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The WikiFX Score of this broker is reduced because of too many complaints!


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Previous Detection : 2024-04-24
  • It has been verified that this broker currently has no valid regulation. Please be aware of the risk!
  • The number of the complaints received by WikiFX have reached 6 for this broker in the past 3 months. Please be aware of the risk and the potential scam!

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Pyramid scheme complaint
Unable to Withdraw

Have to pay money to withdraw

On June 25th of this year, I met a person on IG, he said he was engaged in financial analysis, because I was very interested in investment, so I asked him to teach me something about investment, he taught me to buy XAU/USD with TEDA, and invested money to buy XAU/USD on the Unisnowfx platform, and it was normal for me to receive a small amount at the beginning, but when I wanted to receive a sum of 40,000 US dollars, it was impossible for me to withdraw the gold for some reasons, and then I had to pay another 30,000 US dollars to do it. I was asked to pay another 30,000 dollars to withdraw the gold, and this has been going on for a long time, and there is no explanation for it yet.

2023-10-01 17:25
Unable to Withdraw

This is a scam platform and you cannot withdraw money. Please don’t be deceived again.

At the beginning of August today, I met a netizen on IG. We chatted as casual friends for a while. Around the end of the month, I started to recommend investing in gold futures CFD contracts. After buying USDT coins at ACE, I withdrew the coins to Unisnow (Unisnfx). In September In October, there were three withdrawals of 10,000 USDT each time, which were normal and arrived in time. The total withdrawal was 30,000 USDT. At this time, this scammer kept urging him to increase the principal, talk about the Israeli-Palestinian war, etc. I hope to increase the principal to 500,000 USDT. Fraudulent netizens will also help raise funds to reach this target principal, but as everyone knows, these USDT transferred to your account for you are all fake and artificially manipulated. The system will send you a The account arrival notification will directly increase the balance in your account. In fact, every USDT you deposit through normal channels will fall into the pocket of the fraud platform the moment it is transferred in. The fraudulent netizen claimed that he had successfully withdrawn 30,000 in the past. USDT is almost NT$1 million, so there is nothing to be afraid of. This sentence made me let go of my guard, so I invested about 300,000 USDT in a few months. At this time, the balance on the account was 516,451 USDT. The excess amount was the amount transferred by some fraudulent netizens and the profit from the transaction. But I think the transactions on these platforms are also fake. When I made my last larger deposit, in late November, I applied for a withdrawal of 30,000 USDT, and encountered difficulties. Like all fraudulent platforms, It has been waiting for audit, saying that your ranking is 1243. If you want to open the VIP channel, you need to deposit 28888 USDT. The scam netizens have always said that after depositing the value, you can withdraw it. I said that I no longer have any funds (I have already gone to (I have gone to the police station and made a record). This fraud criminal also pretended to be kind and said that he would help raise money. He asked me to only raise 5,000 USDT, and he would think of other ways. This meant that he would also defraud the 5,000 USDT. In short, the 300,000 USDT invested previously Everything has been wasted, please don’t be fooled again, even if the initial withdrawal goes smoothly. Don’t believe it either. I also found that the interfaces provided by complainants on some other platforms are almost exactly the same. This should be a fraud group that uses different platforms and different names to defraud everywhere, running multiple lines in parallel.

2023-12-07 13:34

IG Romance Scam, ST5Max, ST5pro

My good friend met a friend in early June in IG said financial data analysis, and then added line ~ line named jason ~ 1981, 5, 18 ~ called Lin Hanwen, divorced with his parents living in Xinbei Linkou, there is a daughter, in Xiamen and a friend to start a company, do the asset class, I think it is to open the fraudulent company, look at the chat record at the beginning of the chat are normal, will go along with your words with you the same rationale, and further said to relationship, to two people together for to work hard, not to give the video, because the ex-wife derailment is video was found, and the video is a very important part of the conversation. I'm not sure if you're going to be able to get the money you need, but I'm not sure if you're going to be able to get the money you need to get the money you need to get the money you need to get the money you need to get the money you need to get the money you need. That fraud said to help her with the money) suspected of illegal laundering before the type of money, she paid 100% of the third party deposit money as a deposit. The money said to help her out of the money is intercepted by the other side of the picture to her to go with customer service to say add money She said with customer service that there is no money to talk about later to pay, will say that there is a deadline, and then said ~ ~ will freeze your account, and your personal information will be transferred to the local relevant departments, all your accounts for control and verification. I'm not sure if you're going to be able to find the best way to get the most out of your account, but I'm sure you'll be able to find the best way to get the most out of your account, so I'm sure you'll be able to find the best way to get the most out of your account. I'm just trying to cheat you out of your money, so be careful, you can't get your money back once you've invested it in the platform (I think she's downloading ST5MAX and then connecting the app to unisnow).

2023-10-05 09:04

    Unisnfx · Company Summary

    Aspect Information
    Company Name UnisnowFX
    Registered Country/Area China
    Founded Year 2023
    Regulation Unregulated
    Minimum Deposit Starting from $0
    Maximum Leverage Up to 1:100
    Spreads Starting at 0.0 pips
    Trading Platforms FX6 platform (available on Android, iOS, PC, and H5 web version)
    Tradable Assets Fiat currency pairs, and metals
    Account Types London Gold, Gold T + D, Paper Gold, Physical Gold
    Customer Support Email (
    Deposit & Withdrawal Bank transfers, E-wallets and Credit/debit cards
    Educational Resources Market Center, Economic Calendar etc

    Overview of UnisnowFX

    UnisnowFX, founded in China in 2023, operates without regulatory oversight, posing potential risks for traders. The absence of governing authority regulation raises concerns about transparency and investor protection. Caution is advised, and traders should thoroughly assess risks before engaging. Pros include diverse market instruments, various account types, competitive spreads, a user-centric FX6 platform, and comprehensive educational resources. However, cons include the lack of regulation, potentially heightening risks, and higher capital requirements for specific account types. UnisnowFX offers trading in major fiat currencies and metals, providing a variety of features and tools for traders.

    Overview of UnisnowFX

    Is unisnowfx legit or a scam?

    Unisnowfx operates without regulation from any governing authority, posing potential risks associated with the absence of regulatory oversight. Traders should exercise caution due to the lack of regulatory safeguards, as unregulated entities may lack transparency and investor protection measures. It is advisable to thoroughly assess and understand the potential risks involved before engaging in any trading activities with Unisnowfx.

    Pros and Cons

    Pros Cons
    Various Account Types Unregulated
    Competitive Spreads and Low Minimum Deposits Higher Investment Requirements for Some Account Types
    User-Centric FX6 Trading Platform Relatively recent establishment
    Comprehensive Educational Resources
    Diverse Market Instruments


    1. Diverse Market Instruments: UnisnowFX offers a wide range of fiat currencies and metals for trading.

    2. Various Account Types: UnisnowFX provides account options such as London Gold, Gold T + D, Paper Gold, and Physical Gold. Each account type caters to specific trading preferences and risk appetites.

    3. Competitive Spreads and Low Minimum Deposits: The platform offers competitive spreads starting at 0.0 pips for all account types.

    4. User-Centric FX6 Trading Platform: FX6 platform features educational videos for user guidance and immediate feedback facilitates quick decision-making.

    5. Comprehensive Educational Resources: Market Center, Economic Calendar, Market Information, Gold Institute, and Beginners Guide offer a comprehensive learning experience.


    1. Unregulated: UnisnowFX lacks regulation by any financial authority, posing potential risks for traders.

    2. Higher Investment Requirements for Some Account Types: Certain account types, like Gold T + D, Paper Gold, and Physical Gold, require higher capital investments.

    3. Relatively Recent Establishment: UnisnowFX is a newly established platform, which may pose uncertainties related to its track record and long-term stability in the market.

    Market Instruments

    UnisnowFX offers trading on a wide range of fiat currencies, including major, minor, and exotic pairs. Some of the most popular fiat currency pairs traded on UnisnowFX include:

    • EUR/USD

    • USD/JPY

    • GBP/USD

    • AUD/USD

    • USD/CAD

    • USD/CHF

    UnisnowFX also offers trading on a variety of metals, including gold, silver, and platinum. Metals are traded against fiat currencies, such as the US dollar. Some of the most popular metal trading pairs on UnisnowFX include:

    • XAU/USD (gold/US dollar)

    • XAG/USD (silver/US dollar)

    • XPT/USD (platinum/US dollar)

    Overall, UnisnowFX offers a wide range of trading assets and a variety of features and tools to help traders succeed.

    Market Instruments

    Account Types

    The account types offered by unisnowfx cater to diverse trading preferences, providing options such as London Gold, Gold T + D, Paper Gold, and Physical Gold.

    The London Gold account allows bidirectional operations with 100 times leverage, offering a full day of trading opportunities with low investment requirements (1% capital investment).

    For Gold T + D, bidirectional operations with approximately 12.5x leverage are available during 5 x 10 hours of trading. This account requires higher investment (11% capital investment) but offers substantial trading opportunities.

    The Paper Gold account features one-way operations without leverage, requiring a high investment. It is suitable for those preferring a long-term investment strategy and inventory management. However, it comes with high costs and limits trading to the buying side.

    Similarly, the Physical Gold account is designed for one-way operations without leverage and necessitates a high investment, emphasizing long-term investment with inventory. This account, too, involves high costs and restricts trading to buying positions.

    Each account type caters to specific trading preferences, allowing users to choose based on their risk appetite and investment strategy.

    Aspects London gold Gold T + D Paper gold Physical gold
    Leverage 100:1 12.5:1 No lever No lever
    Spread Starting at 0.0 pips Starting at 0.0 pips Starting at 0.0 pips Starting at 0.0 pips
    Minimum deposit 100 10 0 0
    Demo account Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Trading tool FX6 FX6 FX6 FX6
    Customer Support 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7
    Account Types

    How to Open an Account?

    Below is a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to open an UnisnowFX account:

    1. Visit the Official Website:

      1. Navigate to the official UnisnowFX website at using a web browser.

    2. Registration:

      1. Click on the “Sign Up” or “Register” button to initiate the account creation process.

    3. Provide Personal Information:

      1. Fill in the required fields with accurate personal information, including your full name, email address, and phone number.

    4. Choose an Account Type:

      1. Select the type of account you wish to open (e.g., London Gold, Gold T + D, Paper Gold, Physical Gold). Each account type caters to specific trading preferences.

    5. Complete Verification:

      1. Follow the on-screen instructions to verify your identity. This may involve providing additional documents to comply with regulatory requirements.

    6. Fund Your Account:

      1. Once your account is verified, proceed to fund it. UnisnowFX typically accepts various deposit methods, such as credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets. Ensure you meet the minimum deposit requirements based on your chosen account type.

    How to Open an Account?


    Unisnowfx provides varying leverage options across its account types. London Gold offers 100 times leverage, Gold T + D has approximately 12.5 times leverage, while Paper Gold and Physical Gold operate without leverage. These options allow traders to tailor their risk exposure and investment strategy based on individual preferences and market conditions.

    Aspects London gold Gold T + D Paper gold Physical gold
    Leverage 100:1 12.5:1 No lever No lever

    Spreads & Commissions

    Unisnowfx offers competitive spreads across its account types, starting at 0.0 pips for London Gold, Gold T + D, Paper Gold, and Physical Gold. This narrow spread enhances trading efficiency, providing traders with cost-effective opportunities to engage in the financial markets.

    Trading Platform

    The FX6 trading platform by unisnowfx is characterized by its user-centric design, offering a seamless experience for traders. Featuring educational videos, the platform aims to guide users effectively, providing valuable insights into the intricacies of trading. Immediate feedback is a notable feature, facilitating quick decision-making for users engaged in dynamic market conditions. The platform's emphasis on simplicity extends to its operation, allowing users flexibility in placing orders.

    A key aspect of the FX6 platform is its robust risk control functionality, incorporating tools like stop loss and profit mechanisms. This ensures that users can manage and mitigate potential risks associated with their trades. The platform's commitment to transparency is evident in the clear and intuitive price icon, enhancing the visibility of market dynamics.

    Moreover, the FX6 platform stands out for its user-friendly installation process and its minimal utilization of system resources. This ensures that traders can engage in efficient and responsive trading without encountering technical hindrances. The platform caters to a diverse user base by offering accessibility through Android and iOS downloads, as well as compatibility with PC and an H5 web version. This multi-platform approach enhances user convenience and ensures that the trading experience is optimized across various devices and operating systems.

    Trading Platform

    Deposit & Withdrawal

    UnisnowFX accepts a variety of deposit methods, including:

    Credit/debit cards

    Bank transfers


    The minimum deposit requirements vary across UnisnowFX account types.

    For the London Gold account, a minimum deposit of 100 units is specified, reflecting a slightly higher entry threshold.

    The Gold T + D account presents a more accessible option with a minimum deposit requirement of 10 units, providing flexibility for traders with varying investment preferences.

    Interestingly, the Paper Gold and Physical Gold accounts exhibit a unique feature by requiring no minimum deposit, making them particularly accommodating for users who may prefer to start trading without a predefined minimum investment commitment.

    Aspects London gold Gold T + D Paper gold Physical gold
    Minimum deposit 100 10 0 0

    The processing time for payments varies based on the chosen method. Deposits made through E-wallets and Credit/debit cards are processed instantly, providing users with immediate access to funds. On the other hand, Bank transfers require a longer processing period, typically ranging from 3 to 5 days.

    Customer Support

    UnisnowFX is committed to providing comprehensive customer support.

    Users can reach out to the platform through their website at or via email at The platform's customer support operates 24/7, ensuring assistance is readily available for users around the world. Whether addressing account-related queries, technical issues, or general inquiries, UnisnowFX aims to deliver prompt and helpful support. The company prioritizes effective communication to enhance user experience, fostering a reliable and responsive environment for traders seeking assistance or information.

    Customer Support

    Educational Resources

    UnisnowFX offers a diverse array of educational resources, each catering to specific aspects of trading.

    The Market Center serves as a comprehensive hub, providing users with a centralized platform for market-related tools and insights.

    The Economic Calendar is an invaluable resource, keeping traders updated on crucial economic events that impact the financial markets.

    The Market Information section equips users with essential data, fostering informed decision-making. For those interested in the intricacies of precious metals, the Gold Institute delivers specialized knowledge, enhancing understanding in this specific market segment.

    Furthermore, the Beginner's Guide acts as a foundational resource, breaking down complex trading concepts into digestible information, making it accessible for novice traders and contributing to UnisnowFX's commitment to providing a well-rounded educational experience for its users.

    Educational Resources


    UnisnowFX presents a diverse array of trading assets and account types, offering fiat currencies and metals. Despite competitive spreads and a user-centric FX6 platform, its unregulated status raises caution due to potential risks. The platform's comprehensive educational resources contribute to a well-rounded learning experience. However, higher investment requirements for certain account types and its relatively recent establishment are notable drawbacks. Traders should weigh the pros and cons carefully, considering their risk tolerance, before engaging with UnisnowFX.


    Q: Is UnisnowFX regulated by any financial authority?

    A: No, UnisnowFX operates without regulation from any governing authority.

    Q: What account types does UnisnowFX offer?

    A: UnisnowFX provides account options such as London Gold, Gold T + D, Paper Gold, and Physical Gold.

    Q: Are there minimum deposit requirements for all account types?

    A: Minimum deposit requirements vary across account types. London Gold requires a minimum deposit of 100 units, while Gold T + D has a minimum deposit of 10 units. Paper Gold and Physical Gold have no minimum deposit requirement.

    Q: What are the processing times for deposits and withdrawals?

    A: Deposits made through E-wallets and Credit/debit cards are processed instantly. Bank transfers typically take 3 to 5 days for processing.

    Q: How diverse are UnisnowFX's market instruments?

    A: UnisnowFX offers trading on a wide range of fiat currencies, including major, minor, and exotic pairs, as well as various metals such as gold, silver, and platinum.

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