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Lloyds Bank · Company Summary

Aspect Information
Company Name Lloyds Bank
Registered Country/Area Untied Kingdom
Founded Year 2017
Regulation Unregulated
Products & Services Personal,Business,Private banking,International banking
Account Types Private banking:Private Banking Accounts,Mayfair Banking AccountsInternational banking:International current accounts,International savings accounts
Fees Monthly fee for international current account,$10
Demo Account Available
Payment Methods Bank transfer,Online trading by Lloyds bank plc
Customer Support Phone:08000563099,0808 202 1390;Online support center

Overview of Lloyds Bank

Lloyds Bank, established in 2017 in the United Kingdom, is an unregulated financial institution offering a broad range of products and services including card solutions, working capital, financing, international trade, and risk management.

Despite its lack of formal regulation, the bank provides potential clients with the opportunity to test its offerings through a demo account.

Lloyds Bank supports various payment methods such as bank transfers and its own online trading platform. Customers can access support via multiple phone lines (08000563099, 0808 202 1390) or through an online support center, ensuring assistance is readily available for their banking needs.

Overview of Lloyds Bank

Regulatory Status

Lloyds Bank, as described, is unregulated, which means it does not fall under the oversight of any formal financial regulatory body.

This lack of regulation may affect the level of protection and recourse available to customers compared to those banking with regulated entities.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Diverse Financial Products Unregulated
Demo Account Availability Recently Established
Multiple Payment Methods Limited Global Presence
Accessible Customer Support Potential for Limited Protection
Specialization in Trade Reliance on Online Trading


  1. Diverse Financial Products: Offers a wide range of services including card solutions, working capital, financing, international trade, and risk management, meeting varied customer needs.

  2. Demo Account Availability: Provides a demo account, allowing potential customers to try services before committing, which can help in making informed decisions about their financial management.

  3. Multiple Payment Methods: Supports various payment methods, including bank transfers and online trading, offering flexibility in how transactions can be conducted.

  4. Accessible Customer Support: Offers multiple contact methods, including dedicated phone lines and an online support center, ensuring that help is readily available when needed.

  5. Specialization in Trade : Particularly beneficial for businesses involved in international trade, providing specialized services to manage and mitigate financial risks.


  1. Unregulated: The lack of regulatory oversight may raise concerns about safety and reliability of services, which could be a significant drawback for cautious investors and customers.

  2. Recently Established: Being founded in 2017, it lacks a long track record, which will concern customers looking for proven stability and long-term reliability in their banking choices.

  3. Limited Global Presence: As a UK-based entity, international customers will face limitations or lack the same level of access and convenience as local customers.

  4. Potential for Limited Protection: Without regulation, there will be less consumer protection in dispute resolutions and safeguarding of funds, which could be a critical risk factor for customers.

  5. Reliance on Online Trading: Reliance on online trading and digital transactions could be problematic during technical failures or cyber security incidents, potentially impacting accessibility and security of customer funds.

Products & Services

Lloyds Bank provides a large amount of services to its users.

Personal Banking

Current Accounts: Lloyds Bank offers a variety of current accounts to suit different customer needs, such as basic accounts for everyday banking and premium accounts that offer additional benefits like insurance covers and higher interest rates.

Savings Accounts: A range of savings options are available to help customers achieve their financial goals, whether they are saving for a special occasion, a big purchase, or just for a rainy day. Each account has specific features tailored to different saving strategies and needs.

Mortgages: Lloyds provides a variety of mortgage products including fixed-rate, tracker, and variable mortgages, tailored to first-time buyers, home movers, or those looking to remortgage. They offer exclusive discounts for Club Lloyds members and provide a comprehensive online mortgage calculator to help potential borrowers estimate their loan amounts.

Loans and Overdrafts: Personal loans are available for consolidating debt, home improvements, or financing big purchases. Overdrafts provide a safety net, allowing customers to borrow through their current accounts as needed.

Credit Cards: Customers can check their eligibility for various credit cards without impacting their credit score. Lloyds offers cards suited for balance transfers, purchases, or earning rewards, each with different benefits and interest rates.

Products & Services

Insurance Products: Home insurance is tailored with three levels of cover—Bronze, Silver, and Gold—and customers can benefit from a discount when purchasing online. Other insurance products also cover a range of needs, from travel to car insurance.

Investment Services: Investment options include Ready-Made Investments where customers can choose a risk level and invest a minimum amount monthly. The Ready-Made Pension is designed for those looking towards retirement, combining the ease of a managed portfolio with the flexibility of online access.

Products & Services

Business Banking

Business Accounts: Tailored to different business needs, these accounts help manage finances effectively, whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise. Features often include online banking, overdraft facilities, and dedicated account managers.

Business Loans and Overdrafts: Designed to provide the necessary capital for growth or operational needs, these products come with flexible repayment terms to suit various business cycles.

Savings Accounts: Business savings accounts offer competitive interest rates to help businesses grow their surplus funds securely.

Business Banking

Credit Cards: Business credit cards offer a convenient way to manage company expenses, providing benefits such as cashback and travel rewards, while helping improve cash flow management.

Merchant Services: Lloyds Bank Cardnet provides a range of options for businesses to take payments online, over the phone, or face-to-face, facilitating smooth financial transactions with customers.

Insurance and Risk Management: Products designed to protect businesses from risks and liabilities, including coverage for property, liability, and employee-related risks.

Business Banking

Private Banking

  1. Mayfair Banking Service: This premium service caters to high-net-worth individuals offering bespoke financial solutions including high-level investment advice, personalized wealth management, and dedicated banking managers.

Private Banking Service: It excludes personal pensions or property investments. Clients benefit from a personal telephone relationship with a dedicated relationship manager who understands their financial needs and expectations, ensuring personalized service and advice.

  1. Wealth Management and Financial Advice: In partnership with Schroders Personal Wealth, this service provides access to expert financial advisors who are committed to helping clients realize their financial goals through strategic planning and bespoke investment solutions.

  1. Specialist Services: Includes specialized lending options for unique or complex borrowing needs and estate administration services to handle all financial, legal, tax, and personal matters that arise following a bereavement.

  1. Dedicated Banking Services: Clients of Lloyds Private Banking enjoy a higher level of personal service. Each client is assigned a relationship manager who provides tailored financial solutions and prioritized customer service to manage their comprehensive banking needs efficiently.

Private Banking

International Banking

  • International Current and Savings Accounts: Designed for clients who need to manage money in multiple currencies, these accounts offer flexibility for those living, working, or investing abroad.

  • Fixed Term Deposits: Customers can enjoy guaranteed interest rates by locking funds for a set period, with options available in multiple currencies.

  • Foreign Exchange Services: Lloyds offers expert assistance in managing foreign exchange risks with competitive rates and no fees for international money transfers.

  • Private Banking for High Net Worth Individuals: Tailored services for affluent clients including comprehensive wealth management and advisory services, aimed at optimizing the financial health and growth of international assets.

International Banking

Account Types

Lloyds provides many accounts for different products.

Private Banking

In Private Banking at Lloyds Bank, the account types are designed to cater to individuals with significant assets and complex financial needs. Here are the main types of accounts offered within their Private Banking sector:

Private Banking Accounts at Lloyds Bank

  • General Private Banking Accounts:

Designed for customers managing significant sums, these accounts offer a higher tier of service. Clients receive personalized attention through a dedicated relationship manager. The service focuses on providing effortless day-to-day banking, exclusive products with enhanced rates, and rewarding benefits.

  • Club Lloyds Private Banking Current Account:

This specialized account caters to those who value direct, personal communication and expert management of their financial affairs. Account holders are assigned a named contact available via telephone who oversees all banking needs and facilitates introductions to specialist partners as required.

  • Interest Rates:

An attractive interest rate of 1.50% AER (1.49% gross p.a.) is offered on balances from £1 up to and including £3,999.99.

For any part of the balance from £4,000 up to and including £5,000, the interest rate increases to 3.00% AER (2.96% gross p.a.).

It's important to note that no interest is earned on any part of the balance of over £5,000.

The account provides 24/7/365 telephone support, ensuring that help is always just a phone call away, regardless of the time or day.

Account Types

Mayfair Banking Accounts

The Mayfair Banking Current Account offered by Lloyds Bank Private Banking is designed to cater to high-net-worth individuals with comprehensive, premium-level banking services.

  • Personal Banking Relationship:

    • Account holders enjoy a personal relationship with a dedicated Private Banking Manager who oversees day-to-day banking needs and provides tailored financial advice.

  • Interest Rates:

The account offers competitive interest rates tiered based on the account balance:

1.50% AER (1.49% gross p.a.) on balances from £1 up to and including £3,999.99.3.00% AER (2.96% gross p.a.) on the balance from £4,000 up to and including £5,000.2.35% AER (2.33% gross p.a.) on any amount over £5,000.

Interest is calculated at a variable annual rate and paid monthly.

Mayfair Banking Accounts

International Banking

In the International Banking sector of Lloyds Bank, many distinct types of current accounts are designed to meet the needs of international clients.

International Current Account

It contains two types of account.

  1. International Current Account

This account offers flexibility in three major currencies: Sterling, Euro, and US Dollar, each accompanied by a Visa debit card.

There's a monthly fee of £7.50, €8, or US$10 depending on the currency. Key features include free international transfers (subject to certain charges from other banks) and 24/7 access to funds via Internet Banking.

To qualify, individuals need a sole annual income of £50,000 or £25,000 in savings (or currency equivalents).

International Banking
  1. Premier International Current Account:

This premium account is designed for affluent clients and carries no monthly fee. It offers free international payments and the flexibility of handling funds in Sterling, Euro, and US Dollar without exchange fees.

Eligible clients must either deposit and maintain £100,000 or have a sole annual income of £100,000 with the ability to maintain the same amount in savings within 12 months.

Premier International Current Account

International Saving Account

It contains three types of accounts.

  1. International Instant Saver Account

This account provides flexibility with instant access to funds without losing any accrued interest. It allows customers to make new deposits at any time and comes with the convenience of managing the account through PhoneBank or Internet Banking.

There are no minimum or maximum deposit limits, making it an ideal choice for those seeking flexibility and immediate access to their funds.

International Saving Account
  1. Fixed Term Deposits

Aimed at customers looking for a guaranteed return over a specific period, this account offers fixed interest rates for terms ranging from 1 month to 1 year. Interest rates can go up to 4.80% AER/Gross for Sterling, 4.50% for US Dollars, and 3.55% for Euros.

It requires a minimum deposit of £10,000/US$10,000/€10,000 and restricts withdrawals until the term ends, making it suitable for those who do not need immediate access to their money.

Fixed Term Deposits
  1. Money Market Call Account

This account is designed for those who wish to save in major currencies with the flexibility of a variable interest rate linked to the money markets.

It offers instant access to funds and the ability to make new deposits at any time, with a minimum deposit requirement of £10,000 (varies for other currencies).

Interest is paid monthly for Sterling, Euro, and US Dollar accounts, and semi-annually for other currencies, offering a practical solution for higher net worth individuals or businesses managing larger sums.

Money Market Call Account

How to Open an Account?

Opening an account with Lloyds Bank can be a straightforward process. Heres how you can do it in three simple steps:

1. Choose the Right Account Type:

Start by visiting the Lloyds Bank website to explore the different types of business accounts available. Select the account that best fits your business needs, whether it's a standard business account, an international banking account, or a specialized account for startups or larger corporations.

2. Apply Online:

Once you have chosen your preferred account type, you can apply directly online. This typically involves filling out an application form with your business details, financial information, and identification documents. Ensure all information is accurate to prevent any delays in processing.

3. Verification and Activation:

After submitting your application, Lloyds Bank may require additional documents or details to verify your business and personal information. Once verification is complete, your account will be activated, and you will receive your account details and instructions on how to use online banking facilities, along with any associated cards and chequebooks.

How to Open an Account?


For Lloyds Bank's accounts that specifically provide data on fees, here are the details:

  1. International Current Account:Monthly fee £7.50 for the Sterling account, €8 for the Euro account, and US$10 for the US Dollar account.

  2. Premier International Current Account: No monthly fee is charged for this account.


Customer Support

Lloyds Bank offers comprehensive customer support through various channels to assist with inquiries and issues:

  1. Phone Support:

  1. You can reach Lloyds Bank customer service via multiple dedicated phone lines. For general inquiries, customers will use numbers like 08000563099 or 0808 202 1390. These lines are typically available during business hours, and some may offer extended hours for specific banking services.

  1. Online Support Center:

  1. Lloyds Bank provides an online support center that includes FAQs, troubleshooting guides, and detailed information on all banking products and services. This platform allows you to find quick answers to common questions and submit support tickets if needed.

  1. Branch Visits:

  1. For personalized assistance, you can visit a local Lloyds Bank branch. In-person support is beneficial for complex issues like loan applications or setting up business banking services.

  1. Digital Banking Assistance:

  1. If you encounter issues with online or mobile banking, Lloyds Bank offers specific support services to help troubleshoot problems related to digital platforms, ensuring secure and efficient banking transactions.

Customer Support


Lloyds Bank provides a comprehensive range of financial products and services tailored to meet the needs of both personal and business customers. With robust support options available via phone, online, and in branches, Lloyds ensures accessibility and assistance are readily available.

Whether you're starting a new business or looking to manage international trade, Lloyds Bank offers solutions that can be customized to fit your requirements, emphasizing security, flexibility, and customer service.


Question: How can I apply for a business account with Lloyds Bank?

Answer: You can apply for a business account online through the Lloyds Bank website. Select the type of account that suits your business needs, fill out the application form with the required details, and submit it for processing.

Question: What types of business accounts does Lloyds Bank offer?

Answer: Lloyds Bank offers a variety of business accounts including standard business accounts, accounts for startups, international banking accounts, and specialized accounts for larger corporations.

Question: Is there a demo account option available at Lloyds Bank?

Answer: Yes, Lloyds Bank provides a demo account feature, allowing prospective customers to explore banking services and features before committing to opening a full account.

Question: What should I do if I need help with online banking?

Answer: For assistance with online banking, you can contact Lloyds Bank customer support through their dedicated phone lines, access the online support center, or visit a local branch for in-person help.

Question: How can I ensure that my transactions are secure with Lloyds Bank?

Answer: Lloyds Bank employs advanced security measures to protect online and mobile banking transactions.

Broker Information

Company Name

Lloyds Bank plc


Lloyds Bank

Regulatory Status

No Regulation

Platform registered country and region

United Kingdom

Customer Service Email Address

Company Summary

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