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2023-11-12 14:05 Released in  Taiwan Taiwan

When I joined, they said it would be no problem to withdraw money, but when I applied for a withdrawal for the first time, I was not allowed to withdraw it.

1. I opened a Pepperstone account in Taiwan on September 20 this year (as shown in screenshot 1). At first, they said there would be no problems with the withdrawal (as shown in screenshot 2).
2. The stored value account is from Pepperstone (as shown in screenshots 3 and 4)
3. On October 31, I wanted to withdraw money for the first time, but the system refused to allow it. I asked the manager why I couldn’t withdraw it. He said that it was because the partner applied for withdrawal restrictions at their headquarters and asked me to pay the service fee first. At first, both parties said that there would be no problem in withdrawing the funds, so I opened an account and the investment consulting company only paid the service fee after the withdrawals were made. Our customers have no idea what the agreement between them is. If they say they limit withdrawals, they will limit withdrawals. The customers have no idea at all, and there is no protection of their rights at all. I originally planned to withdraw part of the balance and then ask the company to calculate the service fee payable. As a result, both companies directly modified the original rule of withdrawing first and then paying the service fee without informing the customer in advance, leaving the customer completely unaware. Under certain circumstances, it is impossible to withdraw, and even the withdrawal is restricted to be completed at one time. (Such as screenshot 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 15)
4. My principal and profit are all in Pepperstone, and the total balance on the ledger is US$1,702,913.69. The company actually said that if I don’t withdraw it before November 15th, the system will erase my money. How can such a big company be? Treat customers this way? Are you protecting your customers? According to Pepperstone's account manager, doesn't Pepperstone have a British FCA license? Even investors outside the UK can get the same compensation protection as British residents? (Such as screenshot 12 13 14 16)
5. Request coordination and processing by Pepperstone to return the balance of US$1,702,913.69 in my account in order to pay the service fee of NT$9.64 million to the partner investment consulting company.
6. The number of uploaded images is limited, so only some screenshots can be uploaded. Thank you for your coordination.

Unable to withdraw

The following is the original recommendation


1. 本人在台灣今年9月20日開立激石帳戶(如截圖1),當初都說儲值提領都不會有任何問題(如截圖2)
2. 儲值帳戶是激石的(如截圖3 4)
3. 結果10月31日第一次要提領出金,系統就不讓提領,問經理為什麼不能提領,他說因為合作方向他們總部申請提領限制,要我先繳納服務費才能提領,天啊,當初雙方都說提領沒問題,才信任開戶操作,投顧公司也都是提領完才繳納服務費,我們客戶根本不知道他們雙方有什麼約定,二方片面說限制提領就限制提領,客戶完全都不知道也無事先告知,客戶一點權益保障都沒有。我本來就是打算提領出部分餘額,再請公司計算應繳納的服務費,結果雙方公司竟直接修改原先的先提領後再繳納服務費的規定,未事先告知客戶使得客戶在完全不知情的情況下致使無法提領,甚至還限制只能一次提領完畢。(如截圖5 6 7 8 9 10 11 15 )
4. 本人的本金及盈利均在激石公司,總計帳上餘額為1702913.69美元,公司竟然說在11月15日以前不提領,系統就會把我的錢抹掉,這麼大的公司是這樣對待客戶?有在保護客戶嗎?依激石的客戶經理說的,激石不是是有英國F C A牌照,即使是英國以外的投資者,也可獲得和英國居民同等的賠償保護嗎?(如截圖12 13 14 16)
5. 請求協調處理激石返還本人帳上餘額1702913.69美元,俾便繳納合作方投顧公司服務費新台幣964萬元。
6. 受限上傳圖片數量,故僅能上傳部分截圖,感謝協調處理。

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