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WeLab Bank Announces the Launch of GoWealth

The digital wealth advisory solution will facilitate the company’s customers. Clients can start GoWealth with a minimum of HKD 100.

News 2022-07-08 17:36

Will Regulation End or Expand BPNL in the UK?

The laws will mandate lenders to carry out affordability checks. The draft law will be published towards the end of 2021.

News 2022-07-08 17:35

FBS Gets an Award as the Best Customer Service Provider from WBO

Over the years, FBS has excelled at the task, having reached impressive client retention.

News 2022-07-08 17:35

The Best Crypto Processors in LATAM

It is refreshing to see the strides in terms of Latin America crypto processors.

News 2022-07-08 17:34

Ntombizodwa Jila Becomes Compliance Executive at IG

She has been working with IG for more than 8 years. Jila previously worked at Absa Group.

News 2022-07-08 17:34

DAX Forecast: Index Tries to Recover Again

The DAX has rallied a bit during the trading session on Thursday as we continue to see signs of life. That being said, the €13,000 level above could offer a little bit of resistance, as it was the previous support level. If we show any signs of exhaustion near the €13,000 level, then I believe that the DAX will drop rather significantly. At that point, the market is likely to test the lows again near the €12,500 level. It will break down below there, then it’s possible that the overall downtrend continues.

News 2022-07-08 17:17

WikiFX Education: How to Take Advantage of the Forex Leverage?

The following article describes the risks of high leverage in the forex market and summarizes ways to offset risky leverage levels.

News 2022-07-08 17:14

Following The Shooting of Abe, The Dollar is Edging Down While The Yen is Rising

The US dollar edged down in early Friday trade in Europe as demand for the safe-haven Japanese yen increased after the killing of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

News 2022-07-08 17:13

Beginners guide to forex trading

So, at his point you have heard a thing or two about trading and you want to get involved, but everything is up and the air and you can't get a clue where to start. Do not worry. I am here to help. I will quickly summarize the important aspects of forex trading and help you get on the right track.

News 2022-07-08 16:44

Inflation rates are rising higher and higher.. what does that mean for us traders

At this point, it is not secret, that the United States economy, one of the largest, in the world is experiencing record-breaking levels of inflation. The effects of this inflation have been felt across the globe as markets and stocks have been what seems to be a downfall. The question is how did we get here and what does that mean for us traders.

News 2022-07-08 16:40

The Most Common Warning Signs Of A Forex Scam

Forex remains a very popular form of investment, but it can be hard to spot the scams online. Take a look at WikiFX’s tips to help you spot legitimate forex trading platforms and avoid getting scammed.

News 2022-07-08 16:34

Crucial Things to Do Immediately After Getting Scammed

Abhorrent internet frauds and crimes have been mushrooming as the internet finance industry develops. The tactics used by syndicate groups are constantly evolving in various forms and scales making it difficult to predict and prevent, let alone for the police to prosecute them.

News 2022-07-08 16:17

How does Ticker Symbol Work in Stock Market?

Knowing an institutions ticker symbol is essential to quickly access any financial and investment-related information about the institutions.

News 2022-07-08 16:04

Don’t Do These Mistakes in Finding Trading Robots!

Many traders like the use of trading robots or expert advisors (EAs) in conducting forex transactions. According to Investopedia, trading robot is a computer program based on a set of trading signals that helps traders to determine whether to buy or sell a currency pair at a given point in time. Moreover, EA can run several tasks at once. Thus, you can still get the results of forex trading without having to monitor for 24 hours straight.

News 2022-07-08 16:02

Here Are 5 Advantages of Forex Trading Compared to Stock Trading

Both forex trading and stock trading are “high risk and high return” investment, there are many advantages offered by forex trading compared to other types of trading, including stocks. Technological advances also have an effect.

News 2022-07-08 16:02

How to Get Consistent Trading Profits

You may often see traders who experience euphoria in winning so they forget the trading management. The main concern of the trader diverts itself is after the market turns the transaction. As a result, traders may experience significant losses after earning a profit. This is because they are too happy and forget to stay focused on getting consistent trading profits.

News 2022-07-08 16:02

Reasons Traders Should Pay Attention to The Economic Calendar

The reason why traders should pay attention to price movements through the Economic Calendar is that they do not lose a crucial moment if you want to get profits consistently. The influence of monetary policy and political policy often makes spontaneous financial market movements. Thus, there is always a change in price movements every hour.

News 2022-07-08 16:02

Trader Must Know These Forex Trading Terms

When you decide to learn forex trading, there are many terms and abbreviations in the trading process that make you confused. However, there are only a few basic terms that are important for you to know.

News 2022-07-08 16:02

How to Make a Profitable Investment in Stock Trading

When you start to consider making a good investment through stock trading, the first step to learn which stock is the best can be overwhelming and intimidating. However, investing through stocks is not that difficult, once you understand how to do it in the right way.

News 2022-07-08 16:02

Trader: Which Online Trading You Should Trade

Nowadays, there are many ways of online investment that are available to open up greater profit opportunities. Those of you might still confused in making the right investment and trading options, you can choose the types of online trading that suit you the most.

News 2022-07-08 16:02
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