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    $100,000 Battle: PrimeXBT Debuts New Contests Module

    Abstract:A closer look at the new module the award-winning trading platform and why it's a big deal for traders.

      $100,000 Battle: PrimeXBT Debuts New Contests Module

      A closer look at the new module the award-winning trading platform and why it's a big deal for traders.

      Traders love to compete, and as highly competitive beings, they don‘t like just to win; they want to boast and brag about it when they’re done. But the high-risk, high-stakes, and high-reward game of trading isnt always the easiest to get into.

      Turning trading into something fun and positive – and no stress at all – is just one of the ways PrimeXBT is changing the game for the trading community. Their latest development, the all-new Contests module, is made for just that.

      Here‘s a closer look at the new module the award-winning trading platform just announced and why it’s a big deal for traders.

      New Contests Module To Breed Competition, New Legends

      PrimeXBT is an award-winning margin trading platform known for breeding not only competition but also creating some of the most legendary traders in the community through the competitive nature of the Covesting global leaderboards.

      Much like the copy trading module has enabled new ways for the trading community to interact with one another, the all-new Contests module will innovate differently.

      Competition remains at the forefront of Contests; however, the environment is friendly and risk-free.

      The goal of the Contests module is to attract and educate novice traders and welcome them to the trading community, highlight pro traders by allowing them to show off their skills more broadly, and enable partners to build branded trading competitions geared toward engagement and audience-building.

      Grand Trading Competition To Commence With $100,000 In Prizes

      Anyone will be able to enter Contests through the all-new module for a chance to win. The first official Contest will be put on by PrimeXBT, dubbed the Grand Trading Competition, where up to $100,000 will be offered in total prize rewards.

      First place prize wins up to $50,000, second place up to $20,000, and third place up to $10,000. In total there will be 10 winners per contest with prizes ranging between $500 and $7,000 for those who dont make the podium spots.

      More Info On PrimeXBT Contests To Be Revealed Soon

      PrimeXBT promises more details will be revealed soon, and more information on what the Contests module offers is available at the companys official blog. There, the company regularly shares updates regarding its ever-expanding list of services and assets, all available from a single account.

      Some of the most recent updates include seven new popular altcoins, a new native iOS application for Apple devices, and the Covesting yield account service that offers up to a 10% variable APY when staking idle crypto assets through a direct connection to DeFi dapps.

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