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LANLASAKI · Company Summary

Aspect Information
Company Name LANLASAKI
Registered Country/Area United States
Founded year Within 1 year
Regulation Unregulated
Trading Platforms AppGlobalEasy software
Tradable assets Japanese stocks, U.S. stocks, foreign exchange, currency trading options
Account Types Not mentioned
Demo Account Not mentioned
Customer Support Not mentioned
Deposit & Withdrawal Accepted currencies: USD, RMB, HKD
Educational Resources Not mentioned

Overview of LANLASAKI

LANLASAKI is a relatively new company operating in the financial industry. Based in the United States, it offers trading services through its proprietary trading platform called AppGlobalEasy software. The company focuses on providing access to various trading products, including Japanese stocks, U.S. stocks, foreign exchange, and currency trading options.

It's important to note that LANLASAKI operates without regulatory oversight, as it is described as unregulated. This lack of regulation raises concerns and indicates potential risks for traders. It's advisable for individuals to carefully consider the implications of trading with an unregulated entity before engaging in any financial transactions.

Unfortunately, specific details about the available account types, demo accounts, customer support, and educational resources are not provided in the available information. In terms of deposit and withdrawal options, LANLASAKI accepts various currencies, including USD, RMB, and HKD. However, the information does not specify the minimum deposit requirement or provide details about the withdrawal process.

Due to the lack of regulatory oversight and limited information available, individuals should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before considering any involvement with LANLASAKI.


Is LANLASAKI legit or a scam?

LANLASAKI's regulatory status is described as abnormal, with an official regulatory status of unauthorized. It implies that LANLASAKI may not have the necessary regulatory approvals or licenses to operate in certain jurisdictions. It is important to note that this status raises concerns and indicates a potential risk.、

Pros and Cons

LANLASAKI offers a wide range of trading products, including Japanese stocks, U.S. stocks, foreign exchange, and currency trading options. This provides traders with diverse investment opportunities and the ability to access various financial markets. Additionally, LANLASAKI boasts ultra-low commission rates, allowing traders to execute their trades with cost-efficiency in mind. The convenient account opening process further enhances the user experience, enabling traders to establish an account quickly and start trading. Moreover, LANLASAKI supports multiple deposit options, including USD, RMB, and HKD, providing flexibility for traders in funding their accounts.

However, it is important to note that LANLASAKI's regulatory status is described as unauthorized, raising concerns about the necessary regulatory approvals or licenses it may lack. The lack of specific information about account types can be inconvenient for traders who prefer more transparency and clarity. Additionally, LANLASAKI does not offer a demo account, limiting the opportunity for traders to practice and familiarize themselves with the platform before committing real funds. It should be noted that LANLASAKI does not provide the popular MT4/MT5 trading platform, which may be a preference for some traders who are accustomed to these platforms' features and functionalities.

Pros Cons
Wide range of Trading Products Regulatory status described as unauthorized
Ultra-Low Commission Lack of specific information about account types
Global Investment Opportunities Demo account unavailable
Convenient Account Opening Customer support information not provided
Fast and Efficient Trading Experience Lack of educational resources
Multiple Deposit Options (USD, RMB, HKD) Lack of MT4/MT5 Trading Platform

Products and Services

LANLASAKI offers a range of trading products to its clients. Here is an introduction to some of the trading products provided by LANLASAKI:

1. Japanese Stocks: LANLASAKI allows traders to invest in Japanese stocks. This provides an opportunity to trade and invest in companies listed on Japanese stock exchanges, such as the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).

2. U.S. Stocks: LANLASAKI enables traders to trade U.S. stocks. This allows investors to access and invest in a wide range of companies listed on major U.S. stock exchanges, including the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ.

3. Foreign Exchange (Forex): LANLASAKI facilitates foreign exchange trading. Traders can participate in the global currency markets and engage in buying and selling different currency pairs, taking advantage of fluctuations in exchange rates.

4. Currency Trading Options: LANLASAKI also offers currency trading options. This provides traders with additional flexibility to trade and speculate on currency movements by using options contracts.

In addition to the variety of trading products, LANLASAKI emphasizes the following benefits:

- Ultra-low commission: LANLASAKI provides competitive commission rates, ensuring that traders can execute their trades with cost-efficiency in mind.

- Global investment: LANLASAKI enables clients to access global investment opportunities, allowing them to diversify their portfolios across different markets and regions.

- Convenient account opening: LANLASAKI offers a streamlined account opening process, making it easier for traders to establish an account and start trading quickly.

- Fast experience: LANLASAKI aims to provide a fast and efficient trading experience for its clients, ensuring smooth order execution and timely access to market data.

support for accurate and comprehensive details.

How to Open an Account?

To open an account with LANLASAKI, please follow the steps below:

1. Visit the official website of LANLASAKI at

2. On the homepage, look for a prominent button or link that says “Open Account” or something similar. Click on it.


3. You will be directed to the account registration page. Fill in the required information accurately and completely. This may include personal details such as your name, email address, contact number, and residential address.


4. Choose the type of account you wish to open. LANLASAKI may offer different account options tailored to various trading needs, such as a standard account or an ECN account.

5. Agree to the terms and conditions of LANLASAKI. Then complete the verification process. This typically involves providing necessary identification documents to verify your identity and comply with regulatory requirements. The specific documents required may vary depending on your jurisdiction and the regulations in place.

6. Proceed to fund your trading account. LANLASAKI usually provides multiple deposit methods, such as bank transfers, credit/debit cards, or e-wallets.

Once your account is funded, you can log in to your trading account using the provided credentials and start exploring the platform and trading the available instruments.

Trading Platform

LANLASAKI offers the AppGlobalEasy software as its trading platform. Here's a description of the AppGlobalEasy trading platform:

AppGlobalEasy is an advanced and user-friendly trading software provided by LANLASAKI. It is designed to cater to the needs of traders, offering a seamless and efficient trading experience. The platform combines powerful features and intuitive navigation to ensure traders can easily access and trade various financial instruments.


Deposit & Withdrawal

LANLASAKI offers multiple payment options, including USD, RMB, and HKD. For other currencies, it is advisable to contact the customer service staff for further assistance. The exchange of US dollars and Hong Kong dollars can be conveniently completed through banks, as most banks support currency exchange services via mobile banking or online banking platforms. Additionally, LANLASAKI accepts bankcard entry from various regions, including China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, etc., with the exception of the United States.

Here is a step-by-step guide for the deposit process:

1. Log in to your LANLASAKI account and navigate to the appropriate page for gold inflow, depending on your specific situation. Obtain the collection information provided by LANLASAKI.

2. Use your overseas bank card or mainland bank card to transfer or remit the desired amount of money to LANLASAKI.

3. After completing the transfer or remittance, be sure to save a screenshot or proof of the transaction.

4. Notify LANLASAKI of the remittance by initiating the remittance notification on the fund deposit page of your LANLASAKI account.

Customer Support

LANLASAKI should have a customer support service to assist traders with their inquiries and provide necessary information. However, since the specific details regarding customer support were not provided in the given information, it is recommended to visit LANLASAKI's official website ( to find their contact information or look for a dedicated customer support section.


In conclusion, LANLASAKI offers a wide range of trading products, ultra-low commission rates, global investment opportunities, convenient account opening, and a fast trading experience. However, there are several disadvantages to consider, including the unauthorized regulatory status, lack of specific information about account types, absence of a demo account, limited customer support information, absence of educational resources, and the lack of the popular MT4/MT5 trading platform. Traders should carefully evaluate these factors and consider their individual needs and preferences before deciding to engage with LANLASAKI as their trading platform of choice.


Q: What trading products are available on LANLASAKI?

A: LANLASAKI provides a diverse range of trading options, including Japanese stocks, U.S. stocks, foreign exchange (forex), and currency trading options.

Q: Is LANLASAKI a regulated platform?

A: LANLASAKI's regulatory status is described as unauthorized.

Q: Does LANLASAKI offer a demo account for practice trading?

A: Unfortunately, there is no information available regarding the availability of a demo account on LANLASAKI.

Q: How can I contact customer support on LANLASAKI?

A: LANLASAKI does not provide specific information about its customer support services.

Q: What deposit options are available on LANLASAKI?

A: LANLASAKI accepts multiple deposit options, including USD, RMB, and HKD.

Q: Does LANLASAKI support the popular MT4/MT5 trading platform?

A: LANLASAKI's trading platform is described as AppGlobalEasy software, and there is no mention of support for the widely used MT4/MT5 trading platform.

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more than one year
This trading platform is absolutely amazing! I love the variety of trading products they offer, especially the ability to trade Japanese and U.S. stocks, which allows me to easily invest in different markets. The low commission fees and convenient account opening process are also a big plus for me. Their trading platform is incredibly user-friendly and provides fast order execution, allowing me to seize market opportunities quickly. Overall, I am extremely impressed with this trading platform and highly recommend it to other traders!
2023-06-25 14:37
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