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2023-12-06 06:25 Released in United States United States

Scaming with partners and clients

Hope you are doing well, my name is Waqas Khan marketing director Drforexofficial and we have also some sites like I used to work for forex as sales Team leader till 2020 in Cyprus . I am writing as I personally experienced unethical activity from Squared Financial. Below I will try to share exact details and I have all evidence , including linkedin conversation with BDM, CEO, CFO and also I called on their support but so far I am not able to get answer showing proof of any illegal activities but just Whatsapp communication from BDM that I will get email from compliance.
We opened CPA(cost per account) with them in September as I was approached by M Aysraful BDM through LinkedIn . Aysraful offered CPA and we reached to an agreement , through Whatsapp communication we continued our partnership and we were able to send 5 ftds which were qualifed as per agreement . October 15th once It was time for payment Aysraful mentioned that I missed point and I need to send at least 10 ftds to get paid as per agreement . I checked agreement once again and agreed for same , following month I was able to send 11 Ftds out of 10 were qualified .
November 15 came but again I didn't get paid , once I follow up with Aysraful he start telling me that your clients used same IP so your clients are abusers. I request to send me proof for same , but instead providing proof I am keep only getting message that compliance will send me an email . It's been 20 days I didn't get any email showing illegal activities from clients and I didn't get paid for no reason . Meanwhile they send me email end of November that my partner account got deactivated.
I sent 3 emails to support , compliance , complaint and adding CFO but no answer yet .
I have shared articles on different sites and shared same on my LinkedIn , got to know with different sources that they didn't pay many partners also recently few clients approach me and mentioned that their withdrawals stuck with Squared.

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