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Forex Broker OctaFX Joins Great Vision in Charitable Educational Program in Malaysia

OctaFX and Great Vision Charity Association partnered during Ramadan to provide six students in Malaysia with much-needed allowance for the next twelve months.

News 2022-07-04 17:01

New cTrader Desktop 4.3 Version Adds Valuable Technical Analysis Additions

Spotware has announced the release of its cTrader Desktop 4.3 version, packed with a wide variety of technical analysis tools for the trader, including new chart types and trading convenience enhancements!

News 2022-07-04 16:59

Award-winning, Multi-asset Global Broker ActivTrades Has Posted its 2021 Revenue Results

Also the company is delighted to announce that 2022 has seen turnover and profit for the first half of the year exceed expectations with H1 results even better than at this stage in 2020.

News 2022-07-04 16:55

Naira exchange rate hits all-time highest record at the black market at N615/$

The Naira exchange rate to the US dollar has attained a new all-time highest record in at the black market in 2022, with the exchange rate skyrocketing to N615 per dollar last week. The rapid increase in the exchange value came in after the Naira exchange rate at the exchange window rose to N424.88/$1 on Thursday 30th June 2022, marking the lowest record so far over a decade. This marks an over 1.2% decline in the Naira exchange rate against the US dollar compared to the previous exchange rate of $420.13/$ traded the previous week. Nonetheless, the black market exchange rate closed the week at N612/$ after hitting a record high of N615/$ within the week.

News 2022-07-04 16:46

Copy Trading Went South with Absolute Markets

Copy trading should be a way to make trading hassle-free for forex traders. However, engaging a copy trading service with an unregulated, thus unreliable forex broker could be detrimental to a trader’s account and funds.

News 2022-07-04 16:36

Why Do So Many Traders Require VPS?

Understanding how forex VPS hosting affects the way you trade and access the market is essential before you can reap the benefits of your FX trading account.

News 2022-07-04 16:35

WTI Crude Oil Forecast: Price Bounces to End Week

The West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil market bounce a bit on Friday to show signs of this bounce from a relatively significant trend line, and it’s also worth noting that this is the one commodity that continues to perform. That being said, I don’t like the idea of being heavily exposed to the crude oil market right now, because it seems to be doing everything it can to destroy trading accounts.

News 2022-07-04 16:19

VANTAGE Expands MT5 Offering With Access To New Stocks

ASIC-regulated foreign exchange brokerage Vantage has expanded its service offering and trading products by incorporating new markets, namely 14 exchange-based stocks on MetaTrader 5.

News 2022-07-04 16:18

WikiFX Review: is Forex Birds a scam or legit broker?

Diversify! We recommend you to open trading accounts with at least two brokers.

Exposure 2022-07-04 16:14


The deadline for the completion of the SPAC merger of eToro had passed.

News 2022-07-04 15:03

US Equities: Weekly Round up

The U.S. market returned to losing ways on the back of a bullish trading week for U.S. stocks as the major indexes have returned to post losses for the last week of June. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) All Share Index (ASI) lost 1.18% for the week. The NYSE has now ended a three-week losing streak the week prior. It opened, trading at 14,811.50 basis points and it closed the week trading at 14,636.80 basis points. Of the five trading sessions seen during the week, the NYSE posted loses for three of the trading sessions, and Friday’s rally was not enough to win over bears as they dominated the week.

News 2022-07-04 14:29


According to WikiFX's study, ANCHGO is a textbook example of a scam broker.

Exposure 2022-07-04 14:20

The operators that determine Nigeria’s black market exchange rate

Nigeria’s exchange rate at the black market is determined by several players and middle men leading to a rapid depreciation of the exchange rate at levels thought to be devoid of market reality.

News 2022-07-04 13:25

The 5-Step Formula for Successful Forex Trading

Here are the successful forex trading tips that will help you grasp the complexity of the currency market. Foreign exchange (forex) trading activity dwarfs the stock and bond markets daily.

News 2022-07-04 11:38

Sterling tumbles to March 2020 low versus Swiss franc

Sterling slumped on Friday against the safe-haven Swiss franc, hitting its lowest level in more than two years

Industry 2022-07-04 10:35

Poker and Trading – Two Unlikely Companions?

Cynics would say that playing poker and trading are similar in the sense that both are akin to gambling. But, for those who have done both, it is clear that there is a large level of skill involved in both the fields and it is the skill level that separates

News 2022-07-03 18:39

Hate Risk and Want to Invest in Bitcoin?

ETF’s, Cryptocurrency Index, and Hedge Funds Are Here to Help

News 2022-07-03 18:35

Netflix Has a Unique Strategy, Style, and a Pretty Good Algorithm

In September 2003, Blockbuster had the largest market cap of any major corporation in the video rental industry and enjoyed a stock price of $20.83. Meanwhile, Netflix – a company that had only just launched a mediocre IPO in 2002 – had a market price of $2.47 and a market

News 2022-07-03 18:30

Decisive Action in the New Decade: How to Invest Wisely in the 2020’s

While much of the financial world was left licking its wounds throughout the 2010s, could investors capitalize on a new decade and a fresh start?

News 2022-07-03 18:24

All the Ways to Backup Your Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies allow for the decentralization of the entire financial situation. One of the consequences of that is that you get to be your own bank. Rather than letting a bank look after your money – and charge you a fortune for doing so – you can look after your own crypto assets. But that also means you must take responsibility for the security of your digital currencies.

News 2022-07-03 12:47
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