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Royal Capital

Hong Kong

5-10 years

Regulated in Hong Kong

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MT4/5 full license

Chinese market only

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License Index 7.15
Business Index 7.22
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Software Index 7.02
Regulatory Index 7.12
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Royal Capital

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Hong Kong

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  • The number of the complaints received by WikiFX have reached 8 for this broker in the past 3 months. Please be aware of the risk and the potential scam!
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    Royal Capital · Company summary

    General Information & Regulation

    Royal Capital is a precious metal trading operator registered in Hong Kong under Royal Capital British Group, which specializes in providing professional spot gold and spot silver online trading services. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong, China, with offices in New York, London, and Paris. This company provides customers with an advanced online trading platform, accompanied by rich and detailed market information, including global financial news, experts' analysis articles, and videos for the gold market, and famous investment tutorials, to help investors understand and stay close to the market trends, seize investment opportunities. The company currently has an AA license for the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange

    Market Instruments

    This provides precious metals: gold and silver, which are quoted in accordance with international practices, market information is transparent, and two-way transactions are available for 24 hours, with a minimum of $150 to enter the market. The minimum single transaction size of London Gold and London Silver is 0.05 to 5 lots, and the single maximum transaction size is 10 lots.

    Royal Capital Minimum Deposit

    Royal Capital offers four types of accounts: Mini Account ( with a minimum deposit of 300 USD), Standard Account ( with a minimum deposit of 1,000 USD), Superior Account ( with a minimum deposit of 3,000 USD), and Supreme Account (with a minimum deposit of 20,000 USD).

    Royal Capital Leverage

    The initial margin set Royal Capital of London Gold is 3000 USD per lot, and the market margin is 6000 USD per lot. The initial margin for London silver is $1800 per lot, and the market margin is $3600 per lot.

    Spreads & Commissions

    Commissions are free, and spreads are charged. Gold spreads are US$50 per lot, and silver spreads are US$200 per lot. The mini accounts London gold rebate is 8 USD/lot, and the London silver is rebate 10 USD/lot. The London Gold & London Silver rebates for standard accounts are both USD 10 per lot. The Loco London Gold and London Silver rebates for the Premier Account are both US$12 per lot. The London gold rebate in the excellent account is US$12/lot, and the London silver rebate is US$15/lot. The overnight interest is shown in the table below:

    London Gold/Silver Mini Account Standard Account Superior Account Supreme Account
    Long 1.25% 1.2% 1% 1%
    Short 0.75% 0.7% 0.5% 0.5%

    Royal Capital Trading Platform

    Royal Capital provides users with an MT4 trading platform, which has the advantages of zero slippage, direct access to the market, and safety and stability. The platform supports PC, the mobile terminal (Apple iOS & Android version).

    Deposit & Withdrawal

    Royal Capital accepts traders to fund their account through payment methods including Alipay and online banking transfers, the minimum deposit is $50, and there is no withdrawal discount.

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    Lil Ken
    more than one year
    Royal Capital is a complete liar, I always have serious slippage when trading, and it is the slippage that causes me to lose money! Such frequent occurrences cannot be explained by coincidence.
    2023-02-24 11:42
    more than one year
    This so-called royal capital is a complete liar! It declares to be regulated, with several attractive conditions... But all that is a bait to scam your money!! It is recommended that you check the wikifx website for information such as complaints and feedback before trading to prevent problems before they happen.
    2022-11-25 09:35
    何 璞
    more than one year
    Totally a scam!!! Once you make profit, they will suspend your account! You will never have any chance to profit from them! Don’t waste your valuable time of such a fraud platform!
    2022-11-22 13:40
    more than one year
    Royal capital, you guys must sharpen your eyes! This platform shamelessly ate your money, it will not audit your account when you have a loss. If you start to make a profit, they will suspend your account to stop you from trading by the excuse of audit the account. just stay away from it, don’t waste your time and money here !!!
    2022-11-22 10:11
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