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Previous Detection : 2023-02-06
  • It has been verified that this broker currently has no valid regulation. Please be aware of the risk!
  • The number of the complaints received by WikiFX have reached 15 for this broker in the past 3 months. Please be aware of the risk and the potential scam!

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Pyramid scheme complaint
Unable to withdraw

Assetsclaimback warning fraud

My name is Steve from Germany. Assetsclaimback Investigation of Potential CIass Action Against Online Trading Platform Providers SHANGQUAN FX claims to be number one among them I opened a real account with Shangquan fx ON 6TH NOVEMBER 2021, untill today I have been depositing for 21700$ though I have lost about 10,000USD through the positions opened. I have tried to request to withdraw part of the money amounting 7800USD, but I didnt get any response form them. I made a request on 9th April 2022

2022-11-17 04:28

Assetsclaimback Inc is scam

Assets claim back( ) inc from Austria. This company is scam. They post their advertisements on several forums. They scam me 105300$. The contact person from assetsclaimback is Andre simone(whatsapp is 61480048673. ) I was scammed by Shangquan internation inc by buy CFD. After i check the shangquan internation in website forum. The assestsclaimback has many fake advertisements to show this company can recovery  the lost digital crypto. Actually, this company is second scammer after the clients has first scam experience. How to scam by assetscalimback. First, they ask clients to give the sending address and receiving address from the initial scammer. They say to use blockchain tracking and triangulation technology. Then ask clients to set up old version blockchain wallet. They will ask clients to create new account in blockchain wallet. Also they need to know wallet id and password for that wallet.  Then in old version blockchain wallet, they will set imported address as charge back. In chargeback address, they will show the clients how much fund will recovery.(Note: the money is fake, it is imported from their own wallet) . Then ask the clients to put the 10% deposit because they said the initial scammer set some kind of protocol. If the clients want to get the money back, clients need to 10% deposit.  At this moment, the clients are so nervous and eager to get the money back. It could send 10% deposit. In order to lure the clients, they said they will help the clients and put some funds into deposit if clients don’t have enough money to put. Once clients put the deposit money in, the deposit fund will automatically send to scammer’s own wallet.  But they will show the detaching how many percent in detaching address of blockchain wallet.  Once clients deposit fund into blockchain wallet, the deposit fund from clients will automatically send to assetclamback wallet, because they put script program in the client blockchain wallet. The deposit money will be gone automatically once the amount is reached at some level. After first scam from this company. Then they want to scam me at second time. Because in first scam, assetsclaimback said that they can’t finish the detaching. Assetscliamback told me that he use some kind of technology to get the fund recovery without detaching. Then he asked me to create exodus wallet. And he gave me a link to register exodus wallet in his link. When open the website link which he supplied to me, the link will ask me to fill  12 phrases for the exodus wallet. Once put the 12 phrase from exodus wallet in his website link, he will put his script program in the exodus wallet. Assetclaimback will put his own wallet money which is just shown in client exodus wallet. Then he will ask client to deposit some fund into exodus wallet to take the recovery fund out. Once clients deposit fund into exodus wallet, all money are automatically send out to Assetclaimback wallet.     Assetsclaimback has contracts with me. But the contracts are fake. In contract, the register number for the company doesn’t match their company name which is in the website.  They use fake company to sign the contracts with clients. They use clients’ weak mood and limited knowledge about digital crypto to scam the clients. Please avoid this recovery company.  

2022-11-16 21:25

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    more than one year
    Just completely unhappy so far. I have waited for my withdrawal for too long. I can’t imagine losing my capital here because I don’t think I’ll be able to forgive myself.
    2022-12-13 12:14
    more than one year
    This broker is nothing but a scam. They kept refusing my withdrawal request so impatiently, shutting my phone calls, blacklisting me. I wish they could go to hell.
    2022-12-08 16:55
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