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2022-08-01 16:53 Released in  Taiwan Taiwan

Is there a fast track? The poipex platform costs 500000 yuan. The last trick of fraud is that after the money is recorded, no one can be found,

The glo fraud platform requires that the express channel only needs more than NT $10000. The same lie of poipex market limited requires that the express channel pay NT $500000. It also says that it will arrive in the account within two hours. This is a fraud. See you when you enter the account. Poipex cash out is to immediately show "cancel cash out". The platform manager and the fraud partners have confused me for more than 10 days to set up the express channel. I said yes, but I directly took the money to the platform company to do it, and watched the cash-out and enter the account, The platform manager said yes, but it changed every day. Finally, if I couldn't cheat the money, I was kicked out of the group. Then everyone including the poipex platform experience didn't reply and disappeared. The line photo information is part of the information of poipex, the fraud partners, and the induction office express channel


The following is the original recommendation


GLO詐騙平台,要求快速通道只要1萬多台幣,Poipex Market Limited 同樣的謊言要求50萬台幣拜快速通道,一樣說兩小時內到帳,這是騙錢,入帳就再見了,Poipex 出金是立即顯示“取消出金”平台經理夥同詐騙團夥一起蠱惑我10幾天,辦快速通道,我說可以但我直接拿錢到平台公司辦,看著出金入帳,平台經理說好,但每天變,最後騙不到這筆錢,就將我踢除群組,然後所有人含Poipex平台經曆都不回覆,不見了,Line 照片資料是Poipex 和詐騙團夥,和誘導辦快速通道的部份資料,

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