WikiFX Search Plugin Invocation Documentation

This documentation is created to guide developers to build a broker search box on their own website and then open a matched brokers list of in a new window based on the input.

Step 1:Create a Container

Create and append a div in the proper place of <body></body> and assign a unique ID to it, e.g. <div id='div_jiaoyishang'></div>. This div is utilized as a container to ensure the HTML fragment generated by JavaScript code will make the search box on the page visible.

Step 2:Invoke JavaScript Code【Method 1:Basic invocation, modify and configure the URL parameter value】
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<script type="text/javascript" src="" + Math.random()></script>

【Method 2:JavaScript object configuration, to modify the object property values of JavaScript】
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<script type="text/javascript">

var fx = new Object();"div_jiaoyishang";






var script=document.createElement("script");


script.src=""+ +"&width="+fx.width+"&height="+fx.height+"&buttomwidth="+fx.buttomwidth

+"&border="+fx.border+"&color="+fx.color+"&ts=" + Math.random();



Related parameter direction
Parameter Name Parameter Type Required or not Parameter Illustration
id String Yes Specify where the input box is generated, that is the id of the div created in step 2.
width String No Configure the total width of the search box, namely the container width
height String No Configure the total height
buttomwidth String No Width of the button on the left, used to adjust the input box and buttons
border String No Border thickness of the search box can be adjusted according to the overall size of the input box
color String No Background Color

Remarks: Place the JavaScript code mentioned in Step 2 after the div container, the bottom of body is recommend

Practical Case

Instructions: Type the company name or the license number into the search box to enter WikiFX SERP