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A Visit to the Broker Yuanta Futures HK

Great China Hong Kong


A Visit to the Broker Yuanta Futures HK
Great China Hong Kong

Brand Story

Recently Yuanta Securities (Hong Kong) Company Limited (“YSHK”) is committed to commodities and services innovation, combining traditional brokerage business with innovative services, offering high-end wealth management services at the grade of private banking as well as differentiate financial services based on its access points, professional team and financial innovation ability.

In recent years, YSHK actively expands the southeast market and enters local market by merge and joint venture. The broker nurtures its core employees through local brokerage team and will actively expand institutional legal person businesses and integrates with businesses of overseas subsidiaries after obtaining market position. The broker is looking forward to quickly growing with southeast capital market and realize the conglomerates strategies and profit-making goal.


According to the regulatory information, YSHK was located on the 23F, Tower 1, Admiralty Centre, 18 Harcourt Road, Admiralty, Hong Kong. The surveyors visited the broker. The surveyors found Admiralty and visited the broker under the guidance of the regulatory information.

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The surveyors arrived to the 23F by elevator and saw at first the brokers logo and teh reception area. A visitor was communicating with the receptionist. The surveyors looked around the entire office through the glass door. As was estimated, there are about 30 cubicles in the office. It was a pity that the surveyors could not enter the office to take photos. The surveyors found the whole floor belongs to the broker after walking around the aisle.


After going downstairs, the surveyors were unexpected to find on the floor directory on 1F that the broker had an office at Room 1304. Ad was informed, Yuanta Securities and Yuanta Futures were holding subsidiaries of Yuanta Financial Holdings Ltd( Yuanta Holding) whose main cooperate bodies included Yuanta Commercial Bank and Yuanta Securities.


The surveyors then arrived to the door of the broker‘s office and had a full view of the simple and beautiful logo and its bright, clean and spacious reception area. The broker’s logo reflected to the shinning wooden wall, which manifested the lighting of the building was well and the working environment was quite good.


The visit by surveyors confirmed that the real address of Yuanta Futures Hong Kong was the same with its regulatory address. The surveyors browsed over the website and were informed that the broker held three futures exchange license issued by SFC (RN: ABZ023. RN: ABS015 and RN: AXQ690 respectively). Discretion is advised with regard to investment.

Broker Information



15-20 years |Regulated in China Hong Kong |Dealing in futures contracts |Suspicious Overrun |Medium potential risk |
  • Company Name:
    Yuanta Securities (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd
  • Country/region of Registry:
    China Hong Kong
  • Company Abbreviation:
  • Official Email:
  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:
  • Customer Service Number:


15-20 years | Regulated in China Hong Kong | Dealing in futures contracts | Suspicious Overrun | Medium potential risk |
  • Company Name: Yuanta Securities (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd
  • Company Abbreviation: Yuanta
  • Country/region of Registry: China Hong Kong
  • Official Email:
  • Twitter:--
  • Facebook: --
  • Customer Service Number:0085235557878

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