdom

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Pyramid scheme complaint


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Previous Detection : 2023-02-03
  • The number of the complaints received by WikiFX have reached 35 for this broker in the past 3 months. Please be aware of the risk and the potential scam!
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Pyramid scheme complaint

Everyone, don’t trade at Swissquote Bank, it’s all shills, account opening is used as a cage, group shills, fraud, masters bring orders, shills pretend to be fans with orders to deceive customers

A bank as big as Swissquote Bank still uses this kind of indiscriminate method to open an account, and then uses handling fees and increased spreads to defraud the hard-earned money of ordinary people. It only needs 250 US dollars in one hand, and it will charge 50 US dollars in handling fees and then at least The difference is about 65 points, the two add up, the cost is more than half, even if you earn half, you still lose money, and the gods can’t make money, and the teacher will make you lose 580,000 or even 1 million for 10 days.

2023-01-10 19:29

Induce to trade a reverse order, resulting in liquidation

I joined a QQ group for stock trading in April. At first, the teacher explained the knowledge of stocks, and the class started on time every night. At that time, the A-share market fell to more than 2,000 points. They took advantage of the current situation and began to tempt us to do foreign exchange and A50 index. It is followed by opening an account, posting profits, and complimenting the teacher. More and more friends are unable to resist the temptation, and I am among them. Opened an account and made a deposit, with a total of 167,000 RMB. At the beginning of the operation, there is a so-called teacher's guidance. I made a reverse order at the beginning, and it took a month to solve it. I didn't notice it at the time. Later, I solved it and made some orders, all of which were dozens of profits, and I found that there was a little bit of profit. Profit, the teacher will prompt out. Once it comes out, the profit goes up. Within two days, it was said that there was a wave of interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve, which made me do more than 8 hands, during which I lost thousands of hours. Then it said that the wrong market situation was judged, resulting in a liquidation. These routines are obvious fraud routines! The Q group is gone, it is said to be blocked.

2022-07-07 18:46

Maliciously tampering with the closing price

I closed the order manually on December 5th. At that time, my net worth was still more than 8,000 US dollars. At this time, the lowest point was at 1.06. However, after I closed dozens of orders, it was all displayed at 1.05377. This point does not exist at all. There are still more than 8,000 net worth of liquidation money. After the liquidation, the balance actually shows more than -2,600. The Swiss trading office has a tough attitude and cannot explain why all the orders are closed at the point of 1.05377. At that time, they took a fancy to the security of the platform. , did not expect to be able to maliciously modify the closing position just like the black platform

2022-12-07 03:40
Severe Slippage

The trader deliberately opened a position with a large lot, and the position was liquidated overnight.

Why was pound not liquidated at a high price, but was liquidated when the price was more favorable? This is because the spread is widened. When locking a position, you must consider the possibility of the spread expanding. Depending on whether it is late or just opened. When the liquidity is different, the spread is also different. According to the screenshot, the spread at that time was 1.75584-1.75511 = 73 points and when your account was liquidated, the spread widened to 187 points due to lack of liquidity due to the close of the market. At that time, your lock-up lot was 20 lots, so it was 20*(187-73) points and then converted into Canadian dollars and divided by 1.26 = 20*(187-73)/1.26 = USD 1809 . ** Subtract 73 points, yes Because at that time when the pound plus point difference is 73 points, your net worth is USD 1803, and the advance payment is USD 687.55 as the basis**. If the liquidation rate is 30%, 687.55*30% = USD 207, you must have USD 207 to maintain your position. However, due to the widening of the spread, your floating loss reached USD 1809 at that time, and the net value of USD 1803 – USD 1809 < USD 207 was no longer enough to maintain the position, which eventually triggered a liquidation order. We are also very sorry for this result. If you have any other questions about this result, please contact us.

2022-05-01 20:38

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    more than one year
    Do not use this platform. Because I liked its safety and the possibility of wire transfer, and because the order has floating losses, I wanted to close the position. As a result, the order was closed at a non-existent point, resulting in a huge loss. I contacted Hong Kong. The account manager and the manager said that they had never encountered such a situation. They responded to the Swiss trading room, but they kept silent about the closing point and had a tough attitude. How is this different from a black platform? Everyone, don't be blinded by the so-called safety. Once you encounter a problem, Switzerland will not deal with it for you at all.
    2022-12-06 22:17
    RIth Raksmey
    RIth Raksmey
    2022-11-23 07:20


    NewsSwissquote Expands Nationally and Internationally

    Swissquote is methodically and effectively following its national and international growth plan, with the launch of a new site in Europe, direct access to the Dubai Financial Market, and new premises in Zurich.

    2022-12-09 14:17
    Swissquote Expands Nationally and Internationally

    NewsSwissquote Has Widen Their Markets By Acquiring CySEC License

    We previously reported that Swissquote was growing and recruiting in Cyprus, most notably employing former Orbex, eToro, and IronFX executive Zoltan Nemeth as COO. We have now discovered that Swissquote has secured its CIF license from CySEC for its Cyprus-based company, Swissquote Capital Markets Ltd. (CY).

    2022-12-08 16:06
    Swissquote Has Widen Their Markets By Acquiring CySEC License

    NewsSwissquote Gains CySEC License to Boost European Operations

    The broker will launch services under the new license next year. It also holds more than half-a-dozen other regulatory licenses.

    2022-12-08 09:14
    Swissquote Gains CySEC License to Boost European Operations

    NewsSwissquote Has Experienced DDoS Attack Recently

    In the last 24 hours, clients of Swissquote, a company that lets people trade online, have had trouble getting to its platforms. The company recently said that it had been hit by a big DDoS attack both yesterday and today.

    2022-11-10 11:46
    Swissquote Has Experienced DDoS Attack Recently

    NewsSwissquote now has access to securities that are listed on the Dubai Financial Market

    On the Dubai Financial Market (DFM), which is the stock exchange for the United Arab Emirates, you can now use the Swissquote online trading service.

    2022-10-26 14:43
    Swissquote now has access to securities that are listed on the Dubai Financial Market

    NewsSwissquote Introduces SQX, Its Own Crypto Exchange

    According to the official press release, SQX is a centralized cryptocurrency trading platform that will enhance users' experiences with "trading, execution, and liquidity."

    2022-10-06 13:55
    Swissquote Introduces SQX, Its Own Crypto Exchange
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