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A Visit to MMK in UK - No Office Found

Danger United Kingdom

London, England

A Visit to MMK in UK - No Office Found
Danger United Kingdom

Reason for this visit

The UK foreign exchange market is one of the largest foreign exchange markets globally and the largest in Europe. The regulatory oversight of the UK foreign exchange market is primarily handled by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom. The FCA is responsible for regulating financial services companies and financial markets, ensuring fairness, transparency, and stability in the market. It is widely recognized as a highly reputable regulatory authority worldwide. Despite the impact of Brexit on the economy, the outlook for the UK foreign exchange market remains optimistic. With the strict regulation of the financial market by the FCA, the UK is one of the largest forex trading centers globally, attracting more investors and institutions to participate in the UK forex market and promoting market activities and development. Many forex brokers take pride in obtaining FCAs regulatory license in the hope of entering the country to expand their market presence. In an attempt to help investors or practitioners have a more comprehensive understanding of foreign exchange brokers in the UK, WikiFX survey team decides to go to the country for on-site visits to local companies.

On-site visit

In this issue, the survey team went to London in the UK to visit forex broker MMK as planned according to its regulatory address that 220 High Street North East Ham London E6 2JA United Kingdom.

On November 24, 2023, the investigators came to 220 High Street North in East Ham of London for a visit to the companys office, and located an ordinary community rife with life in a bustling surrounding environment. Additionally, there was a sacred Hindu temple nearby, adding a sense of mystery and tranquility to the community.


The survey personnel spotted a 2-storey commercial building with a grocery store called “SELVA” on the ground floor, as well as a residential area on the second floor. Obviously, the busy shop brought more convenience in the daily life of local people. However, there wasnt any information related to company MMK.

Through an on-site investigation, it is confirmed that the company doesnt have a physical presence at the place.



The survey personnel went to London, the UK to visit forex broker MMK as scheduled, but didnt find the company at its regulatory address. This suggests that the broker may just register at the location without a physical business office. Therefore, investors are advised to choose the broker cautiously.


The content is for informational purpose only, and shall not be taken as a final order for making a choice.

Broker Information

Suspicious Clone


5-10 years |Suspicious Regulatory License |Fake MT4 |Chinese market only |Suspicious Overrun |High potential risk |
  • Company Name:
  • Country/ Region of Registry:
    United Kingdom
  • Company Abbreviation:
  • Official Email:
  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:
  • Customer Service Number:
Suspicious Clone


5-10 years | Suspicious Regulatory License | Fake MT4 | Chinese market only | Suspicious Overrun | High potential risk |
  • Company Name: 摩卡国际金融集团
  • Company Abbreviation: MMK
  • Country/ Region of Registry: United Kingdom
  • Official Email: --
  • Twitter:--
  • Facebook: --
  • Customer Service Number:--

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