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BMO Capital Markets

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BMO Capital Markets · Company Summary

BMO Capital Markets Basic Information
Company Name BMO Capital Markets
Founded 2001
Headquarters United Kingdom
Regulations FCA(Exceeded)
Products and Services Foreign exchange, trade finance, treasury management, corporate lending, securitization, public and private debt and equity underwriting, advisory services, capital raising, carbon credit development & trading
Customer Support +1 844-837-9228
Education Resources Equity and economic research, corporate debt strategy, insights into global metal markets, macroeconomic forecasts, investment strategies

Overview of BMO Capital Markets

BMO Capital Markets, the investment banking subsidiary of the Bank of Montreal (BMO), operates as a prominent financial services provider with a significant presence in the United Kingdom and globally. Founded in 2001, it has developed a comprehensive suite of services that cater to a diverse clientele, including corporations, institutional investors, governments, and individuals. The firm is recognized for its expertise across a broad spectrum of financial disciplines, ranging from treasury and market risk management to corporate lending and equity underwriting.

The firm‘s operations extend across various segments of the capital markets, including advisory services, capital raising, and the development and trading of carbon credits, showcasing its adaptability to evolving market demands and sustainability trends. Additionally, BMO Capital Markets is distinguished by its commitment to delivering industry-leading research, sales, and trading capabilities, which are complemented by its efforts in sustainable finance and treasury services. Despite its comprehensive offerings, prospective clients should note that while BMO Capital Markets holds a license from the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for specific advisory activities, its forex trading operations fall outside the scope of this regulatory oversight. This distinction highlights the importance of diligence for those engaging with the firm’s services, particularly in areas not covered by its FCA regulation.

BMO Capital Markets‘ approach is characterized by a focus on building enduring relationships with its clients, aiming to contribute to their long-term success through tailored financial solutions and insightful market analysis. However, the firm's unregulated forex trading activities prompt a need for caution among potential clients, emphasizing the necessity of thorough risk assessment when considering the firm’s services in the unregulated aspects of its operations.

Overview of BMO Capital Markets

Is BMO Capital Markets Legit?

BMO Capital Markets operates within the regulatory framework of the United Kingdom's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under license number 170937. However, it's important to note that this license is categorized under the Investment Advisory License, which does not cover forex trading activities. Potential clients and traders should be aware that while BMO Capital Markets is regulated for certain types of financial activities, its operations related to forex trading exceed the scope of its FCA regulation. This situation introduces a level of risk, as the specific forex trading activities may not be subject to the stringent oversight, protections, and compliance standards enforced by the FCA for regulated financial activities. Prospective clients are advised to consider this regulatory limitation when evaluating the risks associated with trading forex through BMO Capital Markets.

Is BMO Capital Markets Legit?

Pros and Cons

BMO Capital Markets, with its wide-ranging financial services and global reach, presents a mixed landscape of opportunities and challenges for its clientele. On the one hand, its comprehensive suite of services, including corporate lending, equity underwriting, and a full range of advisory services, positions it as a versatile partner for various financial needs. Additionally, its dedication to sustainable finance and industry-leading research reflects a forward-thinking approach that aligns with modern investment trends. On the other hand, potential clients must navigate the firm's regulatory landscape carefully, especially considering its forex trading activities are not covered under its Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulation in the UK. This regulatory nuance introduces a level of risk that necessitates a cautious approach by those looking to engage with the firm's services.

Pros Cons
  • Comprehensive suite of financial services
  • Forex trading activities fall outside FCA regulatory oversight
  • Focus on sustainable finance and advisory services
  • Potential risks associated with unregulated forex activities
  • Industry-leading research and market analysis

Products and Services

BMO Capital Markets provides a wide range of financial services and products, covering various aspects of the financial sector. Their offerings include foreign exchange, trade finance, treasury management, corporate lending, securitization, and the underwriting of public and private debt and equity. This broad array of services indicates the firm's capacity to handle diverse financial needs and transactions.

The firm extends its portfolio to advisory services, capital raising, and carbon credit development & trading, indicating its participation in modern financial activities and sustainability initiatives. BMO Capital Markets serves a global clientele, suggesting its involvement in international banking and trade finance.

Institutional investing, investment products, market risk management, research & strategy, and treasury services form part of its comprehensive suite, aiming to support clients through various financial mechanisms and market analyses. The inclusion of sustainable finance points to an awareness of environmental and social governance (ESG) factors in its operations.

However, as a financial entity, BMO Capital Markets operates within a complex and regulated environment, where services and offerings are subject to market risks, regulatory changes, and the inherent uncertainties of the financial markets.

Products and Services

Customer Support

BMO Capital Markets provides customer support through a dedicated contact number, +1 844-837-9228, ensuring clients have direct access to assistance for their inquiries or concerns. This line serves as a primary channel for clients to communicate with BMO's team of professionals, whether for support regarding services, products, or any other queries related to their capital market needs. The availability of a specific phone number for customer support highlights BMO Capital Markets' commitment to maintaining open lines of communication with its clients, aiming to deliver timely and effective solutions to enhance their overall experience with the firm.

Educational Resources

BMO Capital Markets offers a wide array of educational resources focused on research and strategy across various sectors, including equity and economic research, corporate debt strategy, and fixed income currencies & commodities (FICC). Their resources are noted for their quality and independence, aiming to provide clients and investors with insightful analysis and investment strategies.

The firm's research and strategy content is expansive, covering topics such as equity research, economics, corporate debt strategy, and insights into global metal markets through publications like “Metal Matters.” These materials are crafted by experts within BMO Capital Markets, such as commodities analyst Colin Hamilton and Chief Investment Strategist Brian Belski, among others. Their analyses delve into current market trends, macroeconomic forecasts, and the implications of global events on investment strategies.

Podcasts and detailed reports on specific sectors like metals provide a deeper understanding of market dynamics, offering listeners and readers up-to-the-minute insights. The coverage extends to macroeconomic horizons with perspectives on inflation expectations, North American economic outlooks, and rates scenarios, catering to a diverse audience interested in understanding financial markets and investment opportunities.

For clients seeking in-depth knowledge on investment research and strategies, BMO Capital Markets directs them to their proprietary research in areas such as equity research, economics, and FICC. This commitment to educational content underscores the firm's dedication to equipping clients with the necessary information to make informed investment decisions.

Educational Resources


BMO Capital Markets, with its comprehensive array of financial services ranging from corporate lending to equity and debt underwriting, caters to a wide client base including corporations, institutional investors, and government agencies. While it boasts a robust advisory service, capital raising capabilities, and a focus on sustainable finance, potential clients should carefully consider its regulatory status, especially regarding forex trading activities not covered by its Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulation. This mix of extensive service offerings against the backdrop of regulatory nuances presents both opportunities for diverse financial solutions and challenges in navigating the unregulated spaces of its operations.


Q: What is BMO Capital Markets' regulatory status for forex trading?

A: Holds an FCA license for certain activities, but forex trading services exceed this regulated scope.

Q: What services does BMO Capital Markets provide?

A: Offers financial services including treasury management, corporate lending, advisory services, and sustainable finance guidance.

Q: Does BMO Capital Markets engage in sustainable finance?

A: Yes, it offers services and guidance in sustainable finance, focusing on environmental and social governance initiatives.

Q: Does BMO Capital Markets offer investment insights?

A: Provides extensive market research and strategic insights, including equity and economic research.

Q: How can customer support be contacted at BMO Capital Markets?

A: Through their provided customer support number +1 844-837-9228 for any inquiries or assistance.

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BMO Capital Markets Limited

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BMO Capital Markets

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United Kingdom

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  • +1 844-837-9228



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