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MT4/5 Identification

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BrokerzLtd-Demo MT4
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+44 2039948811

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Brokerz LTD

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BROKERZ · Company Summary

Regulation and general information

BROKERZIt was started in 2013 and is a registered Forex and CFD broker in Bulgaria. BROKERZ it is not currently subject to any effective regulation.

market instruments

investors can trade CFDs, shares, commodities and indices on the platform BROKERZ . It is true that BROKERZ offers investors fewer asset classes to trade than most dealers.

Minimum Deposit and Account Types

there are four trading account options available on the platform BROKERZ : classic (with a minimum deposit of $250), gold (with a minimum deposit of $5,000), platinum (with a minimum deposit of $15,000) and vip (with a minimum deposit of $50,000).


leverage of BROKERZ

the maximum trading leverage offered by BROKERZ it is relatively high, reaching up to 1:500 for forex instruments, when it comes to trading leverage. Inexperienced traders are not recommended to use such a high level of leverage, as leverage can amplify both profits and losses.

Spreads and commissions

the eurusd spread on the platform BROKERZ it is 3 pips, which is almost double the industry standard. Most brokers offer EURUSD spreads between 1.1 pips and 1.5 pips. high spreads mean that the cost of trading on the platform is significantly higher for investors, so investors must use the trading platform BROKERZ With precaution.

trading platforms

BROKERZit offers three trading platforms for traders to choose from namely mt4, webtrader and mobile trader. mt4 is currently the most popular trading platform, with powerful charting tools and a large number of technical analysis indicators, a user-friendly interface, ea support and auto trading.

deposit and withdrawal

BROKERZsupports a variety of payment methods such as credit/debit cards (visa, mastercard, diners club), bank transfers, etc. For more information on payment methods, please visit your account.

Broker comments

pros and cons of BROKERZ

the advantages of BROKERZ include:

1. Three trading platforms to choose from

2. Four types of accounts available

3. Educational resources

the advantages of BROKERZ d include:

1. No regulation

2. Fewer tradable assets

3. High spreads

4. High minimum deposit requirements

5. Real-time customer service is not supported

Account Opening and Account Types

account types BROKERZ

surely, after what we have just told you about BROKERZ , you will want to work as soon as possible with this support. it is not for less. The first thing you should do is register on this website.

The registration process is very simple:

  • enter the support website BROKERZ .com, in the upper right, we can see a tab that says registration.

  • Click on the registration tab and we can start the process.

  • Add the information requested, that is, name, surname, email address and password. The email is essential, so that we can verify our account and start operating properly.

Once we have done this process, we have the opportunity to choose between several different types of accounts, which are the following:



we can get hold of this account BROKERZ making a deposit of 250 dollars and with which we will have a daily information and research session.

It also offers us video tutorials, so that we learn to operate and the possibility of making our movements both through the computer and with the mobile.



It is the second account that we have available in BROKERZ and the one that is aimed at somewhat more experienced traders. Here, we practically have the same platform services as in the previous account.

Although 3 fixed pips are added if we operate in currency pairs made up of euros and dollars and also, the possibility of taking seminars and webinars.

Logically, these additional services have a higher cost, for this reason, to have this account, you have to deposit $3,000.



in this case, the minimum initial deposit to acquire this account BROKERZ is $10,000. we have available all the tools and services that we have explained in the gold account.

Of course, being an account for much more experienced traders, we will have the possibility of having a general account manager.

We will also receive messages about current news from the financial sector and trading signals.



the most complete account that offers us BROKERZ and for this reason, the one we have to put more deposit, being 20,000 dollars.

We will have the same services that are included in the Platinum account, but in addition, we will also have personalized customer service and premium analysis of the markets.

demo account

besides all these accounts, BROKERZ It allows us to create a demo account.

with the demo account of the app BROKERZ we can familiarize ourselves with the software beforehand before we start trading with our real money. an account that we can easily open from the application's own website.


the website of BROKERZ It is full of information and is quite straightforward and easy to navigate. this is always a great advantage as information and transparency exude confidence in traders. we had access to the trading platform, we were able to see the spread and leverage, as well as the potential commission.

However, we did not find any information about the regulatory status of the broker which is inclined to believe that the brokerage does not comply with any regulations. This is a huge problem, as mentioned, as it jeopardizes the safety of clients' funds and casts a shadow of doubt on any potential dealings with said broker. Since we believe security is paramount, we suggest potential traders head for better and safer options that we have linked to throughout the review.

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more than one year
So, I'm using BROKERZ for a while now, and suddenly I couldn't access my account. It just went dead on me...
2024-02-23 10:52
more than one year
I did not get any withdrawal for me, they are deceitful, never be deceived by them, I am talking about an experience, I repeat, they are criminals. Do not enter this company. I will look for any legal action to take my money. They took 2400 I did not get any withdrawal for me, they are deceitful, never be deceived by them.
2023-03-23 12:30
more than one year
I was deceived by BROKERZ. They told me they would be able to get my money back but they ended up being a big scam. Be careful out there guys!
2023-02-22 17:36
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