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United Kingdom|2-5 years|
Regulated in Australia|Suspicious Regulatory License|MT4/5 White Label|Regional Brokers|Australia Appointed Representative(AR) Revoked|High potential risk|


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MT4/5 Identification

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SICHCapital-Demo MT5
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The WikiFX Score of this broker is reduced because of too many complaints!


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United Kingdom

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Previous Detection : 2023-12-07
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  • The number of the complaints received by WikiFX have reached 11 for this broker in the past 3 months. Please be aware of the risk and the potential scam!

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Pyramid scheme complaint
Unable to withdraw

I have to pay tax first when I withdraw money. Is there such a situation?

I made a profit of more than 50,000 US dollars in this broker, and my application for withdrawal was approved, but I have to pay taxes before they can remit the funds to me. Is this a trick, but I am applying for two withdrawals. One is to apply for 10,000 US dollars in digital currency. The 10,000 US dollars from my netizen has received. I feel that this netizen is lying to me. I applied for international remittance for the remaining 56,629 US dollars. The broker also send me an email to tell me that the withdrawal has been approved, but the money has not arrived. The next day, the dealer's customer service told me that I should apply for tax payment first before remitting my funds to me.

2022-02-01 01:19

I was asked by fxkovner customer service to pay taxes to its partner account in Canada. After that, it was determined by the Canadian police to be a scam. The money cannot be recovered.

On January 22 of this year, I was asked by fxkovner customer service to pay the remaining $30,000 of the more than $270,000 capital gain tax as soon as possible (I had already paid 240,000 of the more than $270,000), and fxkovner wanted to convince me This is not a scam, provided me with an account of its partner company in Canada, saying that I transfer the money to this gwxu reno. Inc (Gwxu construction and decoration company) in Toronto, Canada, which is the same as transferring it to fxkovner capital holding group, (gwxu reno inc. will transfer the money to the fxkovner platform after receiving my money), it is also considered that I have paid personal income tax, When I went to my bank for wire transfer, I was asked by the customer service of fxkovner not to indicate that it is to pay personal income tax when the remittance is used, but to write purchase building material (for the purchase of building materials). I can only follow the customer service of fxkovner global capital. I did as I asked and went to the bank to remit the money, but the next day I was told by fxkovner customer service to quickly go to my bank to cancel the remittance (but it was too late, my bank has remitted the money to GWXU Reno inc as I requested . account), after GWXU received my remittance, it did not transfer it to the platform of fxkovner global capital holding, and the customer service of fxkovner global capital holding did not recognize that I had paid another capital gain tax, (equivalent to the fxkovner platform and it I was deceived into the filth between the Canadian partner L Gwxu reno. Inc.), I reported to the Canadian police hoping to get my money back from GWXU Reno. Inc to pay what fxkovner said was to pay the so-called The remaining part of the capital gain tax, after the Canadian police investigation, informed me that it is impossible to recover the money I remitted to Gwxu reno. INC. from Gwxu reno. INC....

2022-05-19 00:02
Unable to withdraw

unable to withdraw with hidden fees

After several months of trading, I made a few small withdrawals of $3,500 from my account that I received on a wallet. When this account reached $4M, I made a $150K withdrawal. But this withdrawal was conditioned by the payment of an operational fee of 2% of the account amount or $79,715 to be paid within 14 days before a penalty per day of delay of $3,985,75. These fees do not appear anywhere on the site and no negotiation is possible to reach the settlement of this sum. However, settlements were made, the largest of which was $63000 with a third party account but this settlement was rejected and returned. The $20,775 settlement with a registered account was not returned to me. These actions are not normal.

2022-05-25 05:57
Unable to withdraw

Since applying for a $2.18 million withdrawal from fxkovner last year, I have paid more than 250,000 personal income tax and have not been able to withdraw

My trading account number on is 100341. From May to early October last year, I traded foreign exchange and precious metals on (the original platform was called sunton capital holding), with a principal of about 380,000 US dollars and a profit of more than 1.8 million US dollars. , the platform charged me a handling fee of $89,700 for 4 months. When I applied for a withdrawal in mid-October last year, I was told to pay a tax of $272,301 (the platform said that the Canada Revenue Agency authorized them levied on me, I asked the Canada Revenue Agency CRA accordingly, and the answer was that CRA has not given such authorization to any international agency, and my capital gain must be declared and paid to CRA by myself), so I consider fxkovner's request The tax payment for this platform is a disguised deception that is similar to intercepting the underworld (to pass from here on, leaving behind to buy road money), because the platform withheld my principal and profit of more than 2.18 million US dollars, as a prerequisite for the platform to talk about is Pay that $272,301 in taxes, I can only do my best to raise money and pay taxes (for this reason, I have another debt of more than 250,000 US dollars, plus the bank line credit I borrowed before I invested in the fxkovner platform to speculate on foreign exchange, and now I have a total of more than 500,000 US dollars. U.S. dollar debt, line credit), until January 22 of this year, I have paid more than 251,000 US dollars in taxes (among which, on January 22, the customer service of the fxkovner platform asked me to pay taxes to their offices in Toronto, Canada). In the account of a business partner, it is said that I wire money to their partner gwxu reno inc account is the same as wire transfer to fxkovner capital holding account. This partner's company is a construction and decoration company in Toronto. I press At the request of fxkovner's customer service, I transferred USD 8,607 to the gwxu reno inc. account on that day. After two days, I was told that fxkovner could not receive the money from gwxu reno inc., so I immediately went to my bank to apply for a compulsory refund, but for the It's too late, my money has been transferred to the gwxu reno inc account, and fxkovner said that I haven't received the money, I have to continue to pay the remaining taxes, I reported to the Canadian police and hoped that through my bank and gwxu reno inc. The bank recovered my $8,607 and was told by the police that there was no possibility of recovery), I also asked the fxkovner platform about my total principal and profit of $2,182,301, when will I be able to give out the money, and told the platform that I still have debts of nearly $600,000 (more than 700,000 Canadian dollars) (the bank In the form of line credit, the annual interest rate is 6.7%. In the future, as the bank gradually raises the interest rate, the loan interest rate will be higher. The foreign exchange trading account of fxkovner capital holding has also been frozen by the fxkovner platform as early as November last year, and no transactions can be carried out so far. Now my account on showed more than 2.18 million US dollars two weeks ago. It was cleared by fxkovner. I contacted the fxkovner customer service platform again and again to ask for a reply and a reasonable explanation (why did I clear my more than 2.18 million US dollars to 0), and the three customer service accounts no longer responded to my information. I urgently hope to get help from relavant institution.

2022-05-19 23:24

    FXKOVNER · Company Summary

    General Information & Regulation

    FXKOVNER Capital Holding Group Ltd (“FXKOVNER”) is a brokerage firm registered in the UK, managed by a team of experienced management with many years of experience in the trading industry. FXKOVNER Capital Holding Group Ltd currently holds an Appointed Representative (AR) license authorized by ASIC, with regulatory license number: 001294231.

    Market Instruments

    Tradable financial instruments available in the FXKOVNER platform include forex currency pairs, metals, commodities, indices as well as some CFD products.

    Minimum Deposit

    FXKOVNER does not specify its minimum initial deposit requirement.


    No trading leverage information is found on FXKOVNERs official website.

    Spreads & Commissions

    FXKOVNER says it offers highly competitive spreads, and it does not specify spreads on particular instruments.

    Trading Platform Available

    When it comes to trading platforms available, FXKOVNER provides traders with the industry-recognized MT5 trading platform, available on Windows, IOS, Android devices. MT5 is considered the best and most advanced forex trading platform in the world, featuring a user-friendly interface, a large number of built-into indicators, powerful charting tools, EA (Expert Advisors) Supported.

    Deposit & Withdrawal

    FXKOVNER says it provides an extensive range of payment options but does not disclose what payment methods it supports. Some common funding options include Wire Transfer, Credit Card/Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro), as well as Skrill, Neteller, and more.

    Customer Service

    The FXKOVNER official website is available in several languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, as well as Traditional Chinese, and its customer support can be reached through WhatsApp with +447943190051, + 44 7741 044970, Line. And you can also fill in a contact form on its website, then wait to be contacted.

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