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The WikiFX Score of this broker is reduced because of too many complaints!

Helius Capital

Singapore|2-5 years|
Suspicious Regulatory License|MT5 Full License|The server is only located in China.|United States Common Financial Service License Unauthorized|Suspicious Overrun|High potential risk|


Rating Index

MT4/5 Identification

MT4/5 Identification

Full License

Server Name
HeliusCapital-Server MT5
Server Location China

33 Holborn, London EC1N 2HT
The WikiFX Score of this broker is reduced because of too many complaints!


VPS Standard
No restriction on the broker account. Support service provided by WikiFX

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Company Name

Helius Capital Limited

Company Abbreviation

Helius Capital

Platform registered country and region


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Pyramid scheme complaint


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This platform is a Ponzi Scheme. Please stay away! 5
Previous Detection : 2024-06-16
  • This broker has been verified to be illegal and all of its licences have expired, and it has been listed in WikiFX's Scam Brokers list. Please be aware of the risk!
  • The platform is a Ponzi Scheme, which refers to the use of "principle of value multiplication". In the form of rolling or static fund circulation, it uses the money of next member to pay to the present one, which is essentially a pyramid scheme with the distinction of hidden, deceptive and socially harmful. By calling common person's desire for money, fraudsters in the platform begin raising funds underground. Since this kind of platform mostly will abscond after 1 or 2 years, the fund-raising mode just can exist less than 3 years.
  • The number of the complaints received by WikiFX have reached 6 for this broker in the past 3 months. Please be aware of the risk and the potential scam!
  • United StatesNFA (license number: 0549867) The regulatory status is abnormal, the official regulatory status is Unauthorized. Please be aware of the risk!
  • This broker exceeds the business scope regulated by United States NFA(license number: 0549867)National Futures Association-UNFX Non-Forex License. Please be aware of the risk!

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Helius Capital · WikiFX Survey

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Pyramid scheme complaint
Unable to Withdraw

Require to withdraw. Unable to wtihdraw. The account is frozen and require to transfer large amount deposit for verificaiton. Ask for help

I applied for a withdrawal of 20,000 USDT on the platform on July 5, 2022. As a result, my account was frozen and I was required to transfer a huge amount of funds for verification. Now I don't understand whether this practice is legal and compliant? Second, no capital injection, ask for help.

2022-07-13 11:44
Unable to Withdraw

Unable to withdraw

Please stay away from the Helius Capital platform. Helius Capital platform is a fake platform. They are defrauding customers of their money. Deposits on the platform was very easy, but withdrawals was not possible. I only one time withdrew money from Helius Capital with only one thousand when my account was $220 thounsands USD. After my money on the Helius account grew to $591,557.35USD and I wanted to withdraw money, Helius Capital asked me to pay the risked fund. They said my account was suspected of illegally operating on the platform for profit. Helius Capital's support told me to pay 118,779.47 USDT for verifying the risk control fund, and said that my account can be restored to its normal state. After my payment, Helius FX Account Manager sent me a confirmation letter saying that the customer's account had been restored to normal withdrawal status. Still, when I applied for withdrawal money one day later, they said I had to pay for personal income 22% tax with 81,317.5 USDT. after forcing me to pay personal income tax successfully, Helius Capital had a letter confirming that I could withdraw normally. Still, when I applied for withdrawal, Helius Capital asked me to edit my ID. and then they said, the Helius Capital' system did not recognise my real identity, so I could not withdraw money. Helius asked me to pay an additional $210,000 USDT to verify my real identity. I did not accept such an unreasonable request. and now Helius Capital blocked me from their platform. Originally, the official website of Helius Capital was inaccessible after I paid for my income tax. Helius customer said that the Helius Capital website system was being restored and let me enter their platform via user info. But now, I cannot even contact Helius Capital'customer service. I lost a total of $591,557.35 USD in the Helius account and $200,000USDT in risk ontrol fund and personal income tax, but they said the Helius system didnot recognise me.

2022-09-05 14:08

Helius Capital · Company Summary

Helius Capital Basic Information
Registered Country/Area Singapore
Founded year 1-2 years ago
Company Name Helius Capital Limited
Regulation Suspicious Regulatory License ( Illegal)
Minimum Deposit Not specified
Maximum Leverage 1:200
Spreads Not specified
Trading Platforms MT5 trading platform
Tradable Assets Forex
Account Types Not specified
Demo Account No
Islamic Account No
Customer Support No contact info
Payment Methods Not specified
Educational Tools No

Overview of Helius Capital

Helius Capital Limited, a Singapore-based company, was established approximately 1-2 years ago. However, it is important to note that the regulatory license associated with Helius Capital is questionable, as it has been flagged as potentially illegal.

Unfortunately, specific details regarding the minimum deposit requirement and spreads offered by Helius Capital are not provided, limiting transparency and making it difficult for potential clients to evaluate the cost of trading with this company. Similarly, information about the available account types is not specified, leaving traders uncertain about the customization options and features they can access.

With regards to customer support, disappointingly, no contact information is provided by Helius Capital. This lack of accessible and reliable support channels raises doubts about the company's commitment to addressing client concerns and providing timely assistance when needed.

Payment methods are also not specified, leaving potential clients in the dark about the available options for depositing and withdrawing funds. Furthermore, the absence of educational tools implies that Helius Capital does not prioritize the provision of resources that could help traders enhance their knowledge and skills in the forex market.


Is Helius Capital legit or a scam?

Helius Capital Limited claims to be regulated and holds license number 0549867 from the Common Financial Service Association. However, a thorough examination reveals that this license number does not exist within the records of the renowned regulatory body, the National Futures Association (NFA).

Without valid regulation, there is no guarantee that Helius Capital upholds the necessary standards of conduct or follows the regulatory guidelines that are put in place to protect clients' investments.


Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
MT5 trading platform Suspicious regulatory license (Illegal)
Lack of transparency regarding important details like minimum deposit, spreads, etc.
No demo or Islamic accounts
No customer support contact information
Limited educational tools
Limited trading assets

Market Intruments

Helius Capital Limited primarily focuses on offering trading services in the forex market. However, the lack of information regarding other available trading assets raises concerns about the diversification and breadth of investment opportunities provided by the company.


Account Types

Helius Capital Limited's website fails to provide clear and detailed information regarding the types of trading accounts available to potential clients. This lack of transparency regarding account options is concerning, as investors rely on this information to make informed decisions about the most suitable account for their trading needs.

A reputable brokerage firm typically offers a range of account types, tailored to the diverse preferences and trading strategies of its clientele. This may include basic accounts, premium accounts, or specialized accounts such as Islamic accounts.

Furthermore, the absence of demo accounts, a common offering in the industry, prevents potential clients from getting a hands-on experience with the trading platform and testing strategies in a risk-free environment.


Helius Capital Limited offers maximum leverage of up to 1:200, which can be appealing to certain traders seeking increased opportunities for profitability. However, it's important to note that amplified leverage corresponds to elevated levels of risk.


Spreads & Commissions (Trading Fees)

Helius Capital Limited's website lacks comprehensive disclosure regarding the spreads and commissions it offers. However, various reports from traders suggest that Helius Capital Limited may have excessively high spreads. Spreads represent the difference between the bid and ask prices of a financial instrument and serve as a significant component of the trading costs for investors. High spreads can erode potential profits and make trading less cost-effective for clients.


Non-Trading Fees

While Helius Capital Limited's website does not provide specific details about its non-trading fees, it is essential for potential clients to carefully consider and understand the potential costs associated with their services.

Common examples of non-trading fees include withdrawal fees, inactivity fees, account maintenance fees, and charges for additional services such as premium research or access to proprietary trading tools. These fees can significantly impact an investor's overall costs and should not be overlooked when evaluating the suitability of a brokerage.

Withdrawal fees refer to charges imposed when clients request the transfer of funds from their trading accounts to their bank accounts or other external platforms. Inactivity fees may be applicable if a client fails to execute any trades or maintain a minimum level of activity within a defined period.

Trading Platform

Helius Capital Limited offers its clients access to the widely recognized and established MT5 trading platform. The MT5 platform, known as MetaTrader 5, is a leading software solution specifically designed to facilitate efficient and reliable trading in various financial markets. MT5 provides traders with a wide range of essential features and tools to support their trading activities. One notable advantage of the MT5 platform is its advanced charting capabilities. The platform also supports automated trading through the use of expert advisors (EAs) and allows for the customization of trading strategies.


Negatives Reviews

Traders complained about this broker online, alleging it was difficult or impossible to get their money out of the account with the Helius Capital platform.

Reviewing customer feedback is essential prior to selecting a forex broker. More details are available on the WikiFX website.


Helius Capital News

WikiFX has collected some Helius Capital News to provide an up-to-date overview of this forex brokers performance.


Trading Platform

Surprisingly, Helius Capital offers its clients the access to popular MT5 trading platform that can be available for Desktop, Mobile and Web terminals.

Traders can quickly analyze market activity, place trades, and integrate automated systems thanks to this powerful platform's convenient workspace (Expert Advisors). Everything you need to begin trading on the financial markets, including all of the above features, is available in a single, convenient interface.

Deposit & Withdrawal

Helius Capital Limited, unfortunately, lacks specific disclosure regarding its deposit and withdrawal procedures, including information on minimum deposit requirements and available payment methods.

Customer Support

Helius Capital Limited's customer support, regrettably, appears to be lacking in transparency and accessibility. The broker has not provided detailed contact information for clients to easily get in touch with their support team.


Educational Resources

Describe the Educational Resources (this broker does not provide any educational resources ) of Helius Capitalin paragraphs and make the language formal and eloquent, avoid usage of excessive positive words.

Is Helius Capital suitable for beginners?

Based on three key aspects - minimum deposit requirement, availability of a demo account, and educational resources - Helius Capital may not be deemed suitable for beginners seeking to venture into the world of online trading.

Firstly, the broker's lack of explicit disclosure regarding its minimum deposit requirement raises concerns for novice traders. A transparent and reasonable minimum deposit can provide beginners with an opportunity to test the waters without significant financial risk.

Secondly, the unavailability of a demo account with Helius Capital is concerning. Demo accounts are essential tools for beginners to practice trading in a risk-free environment.

Lastly, the deficit of comprehensive and easily accessible educational resources provided by Helius Capital hampers the learning process for inexperienced traders.

Is Helius Capital suitable for experienced traders?

Analyzing the suitability of Helius Capital for experienced traders based on three aspects - advanced trading tools, lack of transparency, and customer support, it appears that Helius Capital may not be the ideal choice.

Firstly, the lack of advanced trading tools offered by Helius Capital raises concerns for experienced traders. Advanced traders often require access to a wide range of tools and features to implement their strategies effectively.

Secondly, the lack of transparency in many essential aspects of Helius Capital's operations poses significant drawbacks. Experienced traders value transparency as it allows them to make informed decisions based on complete and accurate information.

Lastly, the quality of customer support provided by Helius Capital may also be a concern for experienced traders. Experienced traders often require prompt and knowledgeable assistance to address complex trading issues or queries.


In summary, while Helius Capital Limited presents itself as a Singapore-based company offering trading services through the popular MT5 trading platform, it is essential to approach this company with caution due to its suspicious regulatory license, lack of important information, unavailable customer support, and limited transparency in terms of payment methods and educational resources. Due diligence and extensive research are strongly advised before considering any engagement with Helius Capital Limited.


Q: Is Helius Capital regulated?

A: No, Helius Capital is not regulated anyway.

Q: What is the minimum deposit requirement for Helius Capital?

A: Helius Capital does not explicitly disclose its minimum deposit requirement.

Q: Does Helius Capital offer a demo account?

A: Unfortunately, Helius Capital does not offer a demo account. This absence restricts potential clients, including beginners, from practicing trading strategies in a risk-free environment.

Q: What are the available payment methods for deposits and withdrawals?

A: There is limited information available concerning the payment methods for deposits and withdrawals with Helius Capital.

Q: How can I contact Helius Capital's customer support?

A: Helius Capital's customer support contact information is not clearly provided.


None of Your Taxing Business | Back off Helius Capital!

ExposureNone of Your Taxing Business | Back off Helius Capital!

2022-09-08 16:45

This client named Anh has experienced fraud at Helius Capital. When she requested to withdraw the funds, the broker requested her to pay a risk deposit to withdraw the funds properly, but after paying, the case was further aggravated by the payment of 22% personal income tax. After these two payments, the client was required to pay $210K to authenticate her identity on the grounds that Helius Capital could not identify her on its system. The official website of Helius capital is no longer accessible and the customer service is not available.

2022-09-08 16:45
None of Your Taxing Business | Back off Helius Capital!

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more than one year
Hold on, fellow traders! Helius Capital is raising some major concerns. First off, their regulatory license seems suspicious, possibly even illegal. I tried to verify it with the NFA, but no luck – it doesn't exist there. That's a massive red flag! And what's with the lack of transparency? No info on minimum deposits, spreads, or even customer support contact details. How are we supposed to trust a broker that keeps so much in the dark? I'd say we proceed with extreme caution.
2023-12-08 18:16
more than one year
I fell into their traps after seeing so many “positive reviews”, and it turned out to be fake.I was scammed by this broker. I hateful myself, and I was so eager to make some money at that time. instead, I lost 2000 dollars here. I tried to report this broker to some relevant authorities, but I failed due to lack of proof. I was unable to contact anyone at this company.
2023-03-23 18:09
more than one year
2022-12-08 11:53
more than one year
Attention should be paid to the exposure by Xiang Ling and look up the attachments
2022-11-09 02:15


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