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Maxitrade · Company Summary

Aspect Information
Registered Country/Area Poland
Company Name MaxiTrade
Regulation Not regulated
Minimum Deposit Starter Account: $500
Maximum Leverage Up to 1:200
Spreads Mini Account: Typically from 3.8 pips
Standard Account: Typically from 3.3 pips
Silver Account: Typically from 3 pips
Gold Account: Typically from 3 pips
Platinum Account: Typically from 2.3 pips
Trading Platforms xCritical Online Platform
Tradable Assets Shares, Cryptocurrencies, Indexes, Forex,
Commodities (Goods)
Account Types Starter, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, VIP
Islamic Account Available upon request
Customer Support Phone, Skype, Email, Claims and Disputes
Payment Methods Bank Wire Transfers, Visa, Mastercard,
E-wallets (Skrill, Neteller)
Educational Tools Limited to no comprehensive educational
resources provided


MaxiTrade, a forex broker based in Poland, operates without the essential regulatory oversight that reputable authorities like the CFTC or FCA provide, raising significant concerns about its legitimacy and investor protection. With a relatively high minimum deposit requirement of $500 for the Starter Account and a maximum leverage of up to 1:200, the broker targets traders with a promise of potential profit, but its spread values, which start from 3.8 pips for the Mini Account, may not be as competitive as other brokers in the market. Furthermore, MaxiTrade's limited educational resources fail to support traders in improving their skills and knowledge. While it offers a range of tradable assets and account types, including the option for Islamic accounts, the absence of regulatory accreditation and a lack of comprehensive educational materials make it a less-than-ideal choice for traders seeking a secure and transparent trading experience.



MaxiTrade is a forex broker that lacks regulatory accreditation from recognized authorities like the CFTC or FCA. This absence of oversight has raised concerns about its legitimacy. Traders have reported issues such as fund withdrawal difficulties, unexpected fees, and subpar customer service, questioning the broker's transparency and reliability.

MaxiTrade has also faced criticism for aggressive marketing, targeting inexperienced traders with promises of high returns without adequately disclosing the risks. This approach raises concerns about potential exploitation of novice traders.

In summary, MaxiTrade operates without reputable regulatory oversight, has a history of alleged unethical practices, and may not be suitable for traders seeking a trustworthy and secure trading experience. It is advisable to choose a regulated and reputable forex broker instead.


Pros and Cons

MaxiTrade offers a diverse range of trading instruments and a tiered account system, but its lack of regulatory oversight, allegations of unethical practices, aggressive marketing tactics, and limited educational resources may deter some traders from considering it as their preferred broker. Traders are encouraged to exercise caution and explore regulated and reputable alternatives for a more secure and transparent trading experience.

Pros Cons
Diverse Range of Trading Instruments Lack of Regulatory Oversight
Tiered Account System Allegations of Unethical Practices
Maximum Leverage Aggressive Marketing Tactics
Convenient Deposit and Withdrawal Options Limited Educational Resources
xCritical Trading Platform

Market Instruments

The broker offers a wide range of trading instruments to cater to the diverse needs of investors and traders. These instruments encompass various asset classes, providing opportunities for different trading strategies and risk profiles.

  1. Shares: MaxiTrade allows traders to buy and sell shares in various publicly listed companies. Shares represent ownership in a corporation and are a common choice for investors seeking to benefit from dividend income and potential capital appreciation. This offering enables traders to participate in the equity markets and potentially profit from the performance of individual companies.

  2. Crypto: The broker also offers access to the cryptocurrency market, where traders can trade digital currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and others. Cryptocurrencies have gained popularity as speculative assets and digital stores of value, and they provide opportunities for traders to profit from price fluctuations in this volatile market.

  3. Indexes: MaxiTrade provides access to various stock market indexes, allowing traders to speculate on the overall performance of a specific market or sector. Popular indexes include the S&P 500, NASDAQ, and FTSE 100. Trading index instruments can be an effective way to diversify portfolios and hedge against market volatility.

  4. Forex: The broker offers Forex trading, which involves buying and selling currency pairs in the foreign exchange market. Traders can trade major, minor, and exotic currency pairs, making it one of the largest and most liquid financial markets globally. Forex trading is known for its high liquidity and potential for profit in both rising and falling markets.

  5. Goods: MaxiTrade allows traders to access the commodities market, where they can trade various goods such as oil, gold, silver, and agricultural products. Commodities can serve as hedges against inflation and geopolitical uncertainties, making them attractive assets for diversification.


Here is a detailed table summarizing the trading instruments offered by MaxiTrade:

Market Instrument Description
Shares Trading ownership in publicly listed companies
Crypto Trading digital currencies like Bitcoin (BTC)
Indexes Speculating on market or sector performance
Forex Trading currency pairs in the forex market
Goods Trading commodities like oil, gold, and more

This table provides a clear overview of the diverse trading instruments available through MaxiTrade, allowing traders to select the assets that align with their investment objectives and strategies.

Account Types


MaxiTrade offers a tiered system of trading accounts tailored to meet the diverse needs and preferences of traders, ranging from beginners to seasoned professionals. These account types are designed to provide various features and services that cater to different trading levels, allowing traders to choose the one that aligns with their capabilities and objectives.

  1. Starter Account: This entry-level account is ideal for newcomers to the world of trading and investments. It requires a minimum initial deposit of $500, making it accessible to those with limited capital. Despite its lower deposit requirement, the Starter Account offers essential services to help traders immerse themselves in the market and potentially grow their investments.

  2. Bronze Account: Designed for more experienced traders, the Bronze Account necessitates a minimum initial deposit of $4,001. This account type offers additional tools to enhance profitability, including access to high-quality trading signals provided by professional analysts. It caters to individuals who seek to take their trading to the next level.

  3. Silver and Gold Accounts: The Silver and Gold accounts are suitable for traders who are ready to invest larger amounts, starting at $15,001 for Silver and $60,001 for Gold. These accounts provide even greater profit potential and come with benefits like priority handling and 24/7 trading signals from professional analysts. They are well-suited for traders seeking to maximize their trading capabilities and benefits.

  4. Platinum and VIP Accounts: These accounts are designed for wealthy and experienced traders who are looking for super profitable trading opportunities. With a minimum initial deposit of $100,001 for Platinum and $500,000 for VIP, these accounts offer the full spectrum of analyst services and access to private webinars with market experts. They provide exclusive advantages for high-net-worth individuals seeking premium trading experiences.

Traders also have the option to convert any account type into an Islamic account, ensuring compliance with Islamic financial principles.

Here is a summarized table of MaxiTrade's tiered trading account types:

Account Type Minimum Initial Deposit Features and Benefits
Starter $500 Suitable for beginners, essential services for market immersion
Bronze $4,001 Additional tools, high-quality trading signals
Silver $15,001 Larger profit potential, priority handling, 24/7 trading signals
Gold $60,001 Enhanced benefits, ideal for experienced traders
Platinum $100,001 Super profitable trades, full analyst services, private webinars
VIP $500,000 Premium trading experience, access to market experts

MaxiTrade's tiered account system ensures that traders can choose the account that best aligns with their financial capabilities and trading goals, creating a personalized trading experience.


MaxiTrade offers a maximum trading leverage of up to 1:200 to its clients. This leverage ratio signifies that for every unit of capital invested by a trader, they can potentially control a position in the market that is 200 times larger. In other words, if a trader has $1, they can trade with the potential market exposure equivalent to $200.

The primary purpose of leverage in trading is to amplify both potential gains and potential losses. While it can enhance profit potential when market movements are favorable, it also escalates the risk of significant losses if the market moves against the trader's position. Therefore, traders should exercise caution and use leverage judiciously, considering their risk tolerance, trading strategy, and market conditions.

A leverage ratio of 1:200 is relatively high and provides traders with the ability to trade larger positions with a comparatively smaller amount of capital. It is commonly used in various financial markets, including forex and some commodities and indices trading. However, traders should always be mindful of the risks associated with high leverage and use risk management tools, such as stop-loss orders, to help protect their trading capital.

Spreads & Commissions

MaxiTrade offers a diverse range of spreads and commissions that vary depending on the chosen trading account type. These spreads, presented in pips, represent the difference between the bid (sell) and ask (buy) prices of a particular currency pair or asset. Additionally, the broker applies a rolling commission for positions that remain open and are extended to the next trading day. Here's a breakdown of the spreads and commissions:

Spread Values:

  • Mini Account: This account type features spreads that typically start at 3.8 pips for currency pairs like AUD/CAD and vary across different assets.

  • Standard Account: Standard accounts offer competitive spreads, typically starting at 3.3 pips for the same currency pair and varying across other assets.

  • Silver Account: For Silver account holders, spreads begin at around 3 pips, offering traders tighter spreads compared to the Mini and Standard accounts.

  • Gold Account: Gold account holders enjoy even tighter spreads, usually starting at 3 pips, providing more cost-effective trading conditions.

  • Platinum Account: Platinum account holders benefit from the lowest spreads, often starting at just 2.3 pips, making it the most favorable option for traders looking for highly competitive spreads.

Rolling Commission:

MaxiTrade implements a rolling commission for positions that remain open and are extended to the following trading day. The commission rate typically ranges from 0.005% to 0.015% of the transaction size, varying depending on the specific asset being traded. For cryptocurrency trades, the commission is fixed at 0.5%. These commissions are charged at 00:00 GMT and are associated with the use of leverage when keeping positions open overnight.

It's important for traders to carefully consider the spread and commission structures associated with their chosen trading account type and the assets they intend to trade. These factors can significantly impact the overall cost of trading and should be factored into a trader's strategy and risk management plan. Additionally, traders should refer to the broker's official documentation or contact customer support for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding spreads and commissions.


Deposit & Withdrawal


MaxiTrade ensures that the process of making deposits and withdrawals is both convenient and efficient for its clients. The broker offers a variety of funding options to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of its traders. These options include:

  1. Bank Wire Transfers: Traders can initiate deposits and withdrawals through bank wire transfers, which are known for their reliability and security in transferring funds.

  2. Visa and Mastercard Payment Cards: MaxiTrade accepts payments using Visa and Mastercard payment cards, making it convenient for traders to use their credit or debit cards for transactions.

  3. E-wallets: The broker provides e-wallet solutions, including Skrill and Neteller, offering clients a swift and digital means of funding their trading accounts and withdrawing profits.

Trading Platforms

MaxiTrade offers the xCritical Online Platform, a top-rated trading tool for European traders. It provides access to 180+ assets, supports custom portfolio creation, and offers precise risk management with limit orders. Traders can analyze detailed trade history and leverage Autochartist for market insights. The platform also enables trade blocking and replication.


For mobile trading, MaxiTrade presents the xCritical Trading Application, mirroring the desktop's full functionality. It offers real-time quotes, visual chart analysis, one-click trading, limit order management, and account control. Available on Android and iOS, it ensures traders stay connected and manage trades on the go. MaxiTrade delivers a versatile trading experience with these platforms.


Customer Support

Customer Support at MaxiTrade is easily accessible through various channels, ensuring that clients can seek assistance when needed. Traders can reach out to the support team using the following contact options:

Phone: Clients can contact MaxiTrade's customer support by dialing +48 221 530 624.

Skype: For inquiries and assistance, traders can connect with the broker via Skype using the address

Email: General inquiries and support requests can be sent to

Claims and Disputes: In case of claims or disputes, clients can contact the dispute resolution department at

MaxiTrade values prompt and efficient customer support, aiming to assist traders with their queries, concerns, or issues effectively. Whether it's technical assistance, account-related questions, or any other trading-related matter, the support team is available through these contact channels to provide assistance in a professional and neutral manner.


Educational Resources

MaxiTrade does not appear to offer extensive educational resources. This means that the broker may not provide a wide range of educational materials, such as webinars, tutorials, articles, or courses, to help traders improve their knowledge and skills in the financial markets.

Lack of educational resources could potentially be a limitation for traders, especially for those who are new to trading or seek to expand their understanding of various trading strategies and market analysis techniques. Traders often find value in educational materials provided by brokers to enhance their trading proficiency and make informed decisions.

It's essential for traders to consider their educational needs and preferences when choosing a broker, as access to quality educational resources can significantly contribute to a trader's success and confidence in the financial markets. If comprehensive educational materials are essential to your trading journey, you may want to explore other brokerage options that offer a more robust selection of educational resources.


MaxiTrade, an unregulated forex broker, raises significant concerns due to its lack of accreditation from recognized regulatory authorities like the CFTC or FCA. This absence of oversight has resulted in numerous issues reported by traders, including withdrawal difficulties, unexpected fees, and subpar customer service. The broker's aggressive marketing tactics, particularly targeting inexperienced traders with promises of high returns while downplaying risks, further cast doubt on its credibility and ethics.

In summary, MaxiTrade's lack of reputable regulatory oversight, history of alleged unethical practices, and potential exploitation of novice traders make it a less-than-ideal choice for those seeking a trustworthy and secure trading experience. Traders are advised to consider regulated and reputable forex brokers instead to ensure their investments are safeguarded and their trading experiences are transparent and reliable.


Q1: Is MaxiTrade a regulated forex broker?

A1: No, MaxiTrade is not regulated by recognized authorities like the CFTC or FCA. It operates without reputable regulatory oversight.

Q2: What trading instruments does MaxiTrade offer?

A2: MaxiTrade provides a variety of trading instruments, including shares, cryptocurrencies, indexes, forex, and commodities like goods.

Q3: What is the maximum leverage offered by MaxiTrade?

A3: MaxiTrade offers a maximum trading leverage of up to 1:200, allowing traders to potentially control positions 200 times their invested capital.

Q4: What are the available account types at MaxiTrade?

A4: MaxiTrade offers tiered trading accounts ranging from Starter to Platinum and VIP accounts, catering to traders with varying levels of experience and capital.

Q5: Does MaxiTrade offer educational resources?

A5: No, MaxiTrade does not appear to provide comprehensive educational resources, which may be a limitation for traders seeking educational materials to enhance their trading knowledge and skills.

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