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Yuanta Financial Holdings

Taiwan|2-5 years|
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+886 2-2586-5859
104 台北市中山区南京东路三段219号11楼


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+886 2-2586-5859


+886 (02)2718-5886

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Yuanta Financial Holdings Co.

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Yuanta Financial Holdings

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Pyramid scheme complaint

Induced Fraud

I have been on the platform for 3 months, which is manipulated at different times to make you earn disproportionately, they make you recharge as much as possible with USDT through exchanges and at the same time they only allow you to make 3 small withdrawals, at the time of concluding the investment in the currency of GAS NATURAL, I am preparing to withdraw my profits plus the money invested $26,000, money from credit cards and bank loans, customer service informs that I must pay 10% to the Taiwan Ministry of Finance in taxes on the profits which is 289,000 USDT, I have to pay approximately 28,000 USDT, the taxes were paid when trying to withdraw the money again due to a series of payments and requests for extensions valued at 500 USDT, they deducted the amount of 50 points and now that I want to withdraw my money they do not allow me because I must restore my credit points, they require that 5000 USDT be canceled to restore my credit points. I consider myself completely scammed because at the moment the investment advisor who offered me to invest In the GAS NATURAL currency, I was not told the rules of the platform, I was told at what time to carry out the transactions by purchasing 600 seconds and generating profits on the cryptocurrencies purchased in USDT, deposited by exchange transfer to the platform account. Service The client is informed that if I do not restore my credit points, the USDT earned plus the money that was lent for the purchase of USDT will be donated to charity. You select the language. Once registered, you enter the platform. The platform environment. The platform on which they work. Currencies. In my case, the investment advisor induced me to invest in the GAS NATURAL currency. You buy 600 seconds and wait for the results, your profits accumulate, and the platform's investment advisor tells you the time and date on which to operate, that way You always win, the platform is designed to obtain from the user all the available funds, in the effort to try to comply to be able to withdraw all the money invested, everything possible is done to meet the customer service demands, They paid extensions for 500 USDT, the account was also unfrozen by paying an additional 500 USDT, from the beginning they do not explain the rules of the platform, they make you fall into loopholes so that you cannot cancel the amounts within the deadlines established by them and take your money and the supposed profits, I met the platform's advisor on a tik tok in which she shares her LINE ID, you contact her and she begins to induce you to fall into the platform's trap.

2023-09-25 13:18

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more than one year
Thank you guys for always helping me grow my portfolio with steady profits every month. All services offered by Yuanta Financial Holdings significantly save time and allow you to organize your work with maximum comfort and efficiency which is important for trading. And of course, good technical support.
2023-03-14 16:53
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