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Pyramid scheme complaint

I was Invited to this platform by my friend

A netizen living in Singapore said that it was a regulated platform at first, so he tried to make a deposit for the first time and made a small profit after making a small profit. Then he took the initiative to teach me how to withdraw money and made another deposit of 1 million yen for 2 small profits. After making a small profit, I plan to try to withdraw money This platform is unreliable and the withdrawal was rejected. The platform said that my trading lot was not enough. I tried to complete the transaction by myself. After the platform stipulated the lot, the platform said that I did not have enough time to hold the order when I traded. The rapid rise exceeded 35 points on other platforms during the same period. After I broke my position, I contacted a netizen and he said that he knew that there was a problem with this platform. He said that he was a big liar by using the loopholes of this black platform to make money. During the transaction, he said that he planned the market and I followed It’s good that the two transactions are profitable. I asked him how to estimate the amount of profit. He said that he has inside information. His uncle at the Banking Regulatory Bureau gave him inside information every time, so he knows the entry of stable profits. Trading time and liquidation time At this time, I felt cheated. I found out that this platform is not supervised by Tianyan, and questioned him. He still quibbles. I hope you really don’t believe that others will lead you to earn foreign exchange and guarantee money.

2023-04-18 08:08


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