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Dear customer, please reach out to the official customer service with respect to the withdrawal problem. Thank you.

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One month ago (early November 2022), I opened an account and deposited funds through the line claiming to be "SST". During this period, I followed Chen Jingren and Zhang Yunjia to operate online, and the profit rate was nearly 100%. Later, my assistant Pan Xiyi issued instructions through line messages. The profit rate is also close to 100%. The period lasted less than a month. On 11/28, the assistant Pan Xiyi suddenly notified the settlement at the end of the month, and the profit share of 44,500_USD must be paid, otherwise the funds in the platform will not be withdrawn... At this moment, I realized that I had fallen into a fraud! Paying the share again is "meat buns beat dogs". Therefore, when I tried to withdraw, it always showed "Pending". Until today, the withdrawal page has been unable to log in! The operating platform also shows "account is invalid"


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