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AvaTrade , Hantec Markets Broker Comparison

Do you want to know which is the better broker between AvaTrade and Hantec Markets ?

In the table below, you can compare the features of AvaTrade , Hantec Markets side by side to determine the best fit for your needs.

  • Rating
  • Basic Information
  • Benchmark
  • Account Information
  • Relevant information
  • Relevant exposure
  • Rating
  • Basic Information
  • Benchmark
  • Account Information
  • Relevant information
  • Relevant exposure
 2 / 3   brokers in total
Regulatory Status
WikiFX Guarantee
WikiFX Survey
Risk Evaluation
Basic Information
Regulatory license
Deposit and withdrawal method
environment rating
Transaction Speed
Transaction speed rating
Average transaction speed
The highest transaction speed
The highest speed of opening positions
The highest speed of closing position
Slowest transaction speed
The lowest speed of opening positions
The lowest speed of closing position
Trading slippage
Transaction slippage rating
Average slippage
Maximum transaction slippage
Maximum positive slippage
Maximum negative slippage
Transaction Cost
Transaction cost rating
  • Average transaction cost
  • (EURUSD)
  • Average transaction cost
  • (XAUUSD)
Rollover Cost
Rollover cost rating
  • Average transaction cost
  • (EURUSD)
  • Average transaction cost
  • (XAUUSD)
Disconnection results
Software disconnection rating
Average disconnection frequency (times/day)
Reconnection time
Account Information
Account name
Deposit REQ
Maximum Leverage
Spread of majors
Forced Liquidation Ratio
Spread Types
Minimum Position
Lock postition
EA trading
Under guarantee
15-20 years

EURUSD: -0.1


12.17 USD/Lot
28.99 USD/Lot

Long: -2.53

Short: 0.34

Long: -6.89

Short: 0.93

Hantec Markets
Under guarantee
10-15 years

EURUSD: -0.1


24.05 USD/Lot
39.91 USD/Lot

Long: -3.69

Short: 1.61

Long: -19.64

Short: 12.15


AvaTrade 、 Hantec Markets BrokersRelevant information

AvaTrade 、 Hantec Markets BrokersRelevant exposure

Which broker is more reliable?

You can determine the reliability and credibility of a broker by checking four factors:

1.Forex broker introduction。

2.Are the transaction costs and expenses of ava-trade, hantec-markets lower?

3.Which broker is safer?

4.Which broker provides better trading platform?

Based on these four factors, we can compare which is reliable. We have broken down the reasons as follows:

Forex broker introduction

AvaTrade Basic Information
Founded 2006
Headquarters Dublin, Ireland
Type of Broker Market Maker
Minimum Deposit $100
Tradable Assets Forex, CFDs, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies
Leverage 1:30 (for retail clients), 1:400 (for professional accounts)
Min. Spreads 0.9 pips on the EUR/USD pair
Trading Platforms AvaTradeGO, MT4, MT5, WebTrader, AvaOptions, DupliTrade
Mobile Trading Yes
Payment Methods Credit/Debit Card, Bank Transfer, E-wallets, Rapid Transfer
Customer Support Live Chat, Phone, Email, Knowledge Base
Educational Material Webinars, E-books, Trading Videos, Articles, Academy

Overview of Avatrade

Avatrade is an online forex and CFD broker that was established in 2006. The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and is regulated by several financial authorities around the world, including ASIC, CBI, FSA, FSCA, FSC, CBI, FFAJ.

As a market maker broker, Avatrade offers a range of tradable assets including forex, CFDs, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. The broker provides clients with access to multiple trading platforms, including AvaTradeGO, MT4, MT5, WebTrader, AvaOptions, and DupliTrade. Mobile trading is also available.

Avatrade requires a minimum deposit of $100 to open an account, and clients can choose from a variety of payment methods including credit/debit card, bank transfer, e-wallets, and Rapid Transfer.

Customer support is available via live chat, phone, email, and a knowledge base. The broker also provides a range of educational resources for traders, including webinars, e-books, trading videos, and articles.


Is Avatrade Legit or a scam?

Avatrade is regulated by multiple financial regulatory authorities, including the Central Bank of Ireland, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), the Financial Services Commission (FSC) of the British Virgin Islands, and the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and The Financial Futures Association of Japan (FFAJ). These regulatory bodies ensure that Avatrade operates with transparency, integrity, and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Ava Capital Markets Australia Pty Ltd - authorized by ASIC (Australia) registration no. 406684

  • AVA Trade EU Ltd - authorized by Central Bank of Ireland (CBI)

  • Ava Capital Markets Pty Ltd - authorized by FSCA (South Africa) registration no. 45984

  • Ava Trade Japan K.K. - authorized by FSA (Japan) registration no. 2010401081157 and FFAJ registration no. 1574

  • Ava Trade Middle East Ltd - authorized by FRSA (Abu Dhabi Global Markets) registration no. 190018

  • AVA Trade EU Limited - authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), holding a license of European Authorized Representative (EEA), registration no. 504072


Pros and Cons of Avatrade

When it comes to choosing a broker, it's important to carefully consider the pros and cons to determine which one is right for you. Some potential advantages of a broker may include competitive fees and spreads, a user-friendly platform, and a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options. Additionally, a regulated broker can provide peace of mind knowing that your funds are protected.

However, there may also be potential downsides to consider, such as limited trading instruments, customer support options, and research tools. A high minimum deposit requirement and limited bonus offers may also be a drawback for some traders.

Pros Cons
Regulated by reputable financial authorities Avatrade's minimum deposit requirements are relatively high compared to other brokers, which may make it difficult for some traders to get started.
Competitive spreads and fees Limited bonus and promotional offers
Multiple trading platforms No online chat supported
Wide range of deposit and withdrawal options Limited trading instruments
Acceptable minimum deposit Limited customer support options
Rich and Free educational resources
Access to advanced trading tools and features
Low to no slippage during high volatility
Automated trading allowed

Market Intruments

Avatrade offers a wide range of trading instruments across various markets, including forex, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, spread betting, FX OPtions. Here's a breakdown of the market instruments available:

  • Forex: Avatrade offers more than 50 currency pairs, including major, minor, and exotic pairs.

  • Stocks: Traders can trade stocks from major global exchanges, such as NASDAQ, NYSE, LSE, and more.

  • Commodities: Avatrade offers trading in precious metals like gold and silver, energy commodities like oil and gas, and agricultural commodities like wheat and coffee.

  • Cryptocurrencies: This broker offers trading in popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin, as well as lesser-known coins like Dash, Monero, and NEO.

  • Indices: Avatrade provides access to major indices, including the S&P 500, NASDAQ, FTSE 100, and more.

  • FX options allow traders to take advantage of currency movements while limiting their risk. With FX options, traders can set a specific strike price at which they want to buy or sell a currency pair, and the option will be exercised only if the market reaches that price. This allows traders to potentially profit from market movements while limiting their potential losses.

  • Spread betting is a tax-free way to speculate on the direction of various financial markets, including forex, commodities, and indices. With spread betting, traders can bet on whether the market will rise or fall and potentially profit from both upward and downward movements.

Pros Cons
Wide range of instruments including forex, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies No trading in futures or options
Trading available in CFDs, spread betting, and options Spread betting only available for UK and Irish residents
Access to FX options for forex traders Limited leverage on certain instruments
Competitive spreads on major forex pairs Overnight fees on positions held past market hours
No commission fees on trades Limited availability of certain instruments during non-market hours

Account Types

When it comes to account types, Avatrade only offers a standard account. This means that all clients will have access to the same features and trading conditions, regardless of the size of their deposit.

The standard account provides access to all of Avatrade's trading instruments, including forex, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. This means that traders can diversify their portfolio and take advantage of different market conditions, all within the same account.

Avatrade has a minimum deposit requirement of $100, which is relatively low compared to other brokers in the industry. For example, brokers like IG and Saxo Bank have a minimum deposit requirement of $300 and $10,000, respectively. However, there are other brokers that have a lower minimum deposit requirement than Avatrade. For instance, Pepperstone and XM have a minimum deposit requirement of $0 and $5, respectively.

Pros Cons
Low minimum deposit requirement of $100 Only offers one account type (Standard Account)
Negative balance protection for all accounts Limited account funding options
Wide range of payment methods available Inactivity fee charged after 12 months of no trading
No commission charges on trades Limited customization options for account settings
Access to a wide range of trading instruments No Islamic accounts available for Muslim traders
Dedicated account manager for high depositors Limited educational resources for beginner traders
Demo Accounts Available Demo accounts valid for 21 days only

Demo Accounts

Avatrade offers demo accounts for traders who want to practice their trading skills or test out the trading platform without risking real money. The demo account allows traders to access the full range of trading instruments and features on the Avatrade platform using virtual funds. It is a useful tool for new traders to get familiar with the platform and for experienced traders to test new strategies before using them in live trading. The demo account is available for 21 days and can be renewed upon request.

How to open an account?

When it comes to the process of opening an account with Avatrade, rest assured that it is one of the most streamlined and user-friendly experiences out there. Not only is the process simple and straightforward, but it is also designed to ensure that new traders can start their journey with ease.

  • First, you need to visit the Avatrade website and click on the “Register” button, which is prominently displayed on the homepage.

  • Then, you will then be taken to a registration form where you will need to provide your personal information, such as your name, email address, and phone number. You will also need to create a password and select your account currency.

  • After filling out the registration form, you will need to verify your identity by submitting a copy of your government-issued ID and a recent utility bill or bank statement. This is a standard requirement for all regulated brokers and is done to ensure the security and integrity of the trading platform.

  • Once your account is verified, you can fund your account using one of the many payment options available, such as credit/debit card, bank transfer, or electronic wallets like Neteller or Skrill. After funding your account, you can download the Avatrade trading platform or use the web-based version to start trading.


Avatrade offers leverage of up to 1:400 for forex trading and up to 1:200 for other instruments such as commodities and indices. This means that traders can control a larger position with a smaller amount of capital. However, it's important to keep in mind that leverage can magnify both profits and losses, and traders should use it responsibly and with caution.

Avatrade also offers a range of leverage options for different account types, including 1:30 for retail clients in compliance with ESMA regulations and 1:400 for professional clients. It's important to note that professional clients must meet certain criteria to qualify for higher leverage.

Overall, Avatrade's leverage offerings are competitive with other brokers in the industry and can provide traders with greater trading opportunities. However, traders should always consider their risk management strategies and use leverage responsibly.

Spreads & Commissions (Trading Fees)

Avatrade offers competitive spreads and charges no commission fees for trading on its platform. The spreads offered by Avatrade vary depending on the trading instrument and market conditions. For example, the typical spread for EUR/USD is 0.9 pips, while for GBP/USD, it is 1.5 pips. Spreads for other instruments, such as indices and commodities, also vary.

However, it's important to note that spreads can vary depending on market conditions and volatility. Additionally, Avatrade charges commissions on certain trading instruments such as CFDs, which can impact the overall cost of trading. Traders should compare the spreads and commission rates of Avatrade with other brokers to determine if it meets their trading needs and preferences.

Pros Cons
Competitive spreads on major currency pairs such as EUR/USD Wide spreads on some exotic currency pairs
Fixed spreads available on certain account types Higher spreads on CFDs compared to some other brokers
No commission fees charged on trades Overnight and weekend rollover fees charged on positions held for more than 1 day
No deposit or withdrawal fees Inactivity fee charged after 12 months of no trading activity
No hidden fees Minimum deposit of $100 may be considered high for some traders

Non-Trading Fees

Non-trading fees are the fees that a broker charges for activities other than trading, such as deposit and withdrawal fees, inactivity fees, and account closure fees. These fees can significantly impact the profitability of a trader, and it's important to be aware of them when choosing a broker.

Avatrade has several non-trading fees that traders should be aware of. Here's a breakdown of the fees:

Fee type Amount Description
Deposit fee Free Avatrade does not charge any fees for deposits.
Withdrawal fee $25-$50 The withdrawal fee depends on the payment method used.
Inactivity fee $50 per quarter Charged if there is no trading activity for three months.
Account closure fee Free Avatrade does not charge a fee for closing an account.

Overall, Avatrade's non-trading fees are reasonable compared to other brokers in the industry. The deposit fee is free, which is a significant advantage, but the withdrawal fee can be relatively high, depending on the payment method used. The inactivity fee is also something to keep in mind, as it can add up quickly if there is no trading activity. However, it's important to note that the inactivity fee is only charged after 12 months of inactivity, which is longer than some other brokers.

Trading Platform

Avatrade offers a selection of trading platforms that are designed to meet the needs of different types of traders. Here are some of the trading platforms offered by Avatrade:

  1. AvatradeGO: This is a mobile app that is available on both iOS and Android platforms. It allows traders to access their accounts and trade on the go.

  2. MT4: Avatrade offers the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, which is widely used by traders around the world. MT4 is known for its user-friendly interface, advanced charting tools, and a range of custom indicators and expert advisors.

  3. MT5: Avatrade also offers the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform, which is the successor to MT4. MT5 has several new features, including more advanced charting tools, a wider range of order types, and improved back-testing capabilities.

  4. WebTrader: Avatrade's WebTrader platform allows traders to access their accounts and trade directly from their web browser. The platform is easy to use and offers a range of trading tools and indicators.

  5. AvaOptions: This is Avatrade's platform for trading options. It offers a range of options trading tools, including risk management tools, and a range of customizable trading strategies.


Deposit & Withdrawal

Avatrade offers a variety of deposit and withdrawal options to its clients. The methods available may vary depending on the client's location and the currency used.

Deposit options include bank wire transfer, credit/debit card, Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, and others. The processing time for deposits is usually instant or up to one business day.

Withdrawal options include bank wire transfer, credit/debit card, Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, and others. Withdrawals usually take 1-2 business days to process.

Avatrade does not charge any deposit or withdrawal fees, but clients may incur fees from their payment provider or bank.


To withdraw funds from your Avatrade account, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Avatrade account.

  2. Click on the “Withdraw Funds” tab located in the main menu.

  3. Choose your preferred withdrawal method from the list of available options, such as bank wire, credit card, or electronic payment systems like Skrill or Neteller.

  4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and any necessary payment details.

  5. Review and confirm the transaction details.

  6. Submit your withdrawal request.

It's important to note that Avatrade requires you to withdraw funds using the same payment method that you used to deposit funds into your account. The processing time for withdrawals varies depending on the payment method, but Avatrade strives to process all withdrawal requests within 24 hours.

Customer Support

Avatrade offers customer support through multiple channels, including live chat, phone support, email, and an online contact form. They have customer support available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, and Chinese.

Their customer support team is available 24/5, meaning that they are available Monday through Friday to help with any questions or concerns that traders may have. They also have a comprehensive FAQ section on their website, which covers a wide range of topics related to the platform and trading.

Avatrade's customer support has received positive reviews for their responsiveness and helpfulness. They also offer free educational resources to help traders improve their skills and knowledge.


Educational Resources

Avatrade offers a variety of educational resources to help traders improve their skills and knowledge. They have a comprehensive educational section on their website that includes a range of materials such as e-books, video tutorials, webinars, and trading courses.

The e-books cover a range of topics, from basic trading concepts to advanced strategies. The video tutorials are easy to follow and cover a variety of topics, including trading platforms, technical analysis, and risk management.

Avatrade also offers webinars that are conducted by experienced traders and cover a variety of topics. These webinars are interactive, allowing participants to ask questions and receive feedback from the presenter. Additionally, they offer a range of trading courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced traders.



Avatrade is a well-established broker with a long history of providing trading services to traders worldwide. They offer a variety of trading instruments, including forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, with competitive spreads and leverage options. Their trading platform is user-friendly and provides a range of advanced tools and features for traders of all skill levels. Additionally, they provide excellent customer support, educational resources, and a demo account for traders to practice their strategies. However, there are some downsides to consider, such as higher non-trading fees and limited account options.


  • Q: Is Avatrade regulated?

A: Yes, Avatrade is regulated by multiple reputable authorities, including the Central Bank of Ireland, the Financial Services Commission in the British Virgin Islands, and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

  • Q: Does Avatrade offer a demo account?

A: Yes, Avatrade offers a free demo account for traders to practice and test their strategies before trading with real money.

  • Q: What is the minimum deposit requirement for Avatrade?

A: The minimum deposit requirement for Avatrade is $100.

  • Q: What trading instruments are available on Avatrade's platform?

A: Avatrade offers a wide range of trading instruments including forex, stocks, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, and more.

  • Q: What is the maximum leverage offered by Avatrade?

A: The maximum leverage offered by Avatrade is 1:400.

  • Q: Does Avatrade charge any trading fees?

A: Yes, Avatrade charges spreads and commissions on certain trading instruments.

  • Q: What deposit and withdrawal methods are available on Avatrade's platform?

A: Avatrade offers a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets such as PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller.

  • Q: Does Avatrade provide educational resources for traders?

A: Yes, Avatrade provides a range of educational resources including webinars, e-books, trading courses, and more.

  • Q: What kind of customer support does Avatrade offer?

A: Avatrade offers 24/5 customer support through phone, email, as well as an extensive FAQ section on their website.

Registered in United Kingdom
Regulated by FCA
Year(s) of establishment 10-15 years
Trading instruments Currency pairs, indices, commodities, metals, energies, cryptocurrencies, stocks
Minimum Initial Deposit $10
Maximum Leverage 1:500
Minimum spread 0.1 pips onwards
Trading platform MT4
Deposit and withdrawal method debit card, credit card, China UnionPay, Skrill, Neteller
Customer Service Email
Fraud Complaints Exposure Yes

General Information

Hantec Markets is a reputable forex broker that was established in 1990 and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom. They offer a variety of trading platforms, including MT4 and MT5, along with TradingCentral for market analysis. Traders have access to a wide range of tradable assets, including forex, CFDs, indices, commodities, stocks, and bullion. Hantec Markets provides different account types, including demo account, cent account, and standard account, catering to traders of various levels. They offer customer support through live chat and telephone, and provide educational resources such as market reports, analysis videos, and podcasts. The minimum deposit required is $10, and the maximum leverage offered is 1:1000. Hantec Markets supports multiple payment methods for deposits and withdrawals

In the following article, we will analyze the characteristics of this broker from various aspects, providing you with simple and organized information. If you are interested, please read on. We will also briefly summarize the main advantages and disadvantages so that you can understand the broker's characteristics at a glance.

General information

Is Hantec Markets legit or a scam?

Yes, Hantec Markets is a legitimate and regulated forex broker that operates under the oversight of reputable financial regulatory bodies. Hantec Markets adheres to strict regulatory standards to ensure financial stability, security, transparency, and fair trading practices.

Hantec Markets is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom. The company is authorized and supervised by the FCA, with registration number 502635. The FCA is a renowned financial regulatory body known for its stringent regulations and supervision of financial firms.


Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Regulated by the FCA Limited information was provided regarding commissions for stock CFDs and indices trading.
Wide range of tradable assets, including forex, CFDs, indices, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. Currency conversion fee is applied for trades involving different base currencies.
Various account types offered, including demo accounts, cent accounts, and standard accounts. Withdrawal processing time can take two to seven business days.
Access to popular trading platforms like MT4 and MT5. Toll fees may apply for international customer support calls.
Dedicated customer support and educational resources for traders. Hantec Social platform is currently only available as a mobile app.

Market instruments

Currency pairs, indices, commodities, metals, energies, cryptocurrencies, stocks... Hantec Markets gives its clients access to a massive trading market. So, both beginners and sophisticated traders could find what they want to trade on Hantec Markets.

It is worth noting that, in the trading instruments screen, Hantec Markets provides a detailed table showing spreads, SWAPs, trading hours and other conditions of various instruments in detail, which greatly facilitates clients' consultation and comparison.


Below is a comparison table of trading instruments offered by different brokers:

Forex Metals Crypto CFD Indexes Stock ETF
Hantec Markets Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
RoboForex Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pocket Option Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Tickmill Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
EXNESS Group Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
AMarkets Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No

Spreads and Commissions

As mentioned before, in Hantec Markets spreads are clearly displayed in tables. For example, the AUDCAD spread is 1.8 pips. However, we have not been able to find detailed information on commissions.

How to Open an Account?

  1. Visit the Hantec Markets website. Look for the “Open account” button on the homepage and click on it.


2. Select an account type and submit your details via our registration form.


3. Upload your documents and await approval.

4. Fund your wallet and transfer to your trading account.

5. Start trading

Spreads and Commissions

Hantec Markets offers Forex trading with spreads starting from specified values for various currency pairs. There are no commissions charged for Forex trades. The spread type is floating, and the minimum order size is 0.01 lot. The trading conditions also include a stop-out level set at 40% of the used margin. Overall, Hantec Markets provides competitive spreads and transparent commission-free trading for Forex.


Trade major pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY:

EUR/USD spread: 0.00014898 pips.

GBP/USD spread: 0.000213589 pips.

USD/JPY spread: 0.022286942 pips.


Hantec Markets offers precious metals trading with competitive spreads and floating spread types. Traders can trade gold (XAU) with a minimum margin requirement of 5% and silver (XAG) with a minimum margin requirement of 10%. The minimum order size for gold is 0.1 lot (10 ounces) and for silver is 0.1 lot (500 ounces). There are no commissions charged for trading these metals, and the trading hours are available according to the server time.


Hantec Markets offers CFD trading on a variety of symbols, including stocks. The spreads for stock CFDs start from specified values for each symbol. Additionally, there are no specific details provided regarding commissions for stock CFD trading.


Hantec Markets offers indices trading on various major indices in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the US. The spreads for indices trading start from specified values for each symbol. Additionally, there are no specific details provided regarding commissions for indices trading.


In terms of Commodity Trading conditions at Hantec Markets, both US Oil and UK Oil have a spread of 0.05. There are no specific details provided regarding commissions for commodity trading.


Hantec Markets offers cryptocurrency trading with competitive spreads on a range of popular cryptocurrencies.


Non-Trading Fees

Currency Conversion Fee:

A conversion fee may be applicable to trades based on the currency settings of your trading account, funding currency, and the settlement currency of the market being traded.

The conversion fee is set at 0.6% and is added to the settlement exchange rate, which is determined by the market rate at the time of settlement. To account for the conversion fee, the underlying exchange rate is multiplied by 1.006 during the conversion process.

For instance, if the GBP/USD exchange rate is 1.1, the applicable FX conversion rate would be 1.1 x 1.006 = 1.1066.

By default, CFD accounts are set to 'instant' conversion. This means that any realized profit, loss, funding, dividend adjustments, or commission will be automatically converted to your account's base currency.

Let's consider an example:

Suppose you have purchased £20 per point worth of FTSE (UK100), and the base currency of your trading account is USD. Since you are trading in GBP, which is different from your account's base currency, the related transactions need to be converted to USD.

Assuming the exchange rate is 0.7576 ($1 equals £0.7576), after incorporating the conversion fee of 0.6%, the conversion rate becomes 0.7576 x 1.006 = 0.7621.

If FTSE increases by 30 points, your profit would amount to £600. This profit will be reflected as £600/0.7621 = $787.30 in your account. To calculate the admin fee charged, multiply your profit by 0.6%:

$787.30 profit x 0.6% = £4.72 currency conversion fee (already included – not charged separately)

Overnight funding

Also known as the 'Swap' charge, this is the cost of holding a position overnight. The amount will be dependent on the size of your trade, whether you have a long or short position and the instrument you are trading. Swap rates are determined by the underlying interest rates of the products or currency pairs you have open positions in.

Account Types for Hantec Markets

Demo account: Hantec Markets offers a demo account for you to test a little on the financial market without the risk of losing money.

Real account: there are 2 types of real accounts in total: cent account and standard account. The initial deposit to open an account is respectively $10 and $100, which is quite friendly for beginners. Other differences are market access, spreads, demo account and copy trading.

account types

Trading Platforms

Although a long time has passed since the launch of MT4, it is still a major player in the market and is loved by traders all over the world. Accessing it from different devices also makes it easier for users to trade.

plataformas de trading

Leverage Offered

Hantec Markets offers a maximum leverage of up to 1:1000, which is a generous offer and ideal for professional traders and scalpers. However, since leverage can magnify your profits, it can also result in a loss of capital, especially for inexperienced traders. Therefore, traders must choose the right amount according to their risk tolerance.

Deposit and withdrawal methods and fees

The broker provides a variety of payment options for transactions in USD, EUR, GBP, or NGN. Clients can choose from the following payment methods: Bank Wire (Bank Transfer/SWIFT), VISA, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, and UnionPay.



Hantec Markets offers a competitive minimum deposit requirement of just $10, which makes it an appealing choice for beginners looking to start trading with a smaller initial investment.

When it comes to withdrawals, there is a minimum payment threshold of $100. Hantec Markets aims to process withdrawal requests made before 15:00 GMT on the same day. However, please note that it may take between two to seven business days for the funds to be credited to your account, depending on various factors such as the payment method and bank processing times.

For European clients, deposits and withdrawals are free of charge. However, international clients may incur charges for large withdrawals made through e-wallets. It's also important to be aware that some banks may have their own processing fees for handling withdrawals.

Overall, Hantec Markets strives to provide convenient and transparent deposit and withdrawal processes for its clients, ensuring that funds can be efficiently managed according to individual needs and preferences.

Users exposures on WikiFX

On our website, you can see that some users have reported scams. Please be aware and exercise caution when investing. You can check our platform for information before trading. If you find such fraudulent brokers or have been a victim of one, please let us know in the Exposure section, we would appreciate it and our team of experts will do everything possible to solve the problem for you.

users' exposure

Hantec Markets prides itself on providing excellent customer service to its clients. Each client is assigned a dedicated relationship manager who serves as their primary point of contact for any queries or issues. The relationship manager can be reached conveniently through the live chat tool available on the website.

The customer support team is also available 24/5 and can be contacted by leaving a message in the “contact us” section of the website.


Alternatively, you can reach out to them through the live chat feature, which is located at the lower right corner of the broker's website. Additionally, you have the option to contact customer support via telephone using the following numbers:

China – 4000280332

Nigeria – 7080601265

Jordan – 18442000155

Thailand – 1800019263

Taiwan – 886801491458

Pakistan – 080090044349

Main Office (UK) – +41225510215

Please note that international numbers may incur toll fees.

Office Locations:

Hantec Markets' main headquarters is situated at 5-6 Newbury St, Barbican, London EC1A 7HU in the United Kingdom. For the addresses of their Dubai, India, or other offices, please refer to the Hantec Markets website.

Educational Resources and Community Support

Hantec Markets offers a wide range of educational resources on its website to support traders in their learning journey. These resources include market reports, analysis videos, YouTube webinars featuring Nigerian and African traders, as well as podcasts. Moreover, there is a dedicated learning hub that provides valuable content across four experience tiers, along with lessons on strategy creation and risk management.

Hantec Markets strives to empower its clients with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed trading decisions, fostering a supportive community of traders along the way.


User Experience and Additional Features

Another interesting aspect to point out from this broker is the client portal, in which customers can manage accounts and payments with ease. The portal houses various functions to help customers get the account overview, manage multiple accounts, view trades (ongoing and closed) with ease, receive market insights from Richard Perry's Daily Market Report, deposits, and withdrawals, as well as easy access from mobile platforms.

Educational resources

A number of educational resources are available at Hantec Markets. We have market analysis, economic calendar, glossary and many important knowledge. We cannot deny their importance, but the best teacher for you to learn Forex trading is always real trading. It is impossible to make progress relying only on tools.


Hantec Markets is a well-established forex broker founded in 1990, regulated by the FCA in the UK. They offer a wide range of tradable assets, including forex, CFDs, indices, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. With competitive spreads, transparent commission-free trading, and access to popular trading platforms like MT4 and MT5. Traders can benefit from various trading platforms and a diverse selection of tradable assets. However, some aspects, such as limited information about certain commissions and the availability of Hantec Social platform, could be improved. Traders should carefully assess their trading requirements and preferences, as well as consider the associated risks and costs, before choosing Garnet Trade as their trading platform.


Q: Is Hantec Markets a legitimate broker?

A: Yes, Hantec Markets is a legitimate and regulated forex broker. They are authorized and supervised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom.

Q: What account types do Hantec Markets offer?

A: Hantec Markets offers three types of accounts: demo account, cent account, and standard account. The minimum deposit to open an account is $10.

Q: What trading platforms are available on Hantec Markets?

A: Hantec Markets offers the popular trading platforms MT4 and MT5, as well as TradingCentral for market analysis and insights.

Q: What is the maximum leverage offered by Hantec Markets?

A: Hantec Markets offers maximum leverage of 1:1000 for international clients using the Cent Account and 1:500 for international clients using the Standard Account. However, for European clients, leverage is limited by ESMA regulations to 1:30 for major FX pairs, 1:20 for minors and exotics, gold, and stock indices, and 1:10 for oil and silver.

Q: What deposit and withdrawal methods are supported by Hantec Markets?

A: Hantec Markets supports various deposit and withdrawal methods, including Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, and UnionPay.

Are the transaction costs and expenses of ava-trade, hantec-markets lower?

To compare transaction costs across different brokers, our experts analyze the transaction-specific fees (such as spreads) and non-trading fees (such as inactivity fees and payment costs).

To get a comprehensive understanding of how cheap or expensive ava-trade and hantec-markets are, we first considered common fees for standard accounts. On ava-trade, the average spread for the EUR/USD currency pair is -- pips, while on hantec-markets the spread is --.

Which broker between ava-trade, hantec-markets is safer?

To determine the safety of our top brokers, our experts will consider many factors. This includes which licenses the broker holds and the credibility of these licenses. We also consider the history of brokers, because long-term brokers are usually more reliable and trustworthy than new brokers.

ava-trade is regulated by ASIC,FSA,FFAJ,ADGM,CBI,FSCA,ISA,KNF. hantec-markets is regulated by ASIC,FCA,FSA,CGSE,VFSC.

Which broker between ava-trade, hantec-markets provides better trading platform?

When our experts review brokers, they will open their own accounts and trade through the broker's trading platform. This enables them to comprehensively evaluate the quality, ease of use, and function of the platform.

ava-trade provides trading platform including -- and trading variety including --. hantec-markets provides trading platform including -- and trading variety including --.

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