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Previous Detection : 2024-05-30
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Stockbit Options · Company Summary

Aspect Information
Company Name Stockbit Options
Registered in China
Regulation Unregulated
Payment Methods Cryptocurrency only (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Dogecoin)
Trading Software Proprietary software claimed, but appears to be another broker's platform
Trading Conditions Lack of specific information on account types, spreads, and leverage
Customer Support


Stockbit Options, an unregulated company based in China, presents a concerning profile across various critical aspects. Its exclusive acceptance of cryptocurrency payments, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and Dogecoin, adds to the opacity surrounding its operations, exacerbating the lack of regulatory oversight. The claim of proprietary trading software rings hollow as users discover it resembles another broker's platform, casting doubts on the broker's credibility. Additionally, the absence of detailed information on trading conditions, coupled with unresponsive customer support via email (, leaves investors in the dark, further compounded by the currently inaccessible website. These factors collectively contribute to a worrisome impression, suggesting caution and skepticism towards engaging with Stockbit Options.



Stockbit Options operates as an unregulated entity within the financial markets.The absence of regulatory oversight poses inherent risks to investors, as there are no established guidelines or protections in place to safeguard their interests. Without regulatory supervision, there's a lack of transparency and accountability regarding the company's operations, potentially exposing investors to fraudulent activities or unfair trading practices. Furthermore, the absence of regulatory oversight means there's no recourse for investors in case of disputes or grievances. As such, individuals should exercise caution and conduct thorough due diligence before engaging with Stockbit Options or any unregulated financial entity to mitigate the associated risks.


Pros and Cons

Stockbit Options presents a mixed bag of advantages and disadvantages for potential investors. While the absence of regulation raises concerns about transparency and investor protection, the broker's acceptance of cryptocurrency payments may appeal to some users seeking anonymity. However, the lack of clarity on trading conditions and the deceptive presentation of trading software detract from the platform's credibility. Additionally, the unresponsive customer support and inaccessible website further compound user frustrations and raise doubts about the broker's reliability.

Pros Cons
  • Acceptance of cryptocurrency payments
  • Lack of regulatory oversight
  • Deceptive presentation of trading software undermines credibility
  • Unresponsive customer support adds to user frustrations
  • Inaccessible website complicates user experience and raises doubts

Trading Conditions

When evaluating Stockbit Options, it becomes evident that the lack of specific information regarding trading conditions raises concerns about the transparency and reliability of the firm. The absence of details regarding account types and trading software further adds to the ambiguity surrounding the trading experience offered by Stockbit Options.

To assess trading conditions, it's crucial to consider several factors:

  1. Minimum Deposit: Typically, the standard minimum deposit in the industry ranges around $250 or even less for micro accounts, which may require approximately $10 USD.

  2. Spreads: Competitive spreads are essential for minimizing trading costs. Look for spreads less than 2 pips, with raw spreads usually around 0.1 pips. However, be aware that some brokers may charge commissions in addition to spreads.

  3. Leverage: Leverage magnifies both profits and losses, increasing risk. Regulatory bodies often impose leverage caps to protect investors, such as 1:30 for the EU and the UK, and 1:50 for the US. Investors seeking higher leverage may explore offshore subsidiaries of regulated forex brokers, but should be aware of the increased risk associated with it.

Deposit & Withdrawal

Stockbit Options lacks transparency regarding its accepted payment methods, leaving potential investors in the dark about how they can fund their accounts. Upon registration, it became apparent that the broker exclusively accepts cryptocurrency payments, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and Dogecoin. However, it's crucial to note that cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible and offer anonymity, making them susceptible to misuse, particularly with untrustworthy brokers like Stockbit Options.

Deposit & Withdrawal

Trading Platforms

Stockbit Options purports to offer its proprietary trading software, claiming it to be superior within the industry. However, upon closer examination, it becomes apparent that the platform provided for preview purposes is merely a version of another broker's software, devoid of any connection to Stockbit Options. This deceptive practice, coupled with the absence of essential trading information such as spreads and leverage, underscores the lack of transparency and credibility associated with the broker.

Trading Platforms

Furthermore, after registration, users report a conspicuous absence of any trading platform within their profiles, whether it be WebTrader or a download link. These findings strongly suggest that Stockbit Options may not be operating with integrity or legitimacy.

Given these concerning observations, it is strongly advised to steer clear of Stockbit Options. Instead, investors are encouraged to seek out reputable brokers that offer industry-standard platforms like MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 (MT4 and MT5). These platforms are favored by most reputable brokers for their extensive features and user-friendly interface, catering to both novice and experienced traders alike.

MT4 and MT5 boast features such as Expert Advisors, enabling automated trading based on preset conditions. Additionally, their user-friendly nature makes them accessible to traders of all skill levels.

Although MT4 and MT5 are no longer available for download on Apple devices due to their removal from the AppStore, they remain accessible for Android users via the Google Play Store. Despite this limitation, existing users can continue to utilize the platforms without further updates. Overall, MT4 and MT5 offer a versatile and secure trading experience across multiple devices, making them a preferred choice for many traders.

Customer Support

The customer support provided by is lacking in several key areas, leaving much to be desired for clients seeking assistance or resolution to their issues. Communication channels are often unresponsive, with emails frequently going unanswered for extended periods or receiving generic, unhelpful responses that fail to address the specific concerns raised by users. Additionally, the lack of alternative contact methods such as phone support or live chat further exacerbates the frustration experienced by clients attempting to reach the support team.


Stockbit Options presents a concerning picture across various aspects, starting with its lack of regulation, which exposes investors to significant risks due to the absence of oversight. The platform's trading conditions are shrouded in ambiguity, with minimal information provided regarding account types, spreads, and leverage, raising doubts about transparency and reliability. Additionally, the exclusive acceptance of cryptocurrency payments adds another layer of risk, given their irreversible and anonymous nature. The promised proprietary trading software turns out to be a misleading representation, further undermining the credibility of the broker. Moreover, the unresponsive and inadequate customer support, epitomized by, exacerbates the frustrations of clients attempting to seek assistance or resolution. With the website also being inaccessible, these issues collectively paint a stark warning against engaging with Stockbit Options, urging investors to seek out reputable brokers that prioritize transparency, reliability, and customer satisfaction.


Q1: Is Stockbit Options regulated?

A1: No, Stockbit Options operates as an unregulated entity within the financial markets, posing inherent risks to investors due to the lack of regulatory oversight.

Q2: What are the accepted payment methods?

A2: Stockbit Options exclusively accepts cryptocurrency payments, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and Dogecoin, which are irreversible and offer anonymity, raising concerns about security and transparency.

Q3: What trading software does Stockbit Options offer?

A3: Stockbit Options claims to offer proprietary trading software, but upon examination, it appears to be a version of another broker's platform, lacking transparency and credibility.

Q4: Are there any customer support options available?

A4: Stockbit Options provides customer support via email at, but users have reported issues with unresponsiveness and inadequate assistance, highlighting deficiencies in the support infrastructure.

Q5: Is Stockbit Options' website accessible?

A5: Currently, Stockbit Options' website is inaccessible, further complicating user experience and raising concerns about the broker's reliability and operational status.

Broker Information

Company Name

Stockbit Options Trading Services LLC

Company Abbreviation

Stockbit Options

Regulatory Status

No Regulation

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more than one year
Instead of clear answers to my inquiries, I was asked to forward images to the finance department for manual input to resolve issues. This deducts one star from my rating. Another star deduction is due to the chat interface. Several times, when I needed a simple 'yes' or 'no' response, I wasn't sure if customer service was still on the line. I had to type 'Hello' (Are you there?) to avoid a robotic response.
2024-02-29 14:34
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