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2022-08-15 13:15 Released in  Taiwan Taiwan

Induced by unscrupulous business to make agent deposits, causing huge losses and my friends also suffered serious losses. CPT is really a fraud platform

There is still a part of the chat record about the salesman before CPT who induced me to deposit money and asked me to pull Xiaobai as an agent! Later, after the incident happened, the salesperson deleted me three times, and finally disappeared. Miao Mengyuan account 2813077, deposit 32810.81 dollars, withdraw 2956.85 dollars, lose 29853.96 dollars Yan Peng account 2728030, deposit 15547 dollars, withdraw 3152.64 dollars, lose 12390.30 dollars Lei account 2157190, deposit 195559 US dollars, withdraw 78322 US dollars, lose 117237 US dollars Follow-up CPT claims that there are no platform operators in China, all of them are agents and start to shirk responsibility. Customers go to pull customers into the pit together and cause severe losses, please ask the platform to find me to discuss compensation with me, don't hide anymore


The following is the original recommendation


关于CPT之前业务员诱导我入金以及让我拉小白做代理的聊天记录还有一部分!后来事情发生了之后,这个业务员删了我三次,到最后干脆消失了。缪梦园账户2813077,入金32810.81美金,出金2956.85美金,亏损29853.96美金严鹏账户2728030,入金15547美金,出金3152.64美金,亏损12390.30美金丁振中账户2613147,入金43118.38美金,出金6000美金,亏损37114.13美金蔡磊账户2157190,入金195559美金,出金78322美金,亏损117237美金后续CPT声称中国没有平台商全部都是代理商一词开始推卸责任 CPT真的够噁心的 用拐用骗的 不断的给大饼 骗客户去拉客户一起入坑造成剧烈亏损请平台找我跟我商量赔偿 不要在躲了

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