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2022-05-19 00:02 Released in Canada Canada

I was asked by fxkovner customer service to pay taxes to its partner account in Canada. After that, it was determined by the Canadian police to be a scam. The money cannot be recovered.

On January 22 of this year, I was asked by fxkovner customer service to pay the remaining $30,000 of the more than $270,000 capital gain tax as soon as possible (I had already paid 240,000 of the more than $270,000), and fxkovner wanted to convince me This is not a scam, provided me with an account of its partner company in Canada, saying that I transfer the money to this gwxu reno. Inc (Gwxu construction and decoration company) in Toronto, Canada, which is the same as transferring it to fxkovner capital holding group, (gwxu reno inc. will transfer the money to the fxkovner platform after receiving my money), it is also considered that I have paid personal income tax, When I went to my bank for wire transfer, I was asked by the customer service of fxkovner not to indicate that it is to pay personal income tax when the remittance is used, but to write purchase building material (for the purchase of building materials). I can only follow the customer service of fxkovner global capital. I did as I asked and went to the bank to remit the money, but the next day I was told by fxkovner customer service to quickly go to my bank to cancel the remittance (but it was too late, my bank has remitted the money to GWXU Reno inc as I requested . account), after GWXU received my remittance, it did not transfer it to the platform of fxkovner global capital holding, and the customer service of fxkovner global capital holding did not recognize that I had paid another capital gain tax, (equivalent to the fxkovner platform and it I was deceived into the filth between the Canadian partner L Gwxu reno. Inc.), I reported to the Canadian police hoping to get my money back from GWXU Reno. Inc to pay what fxkovner said was to pay the so-called The remaining part of the capital gain tax, after the Canadian police investigation, informed me that it is impossible to recover the money I remitted to Gwxu reno. INC. from Gwxu reno. INC....


The following is the original recommendation

我被 fxkovner 客服要求向它的在加拿大合伙人帐户交税事后被加拿大警方认定是骗局钱确无法追回

今年1月22号,我被fxkovner 客服要求尽快交纳27万多美元capital gain tax中制余的3万美元(此前我已经交了这27万多美元中的24万),而且 fxkovner 为了让我确信这不是scam, 给我提供了一家它在加拿大合伙人公司的帐户,讲我把钱转给加拿大多伦多的这家 gwxu reno. Inc(Gwxu 建筑装修公司)与转给 fxkovner capital holding group是一样的,(gwxu reno inc. 收到我的钱之后会再把钱转给 fxkovner 平台),也视作我已经交纳了个人所得税,我去我的银行办理电汇转帐时被fxkovner 客服要求在汇款用途时不要注明是交纳个人所得税,而是要写 purchase building material(用于购买建筑材料),我只能照着 fxkovner global capital 的客服要求照做了,去银行汇了款,但隔天却被 fxkovner 客服通知赶快去我的银行撤消那笔汇款(但为时已晚,我的银行已按我的要求把钱汇到GWXU Reno inc. 的帐户上),GWXU收到我汇款之后也没有转给 fxkovner global capital holding 的平台,fxkovner global capital holding 的客服也不认可我已经又交了一笔 capital gain tax, (相当于 fxkovner 平台与它的加拿大合伙L Gwxu reno. Inc. 之间发生了龌龊,而我被欺骗于其中),我向加拿大警方报警希望从GWXU Reno. Inc 取回我的那笔用于支付 fxkovner 讲的用于支付所谓capital gain tax剩余部分的钱,加拿大警方调查之后通知我没有可能向 Gwxu reno. INC. 追讨回我汇往 Gwxu reno inc 的钱....

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