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2019-07-04 20:19 Released in Hong Kong China Hong Kong China

Rakuten Securities is a unreliable platform

I didn’t want to expose the platform at first, but I am really angry when I saw Rakuten Securities’ s score rank at No. 7. I would like to share you my sad story related to this platform. I deposited in the account on 2 Jan., 2019, when the server have been offline for several hours. When I asked for explanations, the employees made no reply. The server went back to normal on 3 Jan. before the market opened and when the market opened, a mega JPY move showed up. Now I should tell you what shameless things they did. First, the platform said there was a fixed spread in 95% of a day. However, pay attention to the rest of 5% when spreads were unfixed and big movement happened with unimaginable big spreads. I mean, when the market opened on 3 Jan., you had to pay a service fee of over 1,500 dollars if you traded one hand USDJPY. Is it exciting? This is the first shameless thing they did. Second, When there were big movements in the market, they would close trading. It is impossible for them to stop doing something before wipe out your account. When you got profits, you didn’t expected to sale orders, and when you lost, you couldn’t cover and lock position. There was nothing you could do. When your account wiped out, the platform could close out the orders. The market movement depends on its will. Third, They will give you cold shoulder when you are caught into problems. They will pass the buck with an excuse of mobility. Is it shameless for the platform to deny the evidence? The trading journal won’t tall lies. The above are enough. Keep away from it, everyone!


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