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2022-12-08 01:56 Released in Hong Kong China Hong Kong China

The platform charges huge profit spreads to defraud investors

I mainly reported a few issues with WB: First, the platform’s profiteering spreads caused the “small fluactuation market”, investors “scalped” back and forth, and most of the profits were taken away by the platform. For WB's MT4 gold (marked as "GOLD" in the system), the spread of 0.1 standard lot is 5 dollars, and the spread of silver (marked as "Silver" in the system) is 20 dollars; every fluctuation of silver (0.01 dollars) is 5 dollars, while gold is $0.5; while spot silver (XAGUSD.S) of the same species only needs a spread fee of $15 in another platform CWG, and a fluctuation is $2.5, and gold (XASUSD.S) only needs 1.5 US dollar spread fee, a fluctuation of 0.1 US dollars, which is equivalent to 2 fluctuation and more expensive than silver, and 5 times more expensive than gold. Second, there are serious bug in the lock-up operation of the platform: I bought 0.1 lot of silver from Sell 22.13 on the WB mt4 platform. Due to the continuous rise in subsequent prices and the problem with the amount of my funds, I had to take the same amount to buy more Buy 0.1 lot of silver is 22.66, and because follow-up operations may have an impact on the long order, I closed the long position at 23:01 on 2022/12/07, with a loss of 25 US dollars, but the platform immediately triggered the stop loss, resulting in my empty order directly It was considered liquidated by the system and forced to close the position, and there was no money left in the end. Seriously affect subsequent operations

Severe Slippage

The following is the original recommendation


我主要举报富格林几个问题:第一,平台暴利点差造成“”小幅波段行情”当中,投资者“”削头皮”来回操作,盈利大部分被平台收走。富格林的MT4黄金(系统标注为“GOLD”)0.1标准手5美金点差,白银(系统标注“Silver”)20美元点差;白银每波动一点(0.01美元)就是5美元的盈亏,黄金则是波动一点(0.01美元)就是0.5美金;而同样品种的现货白银(XAGUSD.S)在另外的平台CWG当中只需要15美元点差费,并且一个波动点位2.5美元,黄金(XASUSD.S)只需要1.5美元点差费,波动一点0.1美金,相当白银贵出2备波动点,黄金贵出5倍波动点。第二,平台在锁仓操作上面存在严重漏洞:本人在富格林mt4平台上买入Sell22.13的0.1手白银,因后续价格不断攀升与本人资金数量问题,不得不采取等量做多Buy0.1手白银22.66,并因为后续操作可能会对多单有影响,本人于2022/12/07 23:01进行多单平仓,亏损25美金,但立马触发平台止损,导致我的空单直接被系统认为是爆仓而强制平仓,最终分文未剩。严重影响后续操作

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