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2023-04-03 12:00 Released in Malaysia Malaysia

Cannot withdraw principal. The customer service does not show his respects

The account cannot be withdrawn. When I consulted the customer service for the first time, the customer service told me that my account could not be withdrawn without providing any reason. . That's my principal, why can't I withdraw money? ? The customer service completely ignored it and kept repeating without being able to provide any reason. . Then I inquired which regulatory body Jiaqiang belongs to. . As a result, he told me that it is any regulatory license in our country. . Then kicked me out of the chat. . I'm all confused? ? ? ? ? ? Why the principal cannot be withdrawn? ? ? The license can't answer me either? ? The most important thing is to kick me out of the chat! ! ! The following is the second time to consult customer service again about the license plate. . As a result, customer service has been dissatisfied. . So Jiasheng has no supervision and no license? ? After the deposit, the principal cannot be withdrawn without providing any reason? ? ? ? ?

Unable to withdraw

The following is the original recommendation

本金无法出金, 客服不礼貌

账户无法出金, 第一次咨询客服时, 客服告知我的账号无法出金切不提供任何原因。。那是我本金, 请问为什么无法让我出金?? 客服完全不理会, 一直重复 无法提供任何原因。。然后我就咨询 嘉盛是属于哪一个监管的。。结果他告诉我, 是我们国家任何的监管牌照。。然后把我踢出聊天时了。。 我各种懵??????为什么本金无法提款???牌照也无法回答我??最重要是还把我踢出聊天!!!以下是第二次再次咨询客服关于牌照。。结果客服已读不服。。所以嘉盛是没有监管没有牌照??入金后本金就无法提款且不提供任何理由?????

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