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2019-03-09 04:35 Released in Hong Kong China Hong Kong China

Rakuten is not reliable.

At first I invested in Rakuten because I thought they were big brands, having financial security and stable platform. I was very optimistic about it. I opened an account in August 2018 and started trading. There was a time when depositing money process was smooth, but this situation had basically recovered after the Spring Festival. That customer service was not bad. But last week, I was very angry. On the evening of February 27th, I used my five trading accounts to buy long GBP/JPY (including EToro, Jiasheng, Anda and TradeMax) on five trading platforms. Only Rakuten raised a dozen pips, causing my position to be liquidated. When I saw the position liquidation, I quickly took the screenshot and kept the evidence and sent an email to Rakuten. After this week's negotiations, Rakuten internally agreed that the stop loss was caused by the normal spread of the market at that time and did not give me compensation. I don't ask much, just want to get back the stop loss money. A week passed, they ignored it, just saying that it was the normal spread of the market. I want to ask, why the other platforms didn’t liquidate my position but Rakuten? And after the stop loss the platform did not show that the highest price has reached my stop loss.
Rakuten’s conduct is a scam.
I’ve been trading for years. Such a situation really made me puzzled. Will you still trade on it?

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