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2023-04-04 01:17 Released in Australia Australia

Unable to withdraw money, the address on the official website is fake, and this company cannot be found at all

I transferred 30,000 US dollars on the platform one after another. When I was about to transfer money out, the customer service informed me that the account was abnormally prohibited from withdrawing money, and 30% of the total assets of the account should be transferred as asset verification. After I transferred 30% of the funds as required , the customer service informed me that the asset verification was unsuccessful, and asked me to transfer another 30% before I could withdraw the money. I realized that this brokerage might be a black platform. I followed the website address to find the business office of this company, but the The address does not have this company at all. I sent an email to the customer service, but the customer service did not tell me the exact address. Expose this platform to avoid more people being scammed

Unable to withdraw

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