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XINHU FUTURES · Company Summary

Company Name Xinhu Futures Co., Ltd.
Headquarters Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Regulations Regulated by CFFEX
Products & Services Futures Brokerage, Futures Investment Consulting, Asset Management, XSCI Index
Leverage Up to 1:160
Spread Starts from 0.8 pips
Commission Fee 0.0116%
Deposit/Withdraw Methods Multiple options through major Chinese banks with a fixed exchange rate of 7.2
Trading Platforms Proprietary trading platform for PC
Customer Support Phone number: 23598168, Fax: 25298016, Email: Address: 23D Neich Tower, 128 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Educational Resources Conducts professional conferences and forums


Xinhu Futures Co., Ltd., is a noteworthy player in the futures trading sector. The company's headquarters are situated in Jing'an, Shanghai, China. Throughout its service to the market, this broker has been dedicated to offering a broad range of services including futures brokerage, futures investment consulting, and asset management. They strive to cater to a diverse range of clients and their unique investment needs.

As for their trading platform, Xinhu Futures equips its traders with a proprietary platform designed specifically for PC use. This platform is designed to streamline trading, allowing clients to expediently execute their transactions. It includes various features such as charting tools, real-time news updates, and market analysis options that assist traders with decision-making based on the latest market movements and trends.


Is XINHU FUTURES legit or a scam?

XINHU FUTURES is licensed and regulated by the China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEX), possessing a recognized Futures License (License No. 0152). This lends a degree of credibility to its operations, as CFFEX is a regulatory body that has been authorized by the State Council of the People's Republic of China and the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC). The certification covers the provision of trading as well as clearing services for financial futures, options, and other derivatives, suggesting legitimate and controlled procedures in its service offerings.

Is XINHU FUTURES legit or a scam?

However, being licensed and regulated is only one aspect of the assessment, and it does not solely determine whether a broker is legitimate or a scam. It is crucial for potential traders or investors to perform additional independent research regarding XINHU FUTURES. This can include looking into the broker's trading conditions, track record, customer service, and any public reviews or reports.

Pros and Cons

Xinhu Futures Co., Ltd. presents a number of benefits that could appeal to traders. First, they offer a diverse range of services including futures brokerage, futures investment consulting, and asset management, indicating their comprehensive approach to customer service. Second, they have competitive spreads, providing cost-effective trading for commodities such as silver, copper, and gold. Third, their maximum leverage ratio of 1:160 provides traders with the chance to amplify their positions significantly, thereby providing a potential to maximize profits. Fourth, their proprietary trading platform, designed for PC, offers key features such as efficient transaction processing and charting tools, enabling traders to capitalize on market trends effectively. Lastly, they offer speedy 24-hour processing for deposits and withdrawals, which allows for seamless fund transfers.

However, like any broker, Xinhu Futures also has areas that may merit caution. First, the high leverage they offer, while potentially profitable, also carries significant risk, as it amplifies potential losses as well as gains. Second, despite their competitive spreads, they levy a 4% fee on deposits and a fixed withdrawal fee of 2 yuan per transaction, which could increase trading costs. Third, while their PC trading platform carries many benefits, it may not cater to the needs of advanced traders who require more sophisticated tools and analytical capacities. Fourth, there's a lack of information about the regulations they are subjected to, which could potentially be a red flag for risk-averse traders. Finally, they only offer options through Chinese banks, which might limit accessibility for international traders.

Pros Cons
A broad range of services High leverage also amplifies potential losses
Competitive spreads for commodities trading Fees on deposits and transactions
High leverage of up to 1:160 Trading platform may not fit advanced traders' needs
Efficient proprietary trading platform Lack of regulatory oversight information
Quick 24-hour processing time Access mainly through Chinese banks, limiting for international traders

Index Product

By January 2023, Xinhu Futures, in collaboration with Straits Financial Group, announced the launch of the Xinhu-Straits Internationalized Commodity Comprehensive Index or XSCI. This index is a significant development in the market as it's the first to measure the price performance of a selection of China's internationalized commodity products using standardized metrics and methodologies. Straits Financial Group, a premier brokerage house based in Singapore, collaborated with Xinhu Futures to develop this innovative solution.


Xinhu Futures Co., Ltd represents a robust presence in the futures trading sector, offering a wide array of services that include futures brokerage, futures investment consulting, and asset management. These services imply a comprehensive approach towards trading support, indicating their relentless commitment to accommodate their clients. Their futures brokerage service provides a platform for buyers and sellers of futures contracts, catering to different client needs ranging from individuals to institutional investors. This brokerage service further indicates their capacity to function as an intermediary, facilitating efficient transaction processing.

Furthermore, Xinhu Futures underscores the importance of guidance in trading through their futures investment consulting service. This service encompasses providing valuable advice to clients, aiding them in making informed investment decisions based on market movements and trends. Lastly, their asset management service indicates their proactive role in managing their clients' investment portfolios. Through this function, they offer strategies for portfolio diversification, risk management, and potential return maximization, thereby ensuring a comprehensive solution in managing futures investments for their clients.


XINHU FUTURES offers a maximum leverage of 1:160, providing traders with the opportunity to amplify their positions significantly. This high leverage can be advantageous for those seeking to maximize potential profits. However, it's crucial to exercise caution when using such high leverage, as it also magnifies potential losses. Traders should have a solid risk management strategy in place and be aware of the increased risk associated with higher leverage ratios. While the 1:160 leverage can be appealing, responsible and informed trading practices are essential to mitigate the inherent risks involved.


Spread and Commission Fee

XINHU FUTURES offers competitive spreads, with varying minimum price fluctuations for different commodities. For instance, silver has a minimum spread of 0.8 points, while copper, crude oil, gold, and natural gas each have a minimum spread of 2 points. These spreads can influence a trader's overall trading costs, as narrower spreads are generally preferred for more cost-effective trading. However, traders should also consider other factors, such as commission fees and leverage, in addition to spread, when evaluating the cost-effectiveness of trading with XINHU FUTURES.

For the commission fee, XINHU FUTURES offers a relatively low commission rate of 0.0116%, making it an attractive option for cost-conscious traders. However, traders should remember that commission fees are just one aspect of the overall trading cost equation. To make an informed choice, they should also assess factors like spreads, leverage, and additional fees while considering their trading strategies and preferences.

How to open an account in XINHU FUTURES?

Starting an account with Xinhu Futures involves a series of routine but essential steps that ensure the correct and efficient setup of your futures trading account. This set of instructions is designed to lead you through the account opening process step by step.

  1. Visit Xinhu Futures's official website, look for the account registration option and click on it.

  2. Fill in the necessary personal data required on the registration form provided.

  3. Provide the required identity verification documents, as directed by the company.

  4. Review and accept the terms and conditions provided by Xinhu Futures.

  5. Submit the completed form, along with any necessary attached documents.

  6. Await confirmation of your account activation, typically done via email.

Please note: These are general instructions and it's recommended to contact Xinhu Futures directly for precise and personalized account opening instructions.

Trading Platform

XINHU FUTURES provides traders with a proprietary trading platform designed for PCs, offering a range of essential features for a seamless trading experience. This user-friendly platform allows traders to execute buy and sell transactions efficiently, enabling them to take advantage of market opportunities promptly. The platform also offers charting tools, providing traders with the ability to analyze price movements, trends, and patterns, which can be instrumental in making informed trading decisions. Moreover, traders can access real-time news updates and market analysis within the platform, helping them stay informed about the latest developments that may impact their trading positions.

Trading Platform

However, while the platform offers fundamental features, it's essential to note that advanced traders may find themselves wanting more sophisticated tools and indicators for in-depth analysis. Additionally, traders should consider the platform's stability and reliability, as technical glitches or downtime can have significant implications for their trading activities.

Deposit and Withdrawal Method

XINHU FUTURES offers a variety of deposit and withdrawal options through third-party payment channels, including major Chinese banks such as the People's Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, and more. These methods provide traders with a fixed exchange rate of 7.2, ensuring consistency in currency conversion.

Additionally, the platform boasts quick 24-hour processing times for both deposits and withdrawals, allowing for seamless and near-instant fund transfers. It's worth noting that while deposits are generally free, there is a 4% fee for deposits and a fixed withdrawal fee of 2 yuan per transaction, which traders should consider when managing their trading costs.

Customer Support

Xinhu Futures provides a comprehensive customer support system aimed at addressing the concerns of its clientele efficiently. Detailed contact information for their dedicated Complaints Officer has been made available, allowing clients to get in touch with their concerns directly. The phone number for reaching the Complaints Officer is 23598168. Should customers prefer to communicate their issues through an emailed format, they can send their queries or complaint details to the specified email address at and

For clients who prefer traditional methods of communication, Xinhu Futures has specified the fax number for contact is 25298016. They have also provided a physical correspondence address for making complaints in writing, or for any other necessary paperwork; this is 23D Neich Tower, 128 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. Customer satisfaction is at the core of Xinhu Futures' operations, and they strive to offer timely assistance and respect the grievances of their clients.

Educational Resources

Xinhu Futures Co., Ltd. places a strong emphasis on client education. To meet this goal, the company organizes professional conferences and forums. These events are tailored to offer a wealth of knowledge on various future market trends, trading strategies, potential changes in regulations, and a lot more. In these educational forums, individuals can enhance their knowledge base and stay abreast of the latest industry standards and trends.


Xinhu Futures Co., Ltd., a futures trading company based in Jing'an, Shanghai, offers a portfolio of notable features to assist its clients in their trading journey. The company offers a proprietary trading platform designed primarily for PCs. This user-friendly platform encompasses a multitude of essential features, such as charting tools, real-time news updates, and market analysis functionalities. With a flexible deposit and withdrawal system facilitated through major Chinese banks and speedy 24-hour processing times, Xinhu caters to the needs of its customers effectively. Augmented with a competitive spread and a substantive leverage offering of up to 1:160, this firm presents a desirable proposition for those seeking a comprehensive trading experience.

Nevertheless, while examining the offerings of Xinhu Futures Co., Ltd., traders should approach with discernment. While it offers a wide range of services and a user-friendly platform, the more advanced traders might find the platform lacking in sophisticated analytical tools required for a comprehensive market analysis. Additionally, traders should also keep in mind the fee structure; with a 4% fee on deposits and a fixed withdrawal fee, these costs can accumulate. Lastly, traders need to consider the regulatory oversight of the broker. Given the lack of explicit information on regulations, they might want to proceed cautiously or seek further information before engaging with Xinhu Futures.


Q: Who regulates Xinhu Futures Co., Ltd.?

A: Xinhu Futures is regulated by the China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEX).

Q: What market instruments does Xinhu Futures Co., Ltd offer?

A: Xinhu Futures offers a variety of services, including futures brokerage, futures investment consulting, and asset management.

Q: How can I get in touch with Xinhu Futures Co., Ltd's customer support?

A: Customers can reach Xinhu Futures via phone at 23598168, via email at, or via fax at 25298016. They also provide a physical address for correspondence.

Q: What trading platform does Xinhu Futures Co., Ltd provide?

A: Xinhu Futures provides a proprietary trading platform for PC.

Q: What educational resources does Xinhu Futures Co., Ltd offer?

A: Xinhu Futures organizes professional conferences and forums where individuals can learn about future market trends, trading strategies, regulation changes, and more.

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