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A Visit to GTC in Dubai UAE -- Standardized Operation

Great United Arab Emirates

Al Maktoum Hospital Road, Dubayy, United Arab Emirates

A Visit to GTC in Dubai UAE -- Standardized Operation
Great United Arab Emirates

Reason for this visit

GTC is a veteran broker that has been engaged in online trading brokerage of foreign exchange and CFDs for many years. Through MT4 and MT5 software, it provides customers with trading opportunities for financial products such as foreign exchange, gold, cryptocurrency, stock index and crude oil. GTC has been exhibiting for many years and has many loyal users in China. As a result, at the request of investors, the survey team is going to visit GTC in Dubai, UAE.

Company Building

The information shows that the GTC company address is DIFC, 3rd Floor, Dubai, and 16Floor, Business Bay office. The survey team is going to conduct an on-site visit to these two locations.

Under the guidance of regulatory information, the survey team successfully found the DIFC office building and the Business Bay office building. The shape of the DIFC office building resembles two penguins, looking at the sky and looking forward to the future. These two offices are located in Dubai's financial center and the most prosperous commercial area, indicating the magnificent size of the two offices. The investigators can't wait to enter the two buildings to conduct the field survey.


Featured Field Survey


As soon as the investigators entered the office of GTC, the first thing they saw was GTC's majestic Logo, and the receptionist dressed in a suit and badge greeted them with a smile. After a brief conversation with the investigators, the receptionist led the investigators to visit the office. According to the introduction of the receptionist, the company is divided into five areas - the front desk, the marketing department, the meeting room, the financial room and the reception room. First, the receptionist took the investigators to the marketing department. The minute they entered the marketing department, their eyes were involuntarily attracted by the huge electronic display screen, which showed the real-time market dynamics of various products. The receptionist told the survey team, "Foreign exchange analysts often look at the foreign exchange market from the fundamentals and technology based on the real-time foreign exchange market and foreign exchange news on the electronic screen." (This makes me want to put a movie on this big screen on weekend, and then it will be a real movie theater).


The workstation was spacious and clear. After a brief communication, it was learned that the employees are from Dubai, India, UK, Pakistan, China, etc. Most of them are working for more than three years. Each employee is full of hope for the platform, dedicated to their work and full of enthusiasm.

After visiting the marketing department, the receptionist led the investigators to the reception room, which was bright and spacious, clean and neat. The bright fish tank was a delight to the eyes, and the scenery outside the window was unique. Although the building was located in the city center, people could see the sea and landmarks from afar, which made them feel soothed and relaxed. It was learned that every day there are many customers to their company for investigation and business negotiation. Before the COVID-19, many customers even came from China, Saudi Arabia, India and other parts of the world for investigation. All of their feedback were good in the market, especially the partners who had come to Dubai for inspection were very sure of the platform and had maintained long-term cooperation.


After visiting the reception room, the investigators came to the meeting room, where was held a group meeting. The discussion was in a passionate style. And the comfortable environment made the meeting room more energetic and stimulated more creativity.


After the survey in Business Bay, the investigators were led to the GTC's office in DIFC. It was introduced by the guide that the office was mainly used as a GTC customer service platform. As soon as they entered the company, they were attracted by the culture wall with red background, which recorded the various activities of the company. Introduced by the accompanying staff, GTC had participated in large and small exhibitions and presentations around the world, financial exhibitions in Shanghai, China, Taiwan, Dubai, Malaysia, UK, Japan, etc. It had accumulated a large number of fans. The photos left for each event were posted on the cultural wall, recording the milestones of GTC.

The major honors and awards received over the years were displayed on the table, including the Best Fintech Innovation Award, Best Broker, Best Foreign Exchange Retailer, etc. It showed that GTC had achieved impressive results during the long-year operation.


The DIFC office was equipped with tidy meeting rooms and wonderful sightseeing from the windows. It provided a good environment for working.


The guide pointed to a slogan said Sincere Cooperation Innovative Technology and Sharing Profits, and told the investigators that GTC always adhered to the most sincere service and the concept of achieving win-win cooperation through technological innovation.


The investigators confirmed that the company address of GTC was true. GTC held a retail foreign exchange license issued by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission of the Republic of Vanuatu with a regulatory license number of 40354, and a general financial license issued by the National Futures Association (NFA) with a regulatory license number of 0505713. It was under the effective supervision and legal compliance operations. Therefore, investors can make decisions according to the above information.

Broker Information



10-15 years |Regulated in United Arab Emirates |Retail Forex License |MT4/5 full license |Global Business |High potential risk |Offshore Regulatory |
  • Company Name:
    GTC Global Trade Capital Ltd
  • Country/region of Registry:
    United Arab Emirates
  • Company Abbreviation:
  • Official Email:
  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:
  • Customer Service Number:


10-15 years | Regulated in United Arab Emirates | Retail Forex License | MT4/5 full license | Global Business | High potential risk | Offshore Regulatory |
  • Company Name: GTC Global Trade Capital Ltd
  • Company Abbreviation: GTC
  • Country/region of Registry: United Arab Emirates
  • Official Email:
  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:
  • Customer Service Number:00971800667788

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