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    The FBS 2021 Year in Review

    Abstract:Resilience and commitment were key to overcome the year's challenges.

      FBS, an international trading broker, sums highlight of this outgoing year up. In 2021, the world was tested once again, demonstrating our resilience and ability to overcome challenges. Despite all difficulties, the FBS yearly results turn to be great. In this light, FBS has prepared a special video to share its achievements with everyone.


      The year of new heights

      It was a vivid year for FBS, which has become even more powerful thanks to its new traders and partners. Currently, 21 000 000 traders joined FBS. Also, FBS clients opened over 500 800 000 orders and earned $740864 599 during 2021. The annual total trading volume of FBS is $8 974 589 830 000. The numbers are really huge and show the brokers reliability and prosperity.

    The year of cooperation

      FBS has widened its collaboration with talented and outstanding people united by common goals and vision. In May 2021, FBS became the Official Principal Partner of Leicester City Football Club. The partnership commemorates the mutual vision of the two teams. The growing strength of Leicester City and the unique capabilities of FBS to make trading accessible to everyone yielded results. The various joint contests and interesting activities were held for FBS clients and LCFC fans. And it is only the start of this three-year journey.

      In addition, FBS found a new brand ambassador, Kan Kantathavorn in South East Asia. Famous Thai actor, host, and model has the same ideas and values. Thus, FBS and Mr. Kan aspire to give people more free time to do great things and be with family by earning on trading. A global media campaign started in September 2021 with fascinating videos devoted to the FBS products and promises to bring even more.

    The year of kindness

      FBS never stands aside when it comes to making the world a better place. That is why FBS donates money for charity every year. And 2021 was no exception.

      This year, FBS keeps fulfilling its traders‘ dreams and gives people opportunities to grow themselves and help others in Dreams Come True. One of the FBS traders’ dreams was to support low-income mothers. And FBS sent special kits of clothes and necessities for newborns to its trader who helps those in need since childhood. He has already delivered the packages to several hospitals in the south of Bogota. Now the newborns are surrounded by care, and their moms can breathe a sigh of relief. This event showed how important it never stop dreaming. Thus, FBS share the greatest power of all. The power of helping others.

    The year of rebranding

      FBS keeps improving, becoming more digital and up-to-date to provide clients with the best service possible. Each fresh design element, such as logos, colors, fonts, or blocks, has its meaning to highlight every FBS products uniqueness and make them more recognizable and manageable for users.

      The renewed brand style marks the beginning of an even more client-oriented era in FBS history. The world is developing, more innovations come and go, but something stays unchanged – brokers gratitude to each trader.

    The year of trendy features

      This year, FBS has strengthened the efficiency of its products. Just in 2021, 8 000 000 new traders joined FBS Personal Area while FBS Trader, an all-in-one trading platform, crossed 5 000 000 downloads and new traders.

      Being among the financial market leaders, FBS improved opportunities for stock traders. That is why the list of instruments was steadily updated with new stocks to diversify the portfolio easily. Recently added stocks are listed on London Stocks Exchange and Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

      Also,FBS Trader were updated with Economic Calendar to trade Forex in the most convenient way. Now traders can explore all economic events with no need to google news.

      FBS couldnt ignore the growing crypto market. So, in the FBS Trader app, a Crypto account was launched to trade crypto anytime and try more than a hundred crypto assets. Also, the list is constantly updated with the new and popular crypto like Shiba Inu, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

      As per clients request, trading indicators, Moving Average and Bollinger Bands, were added to FBS Trader. This year pushed the app to a new level.

      In addition, FBS enhanced the learning section and educational materials. Now traders of any level can study trading basics or boost existing skills in the FBS website using special video lessons prepared by financial analysts. Also, FBS launched new Forex courses divided by levels to cover all topics in a few lessons. All the materials, which are articles and webinars, are published daily, and traders can get access to them free.

    The year of socializing

      FBS became more integrated into social media in 2021. This year Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels of FBS Europe were actively spread useful strategies, hot news that made the market volatile, and a variety of contests. The contest‘s winners got signed merch by LCFC and more exclusive gifts. Next year promises to bring even more interesting activities and trading secrets to the FBS Europe’s subscribers.

    The year of awards

      Considering the fruitful year for FBS, new awards were not long in coming. Of course, the experts noticed these achievements. FBS came to the top once again and was awarded by Global Banking & Finance Review and The European Global Banking & Finance Awards with:

    •   Best Trading Platform Asia 2021

    •   Best Forex Broker Thailand 2021

    •   Best Mobile Trading Platform Europe 2021

    •   Best Social Trading Platform Indonesia 2021

    •   Best Mobile Copy Trading Application LATAM

    •   Best Trading Broker in South East Asia 2021

      So, these awards are points of the brokers reliability and versatility because FBS met all the professional judging panel criteria.

      The 2021 year brought a lot of events to the big FBS family, motivating a broker to hit new records!


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