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2023-09-19 00:40 Released in Malaysia Malaysia

Scam by broker and LD fxpremax malaysia

I only using micro account and has 2k USD but when I tell my LD that grop RTFTT owned by gero azrul I want close my account because fxpremax so much problem.i had Been scam by fxpremax they make my micro account 2kusd margin call in second by manipulate price I have the Proff I already ss you can see the time and date and the price gold at that not move at all at that time but at my account I already mc because price fall.before that happen I told my LD that I want close my account at fxpremax what make me curious how fxpreamax know and make my account mc just like that.for record I use fxpremax for 4 year and many problem that happen and not make sense at all they will not give you withdraw by using excuse like abitrage trade and swap abuse although U using free swab accaunt.i only use fxpremax because want support Gero azrul but when this happen and I tell him about my problem he ignore me although he guarantee fxpremax safe and promote fxpremax everytime in his live.he also claim he is best friend owner fxpremax and also LD fxpremax so when he don't want help me I try to dig myself and find fxpremax regulatation but fxpremax using fake regulation..I'm curious Gero azrul and the owner already has been partner to scam their customer.i also put Gero azrul picture that has been rated please investigate him back because he already know fxpremax not regulate and fake but still promote and force his student to register and using fxpremax.i also in to his live to tell his student that fxpremax no regulate but he block my chat so his student don't see when I want to aware them

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