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2021-06-24 20:52 Released in Hong Kong Hong Kong

Unable to withdraw

Recently, many users reported that Blackwell Global was unable to withdraw funds for more than a week. Contacting customer service did not solve the problem of withdrawal, and repeated applications to the company and said that it would be resolved. They have been told that the money is my living expenses, and I still have to live, but still not giving money, it really affects my life. In terms of time, Powerway Blackwell encountered the problem of delayed withdrawal of gold in early May. After a month of fermentation, investors finally couldn't bear it and looked for a solution to withdraw gold through multiple channels. According to data, Powerway is still operating in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The domestic team has left quietly. Among them, the active market leaders should have made enough money in the Blackwell digital currency at the beginning of the year. There is no more figure now, and I don’t know if it’s on a small Southeast Asian island, enjoying the happy days.

Unable to withdraw

The following is the original recommendation


近日有多位用户反馈,博威Blackwell长达多周无法出金,联系客服不解决出金问题,多次向公司申请都说会解决。已告知他们这些钱是我的生活费用,我还要生活,依然不给出金,实在影响生活。 从时间上来看,5月初博威Blackwell就遇到了延迟出金的问题,经过一个月的发酵,投资者终于耐不住了,通过多种渠道寻找出金的方案。 资料显示,博威目前在香港和台湾仍然有在经营,国内的团队已经悄无声息的离开,其中活跃的几个市场负责人,在年初的Blackwell数字货币中,也应该是赚够了钱,现在已经没有了身影,不知道是不是在哪个东南亚小岛,享受着快乐的鸟日子。

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