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HolloWay Capital Limited · Company Summary

Key Information Description
Company Name HolloWay Capital Limited
Years of Establishment Within one year ago
Headquarters China
Office Locations N/A
Regulations/Licenses Unregulated
Account Types N/A
Trading Platforms MT4
Customer Support Options Email

Overview of HolloWay Capital

HolloWay Capital Limited is a recently established company based in China. Operating without any regulatory oversight, the company's primary services and offerings remain undisclosed. It is worth noting that their website has become inaccessible since June 2023, with connection attempts resulting in DNS resolution errors. This means that there is no IP address associated with the URL in question, thus preventing any connection.

The company does provide a customer support email address,, for inquiries. However, due to limited available information, details regarding tradable assets, account types, minimum deposits, leverage, spreads, deposit/withdrawal methods, trading platforms, educational content, and bonus offerings are not known.



HolloWay Capital appears to operate without regulatory oversight. Without regulatory supervision, there is no guarantee of the company's adherence to fair practices, investor protection, or financial stability. Additionally, in the event of any issues or disputes, the lack of a regulatory body to turn to for assistance could limit the available recourse for affected individuals.

Risk Warning

Investing or engaging with HolloWay Capital Limited poses significant risks due to the lack of regulatory oversight, inaccessible website, limited transparency, and absence of substantial customer feedback. The absence of regulatory safeguards raises concerns about fair practices, investor protection, and financial stability. The inaccessibility of the company's website impedes information accessibility and communication, hindering the assessment of their offerings and credibility. The limited details provided regarding tradable assets, account types, and minimum deposits contribute to the lack of transparency.


Pros and Cons

An advantage is that HolloWay Capital Limited offers email support as a form of customer communication.

HolloWay Capital Limited presents several disadvantages that potential investors should be aware of. First, the lack of regulatory oversight and transparency raises concerns about the company's operations and adherence to fair practices. Additionally, the inaccessibility of their website since June 2023 limits the availability of crucial information and impedes the assessment of their services. The limited information provided about their offerings, including tradable assets and account types, further adds to the lack of transparency. This lack of transparency and specific details also give rise to potential risks related to investor protection and the uncertainty surrounding the company's financial stability. Lastly, the negative customer feedback on the company without customer support recourse shows the potential inactivity of the company and the dangers of associating with it.

Here is a table of the pros and cons:

Pros Cons
Email Support Lack of regulatory oversight and transparency
Inaccessible website
Limited information about services and offerings
Negative Customer Feedback

Inaccessible Website

The inaccessibility of HolloWay Capital Limited's website since June 2023 raises significant concerns and implications as a broker. The inability to access the website prevents potential clients from gathering essential information about the company's services, trading conditions, and account offerings. It also hampers the ability to verify the legitimacy and credibility of the broker. Without a functioning website, clients are unable to review important documentation, such as terms and conditions, privacy policies, or legal disclaimers, which are crucial for making informed decisions.

The lack of online presence and accessibility can be seen as a red flag, potentially indicating a lack of transparency and professionalism. A reputable broker should maintain an active and accessible website to provide information, support, and transparency to its clients. The unavailability of the website may also hinder the ability to access account-related information, make inquiries, or seek assistance when needed. Overall, the inaccessibility of HolloWay Capital Limited's website poses significant drawbacks for potential clients and raises concerns about the company's trustworthiness and reliability as a broker.

Trading Platforms

The last available evidence of HolloWay Capital Limited's website, it suggests the usage of the popular trading platform MetaTrader 4 (MT4). MT4 is widely recognized and utilized in the financial industry for its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface. It offers a range of benefits, including advanced charting capabilities, customizable indicators, and automated trading options through expert advisors (EAs). With MT4, traders can access a wide range of financial instruments, execute trades efficiently, and analyze market trends effectively. The availability of MT4 as a trading platform can potentially provide users with a familiar and reliable tool to engage in their trading activities.


The clarity of a brokerage's available trading platforms is of paramount importance. A brokerage should provide clear and transparent information about the trading platforms it offers, including their features, compatibility, and any associated costs. Traders rely on this clarity to make informed decisions based on their trading preferences and requirements. Clear communication regarding available platforms ensures that traders can select a platform that aligns with their trading strategies and goals.

Customer Support

HolloWay Capital Limited can be contacted via email for customer inquiries via the designated email address of Customers can utilize this method to reach out to the company and seek assistance or clarification regarding their services or any concerns they may have. Email support allows for written communication, providing a documented record of interactions with the company.


Customer Feedback

There is limited customer feedback available for HolloWay Capital Limited. However, a specific customer review has raised alarming allegations regarding the company. The review cautions against downloading HolloWay Capital Limited's software and citing it as fraudulent. While it is crucial to consider such feedback seriously, the absence of a wider range of customer reviews makes it challenging to form a comprehensive understanding of the overall sentiment towards the company's services.

The lack of substantial customer feedback can be a disadvantage as it limits the ability to assess the experiences, satisfaction, or concerns of clients who have engaged with HolloWay Capital Limited. Additionally, the inaccessibility of the company's website further hinders the availability of information and user reviews.


In conclusion, HolloWay Capital Limited is a relatively new company headquartered in China. However, the lack of regulatory oversight raises concerns about the transparency and reliability of its operations. The company's inaccessible website since June 2023 further limits access to information, hindering the ability to evaluate its services.

The absence of specific details regarding tradable assets, account types, minimum deposits, and other important aspects adds to the lack of transparency surrounding the company's offerings. While email support is available, the limited information provided and the absence of customer feedback make it difficult to assess the company's customer service quality.


Q: What is the regulatory status of HolloWay Capital Limited?

A: HolloWay Capital Limited operates without any regulatory oversight.

Q: Where is the headquarters of HolloWay Capital Limited located?

A: HolloWay Capital Limited has its headquarters based in China.

Q: Are there any office locations specified for HolloWay Capital Limited?

A: No specific office locations have been provided by HolloWay Capital Limited.

Q: What is the website information of HolloWay Capital Limited?

A: The company's website has become inaccessible since June 2023, with connection attempts resulting in timeout errors.

Q: How can customers reach the customer support of HolloWay Capital Limited?

A: The sole method is via the email address of

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HolloWay Capital Limited

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HolloWay Capital Limited

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No Regulation

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Please don’t download HolloWay Capital Limited. It’s pretending to be Holloway Friendly in the UK. In addition, HolloWay Capital Limited pretends to be Holloway Friendly Ai TradeMateFX6 in APP Ai TradeMateFX6. It has been analyzed by professionals and is 100% fraudulent software, so please don’t download it. If there is a man named "Zhou" (Malaysia / join with line) invites you to download, please block him immediately
2023-05-14 15:00
more than one year
So far I haven't taken up trading for real... Still learning through all the tutorials available. And the video tutorials provided really helped in understanding what is forex in general. And it's interesting at least, friends. You could say that it is a more average broker, but they have good platforms and the support is very effective.
2023-03-17 12:20
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