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2022-12-07 03:40 Released in Hong Kong China Hong Kong China

Maliciously tampering with the closing price

I closed the order manually on December 5th. At that time, my net worth was still more than 8,000 US dollars. At this time, the lowest point was at 1.06. However, after I closed dozens of orders, it was all displayed at 1.05377. This point does not exist at all. There are still more than 8,000 net worth of liquidation money. After the liquidation, the balance actually shows more than -2,600. The Swiss trading office has a tough attitude and cannot explain why all the orders are closed at the point of 1.05377. At that time, they took a fancy to the security of the platform. , did not expect to be able to maliciously modify the closing position just like the black platform


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