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2022-08-15 19:53 Released in Hong Kong Hong Kong

Acy fraud and evil platform, report with real name, watch my video

Acy has caused me tens of thousands of losses by manipulating the transaction price for a long time and being unreasonable and arrogant. This time, I finally got hold of the handle, please see the miracle: [Acy is a rare black and evil platform, the evidence is like a mountain - Bilibili] I caught it and I still won't admit it. First of all, it is said that there is a delay on the offerer's side. It is said that there is a delay. One second and two seconds are called delays. You have been at least one minute. Can it still be called delay? And it can be seen from the video that there is no delay in the quotation the quotation, but they just controlled the transaction price. This kind of slippage can be said to have reached a frenzy. Later, they said compensation, but they said compensation for a box of moon cakes, scratch cards, scratch cards and finance. No mainlander can cure him, mainlanders are dumb. The acy team has been doing this for a long time, and it has made countless money, but it is difficult to investigate and collect evidence because of this behavior. It has reached the level of letting itself go. Fortunately, I have the complete chain of evidence this time to send him to death. Just based on their official data, it can be complete. Restore my deal. If you want to be acy, keep your eyes open. Do you see if they will compensate, will they admit it, is it like a king who can't control it? My account has been liquidated for a while without trading, my account number is 152660, and now I send a message to them, acy015 Kobayashi and The customer service has completely stopped responding. Today, 2022.08.15, even without any communication, any notification, or any reason, my account was disabled for me, so talented!

Severe Slippage

The following is the original recommendation

acy稀万 黑恶平台,实名举报,看我视频

acy稀万 通过长时间操控成交价,和无理蛮横,已给我造成数万元损失,现要求赔偿3000美金。 这一次好不容易终于让我抓住了把柄,请看奇迹:【acy稀万黑恶平台,实证如山-哔哩哔哩】 被我逮到了现行还不承认,先是说是报价商那边有延迟,说延迟,一秒两秒那叫延迟,你这都至少一分钟以上了,那还能叫延迟吗?而且从视频里能看出,报价商那边滴报价根本没有延迟,只是他们操控了成交价而已,这种滑点可以说已经到了猖狂疯狂滴地步。后来他们说赔偿,但就说赔偿一盒月饼、刮刮卡啥滴,刮刮卡金融他们自己都没敢说,没让我看到一点诚意,没有任何一点正视和承认错误滴苗头,反正欺负大陆客谁都治不了他,大陆客都是哑巴。acy团队长久以此,坑钱无数,却仗着这种行为难以被调查取证,已经到了放飞自我滴程度,还好有我这次完整证据链送他死罪,仅仅根据他们官方数据,就能完整还原我 这笔交易。 想做acy,擦亮眼。你看他们会不会赔偿,会不会承认,是不是一副天王老子都管不了滴样子? 我账号已经爆仓有一段时间没有交易了,我账号152660,现在跟他们发消息,acy015 小林 和 客服完全已经不回消息了,今天,2022.08.15,甚至在没有任何沟通,任何通知,任何理由滴情况下把我账户给我禁用了,好有才华!

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