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Suspicious Scope of Business|Clone Firm United Kingdom|High potential risk|


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+44 (0)203 637 9705
7th Floor, Augustine House, 6A Austin Friars, London, EC2N 2HA, England


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+44 (0)203 637 9705

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TigerWit Limited

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United Kingdom

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Warning: Low score, please stay away! 3
Previous Detection : 2024-04-24
  • The claimed United KingdomFCA regulation (license number: 679941) is verified as a clone firm. Please pay attention to the risk!
  • The number of this brokers's negative field survey reviews has reached 1. Please be aware of the risk and the potential scam!

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TimeToTrade · Company Summary

Aspect Information
Company Name TimeToTrade (trading name of TigerWit Limited)
Registered Country/Area United Kingdom
Founded Year 2-5 years
Regulation FCA (Clone Firm)
Account Types N/A
Demo Account N/A
Customer Support Phone at +44 (0)203 637 9705, Email at

What is TimeToTrade?

TimeToTrade is a trading name for a company called TigerWit Limited. TimeToTrade offers an online trading platform designed for managing real-time trades and calculating tax liabilities.

They satisfy retail brokers, asset managers, and institutional investors, providing services like market making, sales trading, electronic trading, and asset management.

However, you should notice that the official website of Soltechx,, is currently encountering functionality problems.

What is TimeToTrade?

Regulatory Status

TimeToTrade is a clone firm licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom. Its current status as a clone firm suggests that it may be operating under false pretenses, impersonating a legitimate entity.

The license type attributed to it is Market Making (MM), which involves facilitating trading by providing liquidity in the market. The FCA license number provided is 679941, which should be cross-referenced with the FCA's official records to confirm its authenticity and regulatory compliance.

Regulatory Status

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Offers online trading platform A clone firm
Unclear account types and demo availability
Customer support contact information limited


  • Offers online trading platform: TimeToTrade provides an online trading platform, which allows users to access their services conveniently from anywhere with internet access. This accessibility can be particularly advantageous for active traders who require real-time access to markets.


  • A clone firm: There is a significant risk that TimeToTrade may be impersonating a legitimate company. This raises security concerns, as it's unclear who you are actually dealing with and how your funds will be protected.

  • Unclear account types and demo availability: It is impossible to determine what kind of accounts TimeToTrade offers (e.g., individual investor accounts, managed accounts) or whether they provide a practice account (demo) to allow users to try out the platform before investing real money.

  • Limited customer support: TimeToTrade only offers two methods for contacting customer support: phone and email. This may be inconvenient for some users who prefer live chat or other methods of communication.

Customer Service

TimeToTrade offers customer support through both phone and email channels. For English-speaking users, they can reach out to TimeToTrade's customer support team by calling +44 (0)203 637 9705. Alternatively, users can also contact them via email at


In conclusion, while TimeToTrade offers the convenience of an online trading platform accessible from anywhere with internet access, it is accompanied by significant disadvantages. The platform's potential status as a clone firm raises serious security concerns, casting doubt on the legitimacy of its operations and the protection of users' funds.

Moreover, the lack of clarity regarding account types and demo availability, coupled with limited customer support options, can deter potential users seeking transparency and efficient assistance. These drawbacks overshadow the platform's advantages, it is best to avoid using this platform altogether.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are the risks associated with using TimeToTrade?

A: Using TimeToTrade carries the risk of dealing with a potentially illegitimate platform, which could result in financial loss or fraud.

Q: Is TimeToTrade a legitimate platform?

A: No, it is a clone firm.


While the platform purports to offer a range of financial services including market making, sales trading, electronic trading, and asset management, it has been flagged as potentially operating as a clone firm. Clone firms often mimic legitimate entities to deceive investors, posing significant risks of financial loss or fraud. Additionally, the current functionality issues with the official website raise further concerns about the platform's credibility and reliability.

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more than one year
TimeToTrade's website looks terrible, with crowded content and a quite old design. As a potential user, I want to say that such a website makes me not want to trade here, because I will doubt whether this company has the ability to provide quality services. The forex industry is highly competitive and brokers need to work hard to stand out.
2023-03-23 10:06
more than one year
This company TimeToTrade appears to be a scam with a cloned regulatory license and no UK office. Do not invest rashly, or you may be scammed.
2022-12-09 10:09
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