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MTFX · Company Summary

Aspect Information
Regulation Unregulated broker, lacking government oversight, which may pose risks to clients.
Pros and Cons Pros: Competitive rates, no transfer fees over $10,000, fast setup, 24/7 support.
Cons: Lack of regulation, potential risks in investor protection and transparency.
Services International money transfers to 140+ countries in 100+ currencies, online platform.
Business Offerings Tailored solutions for small, medium, and multinational businesses.
Industry Solutions Tailored solutions for various industries, including travel, education, legal, etc.
Tools Economic calendar, live exchange rates, rate calculator, currency charts, and more.
Account Types Personal and Business accounts for individual and business money transfers.
Why MTFX? Improved exchange rates, cost savings, excellent customer service, 24/7 online platform.
Ways To Transfer Standard wire transfers, same-day transfers, low-cost in-country payment services.
Fees $15 standard transfer fee for transactions below $10,000, no fees for larger transfers.
Sending Money Provide beneficiary details, international transfer cut-off times, online access 24/7.
Customer Support Phone and email support in Canada and the United States.


MTFX operates as an unregulated broker, presenting a concerning lack of government oversight that exposes clients to significant risks, including the absence of investor protection, difficulties in dispute resolution, a dearth of transparency, and potentially inadequate anti-money laundering measures. While MTFX touts competitive rates, fee waivers for larger transactions, and a quick setup process, these apparent advantages are overshadowed by the perilous absence of regulation, making it a precarious choice for clients seeking secure and transparent financial services.



MTFX is an unregulated broker, which means it lacks government oversight and can pose risks to clients. These risks include no investor protection, difficulties in resolving disputes, lack of transparency, and potentially inadequate anti-money laundering measures. Prioritizing regulated brokers is recommended for greater security and accountability in trading and investing.


Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Competitive exchange rates Lack of government regulation
No transfer fees for transactions > $10,000 Potential risks for clients
Fast account setup Limited regulatory oversight
24/7 customer support
Transparent rates
Tailored business solutions
Accessible online platform
Advanced security measures
Currency market alert system

MTFX offers several advantages, including competitive exchange rates, no transfer fees for transactions over $10,000, and a fast account setup process. They provide 24/7 customer support, transparent rates, and tailored business solutions. The online platform is accessible and secure, with an alert system to keep users informed about currency markets.

However, MTFX operates without government regulation, which can pose risks to clients. The lack of regulatory oversight may lead to concerns about investor protection, dispute resolution, transparency, and anti-money laundering measures. Clients should carefully consider these factors when choosing to use MTFX services.


MTFX offers international money transfer services that allow customers to send funds to over 140 countries in more than 100 currencies. Their services include online money transfers with competitive exchange rates and no transfer fees. Customers can create an account in under 5 minutes, select the transfer amount and recipient information, and expect funds to be delivered within 1-2 business days with real-time transfer status updates.

MTFX highlights the following aspects of their service:

  1. Fast Setup: Customers can quickly set up an account and start sending funds, with 24/7 customer support available.

  2. Competitive Rates: MTFX guarantees competitive rates compared to traditional banks, with low fees and real-time exchange rate updates.

  3. Security: They use advanced technologies to ensure the secure and safe transfer of funds.

Additionally, MTFX offers an alert system to help customers stay informed about currency market movements.



MTFX provides a range of financial solutions tailored to the needs of different types of businesses, including small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and multinational corporations. Here is an overview of their business offerings:

Small Businesses:

MTFX offers simplified payment solutions for small businesses. They focus on three main areas:

  1. Paying Overseas Suppliers: Small businesses can ensure that their transfers are received quickly and securely by overseas business partners. MTFX provides custom solutions designed to expedite payment settlement.

  2. Paying Overseas Staff: Small businesses can easily transfer money to their overseas staff members using MTFX's international payroll solution, which allows for quick and secure fund transfers.

  3. Mitigating Currency Fluctuation: MTFX offers a suite of money transfer solutions, including Market Orders and Forward Contracts, to help small businesses protect themselves from currency fluctuation risks.

Medium Businesses:

Medium-sized businesses can benefit from MTFX's industry expertise to improve cost efficiency and cash flow. They offer similar services as those provided to small businesses, including paying overseas suppliers, staff, and mitigating currency fluctuation.


MTFX provides comprehensive money transfer strategies for multinational corporations. Their services include:

  1. Integration and Data Validation: MTFX ensures that payments data meets industry and banking regulatory guidelines across multiple channels and currencies.

  2. Batch Payments: They offer a bulk file processing solution that eliminates errors and risks while providing clear visibility on funds. Automation and AI technologies are used to integrate various payment methods into a single format.

  3. Multi-Currency Accounts: Multinationals can reduce exposure risk and improve cash flow by maintaining balances in multiple currencies. They can easily transfer funds from their multi-currency holdings through MTFX's online business portal.

Online Sellers:

MTFX collaborates with global market leaders, giving online sellers access to various online marketplaces. Their services are designed to help online businesses streamline their operations and expand their marketplace presence.

International Payments:

MTFX offers international money transfer services, including sending money securely online with competitive rates that are guaranteed to beat traditional bank rates.

Additional Features:

MTFX provides additional features and benefits to businesses, including:

  • Guaranteed Rates: They secure today's exchange rates for future requirements, regardless of market volatility, providing stability and cost-saving opportunities.

  • Forecast Accuracy: MTFX allows businesses to manage currency exchange rates for future payments, enabling accurate expense forecasting and profit margin management.

  • All-in-One Business Solution: Their online portal simplifies business management, offering 24/7 access and eliminating manual data entry.

Overall, MTFX offers a suite of financial solutions designed to meet the needs of businesses of various sizes and industries, helping them manage international payments, reduce currency risk, and improve financial efficiency.


Industry Solutions

MTFX offers industry-specific solutions to cater to the unique financial needs of various sectors. Here's a brief description of their industry solutions:

  1. Business:

    MTFX provides financial services and solutions tailored to the needs of businesses. This includes international money transfers, payment solutions for suppliers and staff, and tools to mitigate currency fluctuation risk. Businesses can benefit from competitive rates and efficient fund transfer options.

  2. Online Sellers:

    For online sellers, MTFX offers an all-in-one seamless solution to manage their financial transactions. They partner with global market leaders to give online businesses access to a wide range of online marketplaces, helping them expand their reach and streamline operations.

  3. Travel:

    MTFX offers specialized solutions for the travel industry, which likely includes services related to currency exchange, payment processing, and financial services tailored to the unique needs of travel companies.

  4. Education:

    In the education sector, MTFX likely provides financial solutions for institutions, students, and organizations involved in international educational activities. These solutions may include tuition payments, currency exchange for students studying abroad, and more.

  5. Legal:

    For the legal industry, MTFX may offer financial services such as secure and efficient international money transfers, trust account management, and other solutions that meet the specific needs of legal firms and professionals.

  6. Technology Companies:

    Technology companies can benefit from MTFX's services tailored to their industry. This may include international payment solutions, currency risk management, and financial tools to support their global operations.

  7. Medical:

    MTFX likely offers financial solutions for the medical sector, including medical practices, hospitals, and healthcare professionals. These solutions may include international payment options and currency risk mitigation strategies.

  8. Mining:

    For the mining industry, MTFX may provide financial services that support international operations. This could include facilitating payments to overseas suppliers, managing currency exposure, and optimizing financial processes.

In summary, MTFX offers industry-specific solutions to address the financial needs of a wide range of sectors, including businesses, online sellers, travel, education, legal, technology companies, medical, and mining. These tailored solutions aim to simplify financial transactions, reduce risk, and improve efficiency within each industry.



MTFX provides a range of tools and resources to assist users in managing their international financial transactions and staying informed about currency exchange markets. Here's a description of these tools:

  1. Economic Calendar:

    The Economic Calendar is a tool that provides users with a schedule of upcoming economic events and data releases that can impact currency exchange rates and financial markets. It helps users plan their financial activities by keeping them informed about key events such as economic indicators, central bank meetings, and government announcements.

  2. Live Exchange Rates:

    The Live Exchange Rates tool offers real-time information on currency exchange rates. Users can access current exchange rates for various currency pairs, helping them make informed decisions when conducting international transactions or monitoring currency markets.

  3. Rate Calculator:

    MTFX's Rate Calculator allows users to quickly and easily calculate the exchange rate for a specific currency pair and transaction amount. This tool is handy for individuals and businesses looking to estimate the cost of their currency exchange transactions.

  4. Currency Charts:

    Currency Charts provide visual representations of historical and real-time exchange rate data. Users can analyze currency movements over time and identify trends, helping them make more informed decisions about when to buy or sell currencies.

  5. Historical Rates:

    The Historical Rates tool allows users to access historical exchange rate data. This information can be valuable for businesses and individuals who need to review past transactions, track currency performance, or conduct financial analysis.

  6. Daily Exchange Rate Lookup:

    This tool provides users with a convenient way to look up daily exchange rates for specific currency pairs. It's a quick reference for users who need to know the exchange rate for a particular date.

  7. Currency Rate Alerts:

    Currency Rate Alerts allow users to set up notifications for specific exchange rate thresholds. When the exchange rate reaches the predefined level, users receive alerts, helping them take timely actions in response to currency market movements.

  8. FX Market Updates:

    FX Market Updates provide users with real-time news and updates related to the foreign exchange market. This tool keeps users informed about market trends, geopolitical events, and economic developments that may impact currency exchange rates.

Overall, these tools offered by MTFX are designed to empower users with the information and resources they need to make informed decisions about international financial transactions, monitor currency markets, and manage their exposure to exchange rate fluctuations effectively.


Account types

MTFX offers different account types based on the purpose of your money transfers, whether it's for personal or business use. Here's a description of the two account types:

Personal Account:

If you're using MTFX for personal purposes, such as sending money to family or friends or making transfers to your personal account in another country, you can open a Personal Account. With this account type, you can expect the following:

  • Access to the best available exchange rates to ensure you get the most value for your money when transferring funds.

  • A straightforward and user-friendly platform to make your personal money transfers securely and efficiently.

  • A focus on meeting the specific needs of individuals looking to send money across borders while optimizing exchange rates.

Business Account:

For businesses looking to manage international cash flow strategically, MTFX offers Business Accounts. These accounts are designed to cater to the financial needs of companies engaged in international transactions. Here are the key features of Business Accounts:

  • Strategic cash flow management: MTFX assists businesses in optimizing their international cash flow, allowing for efficient fund transfers and currency management.

  • Access to an industry-leading online dealing platform: Businesses benefit from an online platform that is considered unmatched in the industry, providing comprehensive tools and resources for managing international financial transactions.

  • Tailored solutions: MTFX understands the unique requirements of businesses when it comes to international money transfers and offers customized solutions to meet their specific needs.

In summary, MTFX offers Personal and Business Accounts to cater to the distinct requirements of individuals and businesses when it comes to making secure and efficient money transfers. Whether you need to send money to loved ones or strategically manage your business's international cash flow, MTFX provides the appropriate account type and services to meet your needs.



MTFX provides several reasons why individuals and businesses might consider using their services instead of their own banks:

  1. Improved Exchange Rates: MTFX claims to offer currency exchange rates that are 2-5% better than those offered by traditional banks. This potential for better rates can result in significant savings for personal clients, especially on larger transfers.

  2. Cost Savings: Personal clients are said to save hundreds of dollars per transfer, and for larger transactions, these savings can amount to thousands of dollars when compared to using traditional bank services.

  3. Excellent Customer Service: MTFX emphasizes its commitment to excellent customer service. They offer dedicated currency specialists who can provide guidance and support throughout the transfer process.

  4. 24/7 Online Platform: MTFX provides a 24/7 online platform with advanced technology, allowing clients to complete transfers conveniently from any device, virtually anywhere in the world. This feature enhances accessibility and flexibility.

  5. Business Solutions: For business clients, MTFX offers solutions geared toward managing and mitigating foreign exchange risk. These solutions include forward contracts, market orders, rate alert services, and more.

  6. Technology and Expertise: MTFX highlights its use of best-in-class technology and the expertise of its staff to support clients in achieving their currency exchange and financial goals.


Overall, MTFX positions itself as a cost-effective and technologically advanced alternative to traditional banks for currency exchange and international money transfer needs, both for individuals and businesses.

Ways To Transfer

MTFX offers fund transfer services with varying transfer durations depending on your needs:

  • Standard Wire Transfers: MTFX leverages its global network of banking partners to ensure funds are transferred efficiently. In most cases, standard wire transfers are received by your beneficiary within 24-48 hours, providing a transfer option.

  • Same-Day Transfers: For urgent needs, MTFX offers same-day transfers for prompt fund delivery.

  • Low-Cost In-Country Payment Services: MTFX provides in-country payment services for transfers that are less time-sensitive.

These options cater to different transfer speed requirements, allowing you to choose the most suitable one for your specific situation.

MTFX additionally offers various fund transfer methods, including wire transfers, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), and ACH Payment Services. For customers seeking recurring transfers, MTFX provides flexibility:

  • Cancellation: Recurring transfers can be canceled at any time, with the return of your deposit minus any losses due to exchange rate fluctuations.

  • Maturity Date Extension: Customers have the option to extend the maturity date using a Forward Exchange Contract.

  • Rate Lock-In: You can secure an exchange rate before sending funds, providing rate certainty for your transfer.

  • Deposit for Recurring Transfers: A deposit is required for recurring transfers to cover market risk.

  • Cost: Setting up recurring transfers with MTFX doesn't incur additional fees; you only pay regular installments and an agreed-upon deposit.

These features offer convenience and transparency in managing your fund transfers through MTFX.


MTFX offers competitive rates for currency transfers, and there are reasons behind this competitiveness:

  • Fair and Transparent Rates: MTFX's rates are designed to be fair and transparent, ensuring that customers have a clear understanding of the exchange rate they receive.

  • Interbank Market Rate Basis: The rates offered by MTFX are based on the interbank market rate, which is a benchmark rate used in financial markets. This rate forms the foundation for determining exchange rates.

  • Large Transaction Volumes: MTFX transacts large volumes of currency transfers, which allows them to benefit from economies of scale. These savings are passed on to clients, making the rates more competitive.

Customers are encouraged to compare MTFX's rates with those offered by their banks to understand the potential savings they can achieve.


Regarding fees:

  • Standard Transfer Fee: MTFX maintains a standard transfer fee of $15 for transactions below $10,000.

  • No Fees for Transactions Over $10,000: For transactions exceeding $10,000, MTFX does not charge any fees.

This fee structure is designed to provide cost-effective options for customers, particularly when compared to typical bank transfer fees, which can be significantly higher.

The process of working with MTFX involves easy registration online, followed by a discussion with an MTFX currency specialist to set up and customize the platform to meet the customer's needs. Once registered, customers can access the online platform 24/7, allowing them to manage their beneficiaries and send funds seamlessly from any device. MTFX aims to simplify the process for its clients.

Sending Money

To initiate a money transfer efficiently, you will be required to furnish us with certain details about your beneficiary. These details include the beneficiary's name, address, account number, and either their SWIFT/ABA/Sort Code or IBAN number.

International Transfer Cut-off Times:

To ensure your funds are sent with either same-day or next-day value, your settlement must be completed by a specific time. The applicable cut-off times can vary depending on the destination of your money transfer and the currency you are purchasing. For more specific information, please feel free to get in touch with one of our knowledgeable currency specialists, who will be glad to address your inquiries.

Sending Money Outside of Business Hours:

Yes, you can. Our online payments platform is accessible 24/7 from any device, regardless of your location. This platform is designed for efficiency and ease of use. You can simply book your deal, select your beneficiary, and confirm your transfer, making the process straightforward and accessible.

Payment Confirmation:

Rest assured, we will notify you via a confirmation email as soon as we have transmitted the funds to your recipient's account.

Customer Support

MTFX provides customer support through multiple contact channels, including phone and email. Here's a description of their customer support based on the provided contact information:

Global Headquarters:

  • Phone: (905) 305-9023 or 1-800-832-5104

  • Email:

  • Address: 2750 14th Avenue, Suite 306, Markham, ON, Canada, L3R 0B6

US Headquarters:

  • Phone: (201) 435-6839 or 1-800-832-5104

  • Email:

  • Address: 2500 Plaza 5, 25th Floor, Harborside Financial Center, Jersey City, New Jersey, 07311

Based on the contact information provided, it's clear that MTFX offers customer support services in both Canada and the United States. They provide multiple contact options, including phone numbers and an email address, allowing customers to reach out for assistance or inquiries.


However, specific details about the availability of multilingual support, response times, or additional support channels (such as live chat) are not provided in the information. For more detailed and up-to-date information about their customer support services, including hours of operation and language support, it is recommended to contact MTFX directly through one of the provided contact methods or visit their official website if available.

SummaryMTFX is a financial service provider offering international money transfer solutions for both individuals and businesses. While it operates without government regulation, it claims to provide competitive exchange rates and low transfer fees, positioning itself as an alternative to traditional banks. They offer various transfer methods, including standard wire transfers and same-day transfers, with a focus on transparency and customer service. MTFX caters to different industries, including online sellers, travel, education, legal, technology, medical, and mining, with tailored financial solutions. Users have access to a range of tools and resources, such as exchange rate calculators and economic calendars, to assist in managing their international transactions. The fee structure includes a standard fee for transactions below $10,000, with no fees for larger transfers. The registration process is designed to be straightforward, with access to an online platform available 24/7.


  1. Q: Is MTFX a regulated broker?

    A: No, MTFX is not regulated, which means it operates without government oversight. This lack of regulation can pose certain risks to clients.

  2. Q: How quickly can I set up an account with MTFX?

    A: Setting up an account with MTFX is quick and can be done in under 5 minutes for both personal and business accounts.

  3. Q: Are there fees for transferring money with MTFX?

    A: MTFX charges a standard transfer fee of $15 for transactions below $10,000. However, there are no fees for transactions exceeding $10,000.

  4. Q: Can I send money outside of business hours with MTFX?

    A: Yes, MTFX's online platform is accessible 24/7, allowing you to send money at your convenience, even outside of traditional business hours.

  5. Q: How does MTFX ensure the security of money transfers?

    A: MTFX uses advanced technologies to ensure the secure and safe transfer of funds. They also offer an alert system to help customers stay informed about currency market movements.


MTFX Review: Is A 20-Year Forex & Payment Pioneer a Good Choice?

NewsMTFX Review: Is A 20-Year Forex & Payment Pioneer a Good Choice?

2024-04-03 16:41

MTFX Group has solidified its position as a leading figure in the global foreign exchange and payment solutions industry over the past two decades. Founded in 1996, the company has carved out a significant niche for itself, recognized for its major contributions and innovative advancements in the sector. Despite not being regulated, MTFX has managed to become a market leader through a focus on technological advancements, customer service excellence, and competitive pricing strategies.

2024-04-03 16:41
MTFX Review: Is A 20-Year Forex & Payment Pioneer a Good Choice?

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They went ahead and axed my profits, accusing me of "trading abuse." Seriously? I mean, come on, where's the transparency? It's my money on the line here.
2024-02-23 16:51
The information on this site about MTFX is absolutely incorrect. MTFX is a regulated entity licensed by FINTRAC.
2023-10-26 20:13
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